Jonah Scott On The Depths Of Beastars

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Jonah Scott On The Depths Of Beastars

During a time when society was beginning to fill a void with increased screen time, Netflix's anime Beastars burst right out of the gate. The series stood out from the rest of the anime pack with it's mature themes, anthropomorphic characters and unique animation.

Jonah Scott, who plays the troubled teen wolf Legoshi, spoke with Animation World Network about the show and it's impact on himself personally, as well as the unusually expressive animation style.

"I definitely think Beastars is going to be up there as one of the top 10 influential anime of this decade. Legoshi and I have a lot in common; he struggles with depression and anxiety, and up until two years ago, I really didn’t like myself. I was existential and didn’t know if I could do this for a living, and then last year, my mother died. But, in January of this year, I was starting to realize that maybe life’s going to be ok, and that’s when I got the audition for Legoshi and I was like, 'Ok, that's no coincidence.'"

"Studio Orange has taken incredible care into each frame and shot, and it does a lot for us as viewers and actors."

"How many times do you see an anime character raise their eyebrows? Never, unless they're specifically and obviously attempting it. You see open mouths and closed mouths and that’s about it. Noses moving? There is barely such thing as a nose in anime. But, in a CGI show, there is an entire palette of micro-expressions you can draw from."

Beastars is currently streaming now on Netflix. Read the entire interview at the AWN source link below.

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