US Theatrical: Nov 04, 2016

Animation Studio: DreamWorks Animation

Popularity: 1st All Time, 4th This Week

Franchise: Trolls
Characters on BTVA: 45
When a village of happy, singing, dancing, hugging and scrapbooking trolls is attacked by troll-eating Bergens, the overly optimistic Princess Poppy must team up with the warily pessimistic Branch and travel to Bergen Town to save their captured friends.
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Trolls Cast


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said at 8:21 PM on Tue Feb 21 2017
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Am I the only one that finds it really weird that Gwen Stefani has a credit...but doesn't speak once in the whole film. I checked, she doesn't say a single line. Maybe one word, or a grunt or something, but she doesn't speak a single solo sentence from everything I saw, even looking up voice clips on youtube of the film, nothing.
said at 6:48 AM on Mon Feb 20 2017
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oh damn I didn't realize additional voices get credited here now
Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 5:32 PM on Sat Feb 18 2017
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If anyone can identify shots of the "?" characters and where Aspen Heitz appears in the movie, I'd appreciate it. Cheers.
Shaun Ince
said at 8:18 PM on Thu Jan 19 2017
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This movie was actually really cool all things considered. One thing I didn't completely catch on to at least towards the end was that Justin Timberlake was in this movie. Very good voice acting from him. As well as Anna Kendrick.
said at 6:01 AM on Sat Jan 14 2017
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I avoided seeing this movie with my family because I didn't think I'd like it, but I got bored about 2 hours ago and watched it on kisscartoon, and I actually really enjoyed it.
said at 9:09 AM on Tue Nov 15 2016
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This movie was actually better than I thought it would be. My favourite part was the Princess' journey montage where she suffers a lot while singing this upbeat motivational song. I also didn't expect the subplot about the scullery maid in love with the king. That was a nice touch. It made for some very sweet moments. I had no idea that it was Zooey Deschanel voicing Bridget either.
Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake really carry the film. Their characters are really funny and have a classic chemistry that still works.
The minor characters are very one-note and are just there to sell something or other.
The musical numbers for most part were kind of fun.

I mostly appreciate the creative visuals and designs, particularly the designs of the flora and fauna of the forest.
said at 2:35 AM on Sun Nov 6 2016
Whenever I see this I IMMEDIATELY am reminded of the Game Grumps playing Super Troll Island.
said at 11:56 AM on Tue Oct 25 2016
said at 12:37 PM on Tue Sep 27 2016
Connie (noodlerella)moxie dewdrop in England is like the only reason i'm going to watch this movie :D
said at 2:21 PM on Fri Sep 2 2016
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So THIS is what happens when you stick the Trolls from "Frozen", the Smurfs, and a box of Crayola crayons in a blender...
said at 4:48 PM on Tue Aug 9 2016
I know a lot of people are pessimistic about this but i'm starting to warm up to this one because looks very cute and quirky. Plus even though one of the characters is voiced by Russell Brand - I don't mind it that much.
said at 10:35 PM on Mon Aug 8 2016
Dreamworks why
Spider RedNight
said at 9:42 PM on Wed Jun 8 2016
I smell a musical number judging by this cast.

Or is it gonna be more like The Lorax where all the singers are gonna not-sing and all the other characters who aren't voiced by singers do the singing. ...I hope that makes as much sense as it did in my head.

Bottom line, skiiiiip
said at 9:10 AM on Tue Nov 15 2016
@Spider RedNight You're half right. Justin Timberlake doesn't sing for most of the film, until the last quarter.
said at 9:11 AM on Tue Nov 15 2016
@Spider RedNight Oh, and I don't think Christine Baranski sings in the movie ever, which is a shame.
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