Johnny Yong Bosch on Tower of God - CBR Interview

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Johnny Yong Bosch on Tower of God - CBR Interview

Comic Book Resources caught up with Johnny Yong Bosch to chat his recent lead role as Twenty-Fifth Bam in the Tower of God anime series. The actor also briefly touched upon his hopes of reprising Ichigo in the return of the Bleach anime.

CBR: What was your level of familiarity with Tower of God before starting work on the show? Or webtoons in general, for that matter?

Bosch: I had no knowledge of it prior to booking the role but [I] did a bit of research before my first session.

CBR: Bam strikes me as quite a different kind of hero to voice than, say, Ichigo in Bleach. He's initially a lot timider and more unsure of himself than the typical protagonists you get in shonen manga/anime who tend to be pretty confident from the outset. Was this something that drew you to the part?

Bosch: That's certainly something I like about Bam but I was drawn to the story and the approach, which felt somewhat poetic.

CBR: What do you think it is about the more unassuming, quieter protagonists that strike a chord with people?

Bosch: I think most viewers are similar and can relate. Sometimes [it] makes us sympathetic to the character's plight.


CBR: And lastly, I'm sure you must know that the Bleach anime is returning to adapt the Thousand-Year-War arc from the manga. Are you hoping to reprise your role for it?

Bosch: Of course!

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