Chris Farley Shrek Footage Released

Reported on Wednesday, August 5th 2015 by
Chris Farley Shrek Footage Released

Shrek, the CGI outing that put DreamWorks on the map in 2001, didn't always resemble the finished product. Most relevant to our site is that series lead Mike Myers was not always tied down to the role of the titular ogre. The original voice of Shrek was SNL's Chris Farley, who recorded a hefty amount of the movie before his death in 1997. After this, Myers was hired, insisted on a complete script rewrite, and pretty much made the role his own (literally - the character was almost entirely changed with Myers aboard). For a good while there wasn't any publicly-available footage showing off what the movie would've been like with Farley behind the mic.

Luckily though, if you're in the mood for that kind of thing now, then this recently-discovered early animation reel from 1997, uploaded by producer John Garbett, might be interesting. Garbett has since been made the video private.

You may notice Eddie Murphy was always cast as Donkey. Princess Fiona was also replaced - originally she was set to be voiced by Janeane Garofalo before Cameron Diaz took the part. Maybe wait a few more years and that'll the next thing to be dug up from the Dreamworks archives.



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