Laura Post and Billy Kametz Persona 5 Royal Crunchrolly Interview

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Laura Post and Billy Kametz Persona 5 Royal Crunchrolly Interview

With the release of the new Persona video game installment, Crunchyroll interviewed Laura Post and Billy Kametz about Persona 5 Royal.

Playing Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki respectively, the voice actprs talked about things ranging from how they got into voice over, being fans of RPGs, what dream roles they would like to one day land, and of course the game.

Crunchyroll: Could you tell us a bit about the characters you both play in Persona 5 Royal?

Laura: Kasumi is a transfer student to Shujin Academy, just like the protagonist, and she comes in right around the same time as the protagonist. She aspires to be a world-class gymnast. She’s really kind, very polite and passionate, and driven!

Billy: Maruki is the new school counselor brought in after the events that took place in Chapter 1 of the game. He’s a big ‘ol lovable goofball! He’s trying to fit in, he doesn’t do the best job all the time, but he just wants to talk about your feelings! (laughs)

Crunchyroll: Do either of you have a dream character you’d love to lend your voice to?

Laura: I would love to play Barbara Gordon, whether she’s Batgirl, Oracle, or just the commissioner’s daughter, I don’t care, I just really want to play her just once! I know Kasumi’s a redhead, but Barbara Gordon is also my favorite redhead. I love her! I wanna play her just once!

Billy: Anyone who ends up in Super Smash Bros.! (laughs) I just want to be a playable Smash character!

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