Trigun: Badlands Rumble

Trigun: Badlands Rumble
Voice Director: Zach Bolton

US Theatrical: Jul 07, 2011
US Home Media: Sep 27, 2011
Japan Theatrical: Apr 24, 2010

Animation Studio: Madhouse

Popularity: 580th All Time, 604th This Week

Franchise: Trigun
Characters on BTVA: 9
Additional Voices: 48
Trigun: Badlands Rumble Trigun: Badlands Rumble Cast
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Trigun: Badlands Rumble Cast

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said at 7:37 AM on Fri Apr 13 2018
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Good movie but in terms of the dub I just wasn't feelin it most of the time.

It was good that FUNi at least got Johnny Yong Bosch back as Vash and he was as great as ever but they dropped to ball in terms of Milly, Meryl and Wolfwood.

As much as Hawkins, Christian and Nishimura tried (and bless them they really did) Sargent, Nimoy and Sargent are just so iconic in the role that they really pale in comparison.

Also that list of Additional VA's though...
said at 7:37 AM on Fri Apr 13 2018
@RetroPokeFan *Fahn*
nooooooooo, i screwed up again
said at 7:52 PM on Fri Apr 6 2018
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While a decent dub at best it really wasn't as good as it could've been. I understand not getting Lia back but they could've easily gotten D-Fahn and Jeff Nimoy back and there replacements sounded beyond generic ESPECIALLY Meryl and Milly. Don't get me wrong I love both Luci and Trina but come on Dorothy and Lia ARE Meryl and Milly.
said at 7:55 PM on Fri Apr 6 2018
@Soul-dragon I'm starting to wonder if the reason Funimation was so cheap was because they wasted all of there money on additional voices...
said at 11:16 PM on Mon Apr 16 2018
@Soul-dragon From what I heard, Johnny, Jeff and Dorothy were originally negotiating with FUNimation as a package deal, as in they wouldn't get one to reprise without the other. Then Johnny turned his back on them, and FUNimation probably just felt "well we got the main guy, screw the rest" and their negotiations with Nimoy and Fahn were unreasonable (as Nimoy said he'd have been losing money to take their offer). At least that's how it's been explained by Nimoy and Fahn.

Lia Sargent they probably wouldn't have been able to get back anyhow considering she's been done with anime dubbing for a long while.
said at 9:33 AM on Tue Apr 17 2018
@whyofbladez Wow. Why did Bosch do that?
said at 1:46 PM on Tue Apr 17 2018
@Soul-dragon I think he probably didn't want to risk burning bridges with FUNimation; Bosch is a rather regular voice actor for them whereas Nimoy and Fahn aren't. That's my guess anyhow.
said at 1:21 AM on Fri Apr 20 2018
@whyofbladez Well that's interesting information to say the least. Still disappointed they couldn't get both Nimoy and Fahn back but what can you do?
said at 12:14 AM on Sun Jan 7 2018
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Geez did they just get every single person working at the studio that day to do additional voices?
said at 8:04 AM on Tue Jan 9 2018
@skeletonking1234 even skinny pete from breaking bad did an additonal voice
said at 11:59 AM on Sat Jul 22 2017
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That's a lot of additional voices...
said at 10:40 PM on Mon May 14 2012
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This was a great movie overall, but it just wasn't the same without the original voice actors for Wolfwood, Milly, and Meryl.
said at 8:58 PM on Tue Feb 10 2015
@Sharkssmart "Either Johnny was the only available VA from the original show or the other VAs had no interest to reprise their old character which forced Zach Bolton (ADR Director and Line Producer of the movie) to recast those characters."

Not true. Here's what Jeff Nimoy had to say about it:

"Actually I would have loved to dub the Wolfwood movie, but Funimation dubbed it already without me. They called me and wanted me to fly myself out to Texas from Los Angeles and put myself up in a hotel while they paid me less than the original series paid. I would have lost money on the deal. Then when I asked for more money, they went ahead and replaced me. Pretty cheap, huh? I guess they don't care about the fans. Sorry, guys, I would have loved to play Wolfwood again, but remember, I'll always be the original! -Jeff"

Source (you'll have to scroll down some, but you'll find it):

Also, Dorothy Fahn apparently had a bad experience with Funimation in regards to reprising Meryl as well. Funimation could have easily done a better job on this movie.
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