Adam McArthur BSCKids Interview

Reported by Foxwolf on Tuesday, September 4th 2018
Adam McArthur BSCKids Interview

BSCKids had the opportunity to chat with Adam McArthur, the voice of Marco Diaz in Disney's Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Marco is the loyal and nerdy best friend of lead character Star Butterfly (voiced by Eden Sher)

In the interview McArthur talks about what he has in common wih Marco, his favorite Star episode, favorite video game voice role, favorite voice actor and the dream roles he'd love to get some day.

BSCKids: Do you feel like you have anything in common with the character?

McArthurMarco is the animated version of me from Junior High and High School. We’re both very loyal friends, confused by girls, and have sweet martial arts skills.

BSCKids: You have done some voices for video games, which was your favorite one and do you play video games yourself? If so what is your current favorite game?

McArthurI had a lot of fun voicing Joker for Final Fantasy! It’s not often I get to play a bad guy! And I do play video games! Right now, I’m pretty obsessed with PUBG (sorry Fortnite) and Overwatch of course. I’m a first person shooter kind of guy. I’m also a huge fan of the old school Halo games.

BSCKids: Who is your favorite voice actor?

McArthurAll of them. Literally every voice actor I’ve met or worked with is the coolest person ever.

BSCKids: Is there a character you would just love to voice?

McArthur: I would give a limb to be a Ninja Turtle or Power Ranger if they animate it.

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