NEWS - Kingdom Hearts III Previews
Reported by NCZ on Sat May 19 2018

Square Enix held a press event where journalists and special guests got the chance to play Kingdom Hearts III. Along with providing a hands-on chance to explore the game's Toy Story and Hercules worlds, a special guest was also revealed: Wreck-It Ralph himself as a linkable summon, crossing over into yet another game!

Here is 10 minutes of gameplay footage, courtesy of IGN.

They also announced the first four voice actors for the game:

  • Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck

  • Bill Farmer as Goofy

  • Carlos Alazraqui as Mike Wazowski

  • Christopher Swindle as Sully

Kingdom Hearts III is planned for release on PS4 and Xbox One by the end of this year.



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said at 4:38 PM on Mon May 21 2018
 2 Shout Outs!
Aw... I was hoping John Goodman and Billy Crystal would reprise as Sully and Mike in the game.
said at 2:42 PM on Mon May 21 2018
 2 Shout Outs!
Carlos is always a welcome voice, as far as I'm concerned. No idea who Swindle is though.

Also I'm pretty much convinced that Tim Allen is back as Buzz, and that Woody is Tom's brother
said at 9:54 PM on Wed May 23 2018
@HyperVoiceActing Christopher Swindle is the same guy who voices Swindle from Transformers!
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