Jessica DiCicco BabyGaga Interivew

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Jessica DiCicco BabyGaga Interivew

While Jessica DiCicco is known for her roles in Adventure Time and Puppy Dog Pals, the voice actress was interviewed by BabyGaga to not only to talk about becoming a mom for the second time, but also her other job of voice over.

In the interview DiCicco talked about things ranging from how she got into voice acting, her favorite role and how she's specializes on doing young voices.

BabyGaga: How did you get into voice acting? When did you discover your talent?

DiCiccio: I got into voice-overs when I started acting professionally as a kid, but it wasn't until many years later when I got an audition to play a 4-year old that I discovered I can realistically sound this young. I was so excited when I discovered I could do this! Eventually, I auditioned for a Disney movie for the role of a very young kid, I was away at college at the time, so I sent them the audition, and when they heard me they actually thought I was a kid.

I had a very awkward call-back after that where they were expecting to talk to a child and were surprised to learn I was actually a college kid (at the time). The casting director suggested I move to LA to pursue animation, which I'm so glad I did.

BabyGaga: Have you ever had any training or is the ability to voice young character natural?

DiCiccio: It's natural! I think my voice naturally sounds young, and in addition, I figured out how to realistically sound like a baby, a toddler, a kid, and can do every age from 0-18 years old. I've never taken classes, I just honed my skills by practicing, and by watching lots of shows. In this case, screen time was a great thing (trying to not feel guilty giving my 2-year-old screen time during this pandemic, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Maybe this is laying the foundation for his future career in VO!).

BabyGaga: Who has been your favorite character to voice? What is your favorite show to watch that you've been in?

DiCiccio: Choosing a favorite character is like choosing a favorite child! I love them all. But now that I have a toddler who can watch preschool shows, it's so fun to see how he reacts to the shows I'm on. His biggest reaction so far was watching “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” on Amazon Prime. He literally howls with laughter, it brings me so much joy to watch him laughing like that. He also likes Muppet Babies and Puppy Dog Pals, both on Disney Jr.

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