2012 TMNT Voices Revealed

Reported by OptimusSolo on Tuesday, June 14th 2011
2012 TMNT Voices Revealed

We have known that Rob Paulsen would be switching things up a bit and voicing Donatello for quite some time now. However, via twitter/facebook, he was finally able to reveal the rest of the cast.  Here is his tweet:

"I was told by the PR folks at Nick to wait til today to post more info about TMNT til they had everything all lined up with Sean. So there ya go, folks: Sean Astin is Raph, Greg Cipes is Mikey, Jason Biggs is Leo and Ash Paulsen's Dad is Donny. More info as I get 'hold of it."

He later also revealed the voice of Splinter!

"BTW, the "new" Splinter is a TERRIFIC actor named Hoon Lee. You guys will not believe his pipes. Stunning talent."

Here is a picture of Hoon Lee:

To view our page on the new show and see the rough first looks at the character designs click here -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

Source: Facebook & Twitter


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