Cast List For The Legend of Korra

Reported by NCZ on Monday, March 7th 2011
Cast List For The Legend of Korra
The Speakeasy section of the Wall Street Journal's website managed to talk with the creators and executives at Nickelodeon about behind-the-scenes information on Avatar follow-up mini-series "The Legend of Korra". In the process, they were provided with new artwork of Korra, as well as some voice actors and the characters they're playing. Here is the list of revealed VAs:

Janet Varney as Korra
Kiernan Shipka as Jinora
Daniel Dae Kim as Hiroshi Sato
David Faustino as Mako
Sheychelle Gabriel as Asami
Lance Henriksen as Lieutenant
JK Simmons as Tenzin

Other voice actors with unnamed roles include Dante Basco, Dee Bradley Baker, Richard Epcar, Rob Paulsen, and Eva Marie Saint. Legend of Korra is expected to air in November 2011.


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