How Dragon Ball's Duel-Voiced Gogeta Is Recorded

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How Dragon Ball's Duel-Voiced Gogeta Is Recorded

Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat have been voicing Saiyan rivals Goku and Vegeta for twenty years. They know how to bring life to these iconic Dragon Ball characters better than anyone.

But what about Gogeta? The fusion version of both warriors as a result of a synchronized dance ritual. Well, for anyone who's watched or played any DB titles that feature this mashup character, they'll know that Gogeta's voice is both actors layered on top of each other, performed in unison.

Both Schemmel and Sabat took to Twitter recently and shared their approach to voicing the character is more than just simply walking in as Goku and Vegeta respectively. Sounds like that take o a body-switching type of approach ...

Sabat: "For Gogeta, we each modify our voices a little bit. He [Schemmel [ makes his voice a little more gravely and "regal" and I make my voice a little lighter and "Goku-like". Then we give him a punky attitude. We use software o merge the reads together into one."

Schemmel: "I do a quasi vegeta accent for Vegito and for both I limit pitch range just a touch..."

Gogeta has most recently appeared in the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie and video games DB Legends and DB FighterZ.

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