NEWS - First Trailer for The Magic School Bus Rides Again
Reported by NCZ on Wed Sep 6 2017

Netflix just premiered the first trailer for their upcoming reboot of the beloved mid-90s kids' show, The Magic School Bus.

Titled The Magic School Bus Rides Again, the series will see legendary funnywoman Lily Tomlin return to reprise her role as the seemingly-omnipotent Ms. Frizzle, who passes the keys onto her younger sister, Kate McKinnon's Fiona Frizzle. Liz, as ever, will be silent. Though the kids are seemingly all the same as the original, they'll likely be voiced by new actors. Finally, the series boasts a revamped, yet faithful theme song, performed by who else but Lin-Manuel Miranda.

View the trailer right down below.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again premieres September 29, 2017 on Netflix.



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