Karen Strassman Flickering Myth Interview

Reported by Foxwolf on Wednesday, September 5th 2018
Karen Strassman Flickering Myth Interview

Karen Strassman has the best of both worlds - a career in both on-camera and voice acting. Flickering Myth sat down with the actress to talk about her role in the AMC series Preacher (starring Dominic Cooper) as the scientist Dr. Slotnick.

Strassman also chatted about how she got into voice acting and who some of her voice acting heroes are.

Flickering Myth: How did you break into voice acting?

Strassman: I spent my whole childhood and all of high school impassioned by acting, and was in as many plays as I could find to be in, took acting classes, etc. so already I had many years of amateur experience and training in acting. I moved to France as a student to study psychology and theatre in French. This is also where I first started training and working as a dialect coach as well, and the second year I was there, I was somehow randomly offered a job doing voices in English for a cassette tape to accompany a magazine called “Hi Kids!” that would help French children learn English. We recorded many editions of this magazine, and I had to do all kinds of characters from little girls and little boys to chipmunks to British ladies, American Indians, pirates, cowgirls, grandmothers, Southern belles and more. I had never done voiceover before, and had to learn very quickly. There was no one to tell me that I sucked, so I dove in without hesitation. It turned out I was actually good at it, and though I had never considered voice-over before, this was the beginning of a very rich and wonderful career. Ever since then I have done both on-camera and voiceover hand in hand.

Flickering Myth: Who are your voice actor heroes?

Strassman: My voice actor heroes aren’t necessarily the big celebrities. My voice-actor heroes are many of my wonderful, successful working peers who help to make all kinds of animated worlds come to life. Voice actors who I get to work with and learn from day in and day out, who constantly inspire me, and who stun me over and over again with the unexpected characters they create and realities they help to populate. Actors like Kirk Thornton, Keith Silverstein, Cindy Robinson, Chris Smith, Yuri Lowenthal, Salli Saffioti, Fred Tatasciore, Tara Strong, Stephanie Sheh, Courtenay Taylor, Patrick Seitz, Dave Fennoy, Debi Derryberry, Jennifer Hale, Valerie Arem, Ben Pronsky, Taliesin Jaffe, Wendee Lee, Liam O’Brien, and so many more who are also my go to hires when I cast or direct as well. There are so many amazingly talented and incredibly hard-working voiceover actors in this business that can show up and magically bring any character to life… magical dimensions out of crude black type on a white page. I am humbled to work amongst this extended tribe of amazing talent, and learn from each of them every day.

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