Judge Eyes Sales Halted in Japan After Actor Drug Bust

Reported on Tuesday, March 12th 2019
Judge Eyes Sales Halted in Japan After Actor Drug Bust

Sega of Japan have halted sales for the Yakuza spinoff, Judge Eyes. Actor Pierre Taki, who plays one of the main characters and provided his likeness, was arrested recently for cocaine use, and Sega have responded to the controversy by removing the game from Playstation Network and ending new shipments to stores.

The Japanese entertainment industry is notoriously cutthroat with actor scandals. Actor Hiroki Narimiya's career was ended after he was falsely accused of drug use, and his role in Yakuza 4 was replaced in the game's PS4 remaster. It is unknown at this moment if Sega plan to eventually rerelease Judge Eyes unaltered, or if Taki's likeness and voice will be removed from the game and replaced by another actor. It also remains to be seen how this will affect the game's localized release in the rest of the world, Judgment, which was planned for June 21.

Judge Eyes released in Japan on December 13. Taki also voiced Olaf in Disney's Frozen and another recently-released PS4 game, Kingdom Hearts III. Disney have yet to comment on how they will address the matter, with KH3 also still selling and Frozen 2 on the way.

UPDATE: Disney are evaluating the situation and determining if they will recast Taki in Frozen 2.

UPDATE 2: Taki's performance as Olaf will be patched out of KH3 and replaced.

Source: sega-games.co.jp


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