James Sie Hopes To Fill My Cabbages Role In Live Action Airbender Series

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James Sie Hopes To Fill My Cabbages Role In Live Action Airbender Series

James Sie, the voice of the infamous "MY CABBAGES!!!" merchant talked to Slate recently about the brief history of the recurring background character, as well as his hopes to play the role in Netflix's live action Avatar: The Last Airbender series.

"I never invested too much in his backstory because I didn't think he would be coming back. I just knew that he had a deep, abiding, somewhat strange attachment to his produce. That was my guiding principle, that he loved his cabbages. His life was cabbages. Andrea was so gifted a voice director, so precise in what she wanted to hear. For the cabbage merchant, she would play with certain degrees of anguish and how shrill he would be."

"I never imagined that the cabbage merchant would catch on as well as he did. You thought that we'd never see him again, and suddenly there he is. It was all a gift."

"He's that encapsulation of all of our frustrations and exasperation. We are all the cabbage merchant."

"Of course, now I'm more at the age of what the cabbage merchant was then. I will cultivate that little beard if they need me to. And because my face is quite expressive, I'm perfect for a live-action version of an animated show. I'm ready."

Check out the full interview, which also includes quotes from voice director Andrea Romano and some of the show's writers.

Source: Slate


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