Dragon Ball Super Universe 9 Voice Cast

Reported by Foxwolf on Friday, August 31st 2018
Dragon Ball Super Universe 9 Voice Cast

FUNimation has revealed the new voice actors joining the Dragon Ball Super Universe Survival Saga from Universe 9.

In this saga, all universes participate in the Tournament of Power where each universe enters it's 10 best fighters. While the winner takes home bragging rights, any team that loses will result in the destruction of it's universe.

Hailing from Universe 9, the cast includes:

- Greg Dulcie as Sidra
- Derick Snow as Ro

The Trio De Dangers Fighters
- Jeff Plunk as Basil
- Chris Guerrero as Lavender
- Marcus Stimac as Bergamo

The dub episode of Dragon Ball Super will premiere this weekend on September 8th 2018.

Source: Anime News Network


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