The Grinch

The Grinch
US Theatrical: Nov 09, 2018

Animation Studio: Illumination Entertainment

Popularity: 820th All Time, 235th This Week

Franchise: Grinch
Characters on BTVA: 1
The Grinch The Grinch Cast
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The Grinch Cast


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said at 11:12 AM on Fri Jun 15 2018
I am also not a fan of the fact that Benedict is just kind of doing an average joe voice. It is not a BAD voice, I just thought the grinch would sound more diabolical.
said at 11:09 AM on Fri Jun 15 2018
My problem is that grinch kidnapped an actual reindeer instead of dressing max up as one.
said at 7:48 PM on Thu Jun 14 2018
Another trailer just came out, and this trailer is funny. The reindeer scene and the loudest snow. Benedict Cumberbatch will do a great job as the Grinch as well as Doctor Strange.
said at 11:14 AM on Thu Mar 8 2018
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In recent news the trailer for this just dropped and I'm seeing multiple bad signs. Benedict Cumberbatch does a great job with the Grinch and I'm looking forward to his performance but the outdated pop song was jut so unneeded not to mention there are so many of Illumination's dumb tropes...I'm also getting sick of the minions. At first they were kind of cute but the novelty is really beginning to wear thin.
The Doctor
said at 10:34 AM on Mon May 1 2017
I actually had a dream about this movie. In the dream, I was watching a behind-the-scenes featurette of the movie where it was revealed that Grinch wouldn't just have Max, but a whole entourage of funny animal sidekicks... and all of them would be voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch O_O
said at 9:52 PM on Sun Sep 4 2016
No! I wanted Jim Carey!
said at 12:26 PM on Wed Jun 8 2016
I'm kinda surprised the comments section isn't full of rhymes about this movie.
said at 12:13 AM on Thu Jun 9 2016
@LordofEvil96 It isn't beyond our expectation to make rhymes so, glorious, magnificent, and a little bit LOONEY.
said at 11:03 AM on Thu Jun 9 2016
@itsmedeadpool I see what you did there, and I like it quite a bit. Regardless, I'm sure this film will be a mass hit. It's main star and animation studio give me quite a bit of hope. much more than those two live action films, what were those filmmakers on, dope?
said at 12:08 PM on Thu Jun 9 2016
"Stop that rhyming and I mean it!"
said at 2:17 PM on Thu Jun 9 2016
@GreenGoblin75 "Anybody want a peanut?"
said at 10:46 PM on Thu Apr 14 2016
Well, I suppose this was necessary. I mean, when was this story ever adapted into a movie?
said at 1:21 AM on Sun Apr 24 2016

There was that bad live-action Jim Carrey version, but I digress from the subject.
said at 1:22 AM on Sun Apr 24 2016

Still, I have hopes that Benedict Cumberbatch will do wonderful as The Grinch.
said at 9:07 PM on Wed Jul 27 2016
@MegaMike1990 That was a fun movie. Jim Carrey owned it as Grinch. True they added a back story to why the Grinch is grumpy and mean, but without it, and explanation would be in need.
said at 3:07 PM on Thu Jul 28 2016

I stand corrected. I guess my opinion was based on the Carrey version being more comedic than the 1966 version. I also think that me insulting the movie kinda insulted Ron Howard (who is a wonderful director for most films) as well.
said at 11:55 AM on Thu Apr 14 2016
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Not my first pick for the role, but I still think Benedict would make a fine Grinch none the less.
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