Eric Bauza Animation Scoop Interview

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Eric Bauza Animation Scoop Interview

The Merry Melodies gang is back in classic form (both design and humor) in HBO Max's new Looney Tunes Cartoons shorts. Leading the new voice cast is Eric Bauza, who has the honor of not only voicing Bugs Bunny, but also Daffy Duck (and Tweety, Marvin and more).

Animation Scoop caught up with the versatile actor via Zoom recently and talked about what it's like to follow in the footsteps of the legendary pioneer of voice acting, Mel Blanc.

Animation Scoop: When this new series of Looney Tunes came up, how did you find out about it? What did you do to gain the roles that you got now, as Bugs and Daffy?

Bauza: All the legendary people like Jeff Bergman, and Greg Burson, and Billy West, have taken turns doing the voice. Now when I say taken turns, it's not always up to the actor. We get auditions in the email from our agents and we kind of go, "Okay." It's usually "may the best man who's doing it currently, get the gig." And it's also in a way, up to the showrunners and the directors. Not everyone is the same. The actors may remain the same, but the vision and what the showrunner wants to hear out of the performance, changes. And it's really their choice at the end of the day who they pick. It's not the actor's choice. I have nothing but love and respect for Jeff, but I have the same amount of love and respect for Bugs Bunny.

As a voiceover actor, you get that email and you're like, "Well, I have to read—" Just to say that I read for it even if I don't book it. ‘Cause I've only read for Bugs Bunny twice in ten years. Knowing that Jeff was back and able to do the voice, and he did it for Looney Tunes Show, and he did it for Wabbit, and New Looney Tunes and was amazing. But again, it changed hands to Pete Browngardt and Sam Register (President of Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Digital Series). I think they wanted to try something new with these characters, so they opened it back up.

Animation Scoop: How intimidating is it to voice these Warner Bros. legacy characters?

Bauza: Insanely intimidating and nerve-racking. [as Daffy] "I haven't had a good night's sleep since 2011. I don't know, it's great. And now there's coronavirus." You're under the microscope of generations of people that know these characters better than you do. And I'm even a big critic of my performance. I was watching some of the episodes and go, "Oh, that was definitely at the beginning of the last two years."

We've been recording these now for two years so when people come out and go, "Oh, well that sounded awful." I really do hope that they hang on for a couple more episodes and go, "Oh, he finally got it." Or, "Now he's more comfortable with the voice." And it also helps to have people in the room like Bob Bergen, who has worked with three Daffys in his lifetime. And when someone like him leans over and says, "You're the closest Daffy to Mel Blanc," I take those compliments to heart because he met Mel Blanc and Jeff met Mel Blanc. And we're all thankful that he created such tentpole characters for us to have work in 2020. Can you believe that?

Looney Tunes Cartoons is streaming now on Warner Bros.' new HBO Max service.

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