Gideon Emery Final Fantasy VII Remake Interview

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Gideon Emery Final Fantasy VII Remake Interview had the opportunity to interview Gideon Emery about the long awaited remake of Final Fantasy VII, which came out in April. No stranger to the franchise, Emery, who voiced Balthier in Final Fantasy XII, talked about his role of Biggs in the classic remake.

Comic Book: On the reception of the game ...

Emery: "It’s been fantastic to see how well it’s been received. I know there was a lot of expectation since the original game was so well loved and I’m especially glad that the remake has touched people in a similar way."

Comic Book: How he landed the role ...

Emery: "I audition for most everything although it certainly helps that I’ve worked on many games in the Final Fantasy franchise. I’m always happy to work so it’s always a thrill."

Comic Book: On capturing the essence of the character (whose acting originated in the Japanese version) ...

Emery: "Biggs doesn’t have heavy emotional lifting to do, so I’d say the biggest challenge for me was fitting some of the dialogue into precise timings we were given to match the Japanese. We had to be frame perfect."

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