HBO's His Dark Materials Voice Cast

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HBO's His Dark Materials Voice Cast

HBO is bringing Philip Pullman's fantasy novel trilogy His Dark Materials to screens in a live action series. This is the second attempt at an adaptation after 2007's The Golden Compass movie 1(which is based off the first book) failed to meet box office numbers to justify a sequel.

The story follows Lyra, a young girl who, in searching for her kidnapped friend discovers a larger sinister plot involving the kidnapping of children and more. Within this fantasy world, humans have an animal companion, "daemons", which are a person's inner-self manifested into a physical form.

The voice cast for several of the main daemons have been announced:

Iorek Byrnison the polar bear - Joe Tanberg
Kaisa the gyrfalcon - David Suchet
Hester the arctic hare - Cristela Alonzo
Pantalaimon (Lyra's daemon) - Kit Connor
Stelmaria the snow leopard - Helen McCrory
Golden Monkey (creature voice) - Brian Fisher

HBO has been coy on the exact release date other than it will premiere this Fall. Also, before the first season has even dropped, His Dark Materials has already received an 8-episode second season renewal.

Source: Variety


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