NEWS - Grimoire of Zero English Cast
Reported by NCZ on Tue May 22 2018

Sentai announced the cast for their English adaptation of Grimoire of Zero, based on Kakeru Kobashiri's light novel. The series aired in Japan last year and will be released on home video on June 26.

  • Mercenary        Jason Douglas

  • Zero                Amanda Lee

  • Albus               Chelsea McCurdy

  • Thirteen           Ian Sinclair

  • Holdem            David Wald

  • Sorena             Melissa Pritchett

  • Narrator           Jay Hickman

Also with

  • Mark X. Laskowski

  • Margaret Lewis

  • Joe Daniels

  • Kim Prauss

  • John Swasey

  • John Gremillion 

  • Steven Fenley

  • Michael Wronski

  • Josh Morrison

  • Katelyn Barr

  • Luis Galindo

  • James Belher

  • Greg Cote

  • John Ramirez

  • Luci Christian

  • Kalin Coats

Voice director: Kyle Jones



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said at 10:01 PM on Sat Jun 9 2018
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I like this cast! Amanda Lee's voice is very cute! It's also cool seeing people like Ian Sinclair doing more work at Sentai!
said at 12:47 AM on Wed May 23 2018
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It's great when Sentai go the extra mile and nab of some of FUNi's talent. I think this might be Amanda Lee's first major Sentai role and that's pretty cool for her.

Also more Ian Sinclair is always good.
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