Conroy, Lester and Batman: TAS Producers Look Back

Reported on Tuesday, November 13th 2018
Conroy, Lester and Batman: TAS Producers Look Back

To celebrate last month's release of the entirety of Batman: The Animated Series on Blu-ray, the voices of Batman and Robin, Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester sat down with Screen Geek back at San Diego Comic Con to reminisce on one of the most acclaimed animated series ever. In addition, Conroy mentioned one comic story that he would love to voice.

Batman: The Complete Animated Series Deluxe Limited Edition was also discussed by show's producers/writers Paul Dini and Alan Burnett. And the topic of Tim Curry being originally selected as the voice of the Joker (before Mark Hamill made it one of the most iconic versions of all time) came up.

Screen Geek: Is there any direction that you wanted to take the Robin character that the writers weren’t really feeling or something that you really wanted to do as like, kind of maybe a personality change for Robin? Or did you just have all your faith in the writers?

Loren Lester: No, no. They were terrific. I went where they said to go. It was kind of a symbiotic thing, ya know. Once they knew they had me, they wrote for me, just like they wrote for Kevin as opposed to writing for some nebulous “I-don’t-know-who-this-actor’s-gonna-be”. Sometimes, in the very beginning, you don’t quite know who the actor’s going to be. Once they knew who the actor was, then they would write for the actor. All TV shows do that.

The live-action TV shows do that as well once they know who they have. So, I had total faith in the writers, and I would love to see the show come back. I mean, I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t. Everybody wants it to. So, it would be great to see where they take it from there. I’d love to see Nightwing become Batman. Wouldn’t it be great tension between the two Batmans? The Bruce Wayne and the Dick Grayson Batman?

Screen Geek: Is there a storyline that you wanted to be adapted and involved in as you had done with The Killing Joke?

Kevin ConroyI’ve been saying for a while I’d love to do Hush, and they just announced they’re gonna’ do it. I hope they ask me. But, you never know. Let me put a plug in now. I’m hoping.

Screen Geek: Tim Curry revealed that he auditioned for the role of Joker a while ago during another Con and he said he didn’t get the part because he had developed bronchitis, so he couldn’t fulfill his duties. I was wondering if there may be an audio recording of him auditioning for that part or something because supposedly it’s in the WB vault?

Paul DiniThere is, I imagine somewhere. But, I would never want to let that out if he felt like he had bronchitis and was struggling to do the part. There’s really no point in letting that out. He’s done such great roles—when he was Pennywise he had that great quality and everything. The Joker was kind of an odd match for him at the point. So, we had to go back and do the process again and luckily, we had Mark (Hamill) and he sort of made it his own.

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