Devil May Cry Animated Series In The Works

Reported on Friday, November 16th 2018
Devil May Cry Animated Series In The Works

Adi Shankar, the producer of Netflix's Castlevania, has announced to IGN that he is working on another gothic horror-inspired, demon-killing game series: Devil May Cry. Hot off the success of Castlevania's second season (the show was recently renewed for a third), he got the rights to DMC in order to ensure a similar level of creative freedom separate from a bigger Hollywood studio.

Devil May Cry started in 2001, and was originally planned as a Resident Evil sequel before being transformed into its own series with its own identity. The series revolves around a half-human, half-demon bounty hunter named Dante, who constantly cracks jokes and eats pizza while wrestling with all the drama that comes from being the son of Sparda. The games were previously adapted as an anime in 2007, and the series's next installment, Devil May Cry 5, is planned for release in March 2019 after a decade-long hiatus. More details are to be determined as the series is in development.



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