Batman: TAS Poison Ivy Voice Originated From Illness

Reported by Foxwolf on Thursday, October 18th 2018
Batman: TAS Poison Ivy Voice Originated From Illness

In terms of voice and performance, the Batman: The Animated Series cast is the gold standard to many fans for the dozens of Batman characters that have "come-to-life" over the last few decades, not only in voice over but sometimes even live-action.

Diane Pershing, the voice of Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy was at New York Comic Con earlier this month and shared the story of how she landed the role of one of Batman's many Rogue Gallery villains. It turns out the original actress who was hired became ill and was unable to come in, so Andrea Romano let Pershing audition for the part.

"I showed up for an incidental couple of lines for that particular one, it was called Pretty Poison, and the person who was supposed to play Poison Ivy, whoever she is, bless her heart, didn’t show up for whatever reason,” Pershing explains, “Sick, I don’t know what the story is, and Andrea Romano, our esteemed voice director said, ‘Would you like to try out for this?’ And I said, “Sure.” And I looked at the script and I immediately knew what the voice would be because when you do a lot of voice overs, which I had been doing for many, many years, you get a voice in your head. It starts talking to you, and I knew what it was and I auditioned for it and I got the part. It was that. There was no research. There was no anything. I got, I showed up, and I did it."



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