The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Movie
US Theatrical: May 20, 2016

Animation Studio: Sony Pictures Animation

Popularity: 25th All Time, 50th This Week

Characters on BTVA: 54
The Angry Birds Movie The Angry Birds Movie Cast
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The Angry Birds Movie Cast


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Stare at the Sun
said at 6:59 PM on Tue Dec 13 2016
It was okay. Not horrible but not great.
said at 12:57 PM on Thu Aug 25 2016
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TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 10:07 AM on Mon Aug 22 2016
 4 Shout Outs!
All of these '?' kind of tick me off. :/ If you're going to credit a character with an actual NAME, then make sure they're NAMED in the movie itself. There's plenty of speaking roles for the bit-parts in the movies, but they're never identified.
said at 12:53 PM on Mon Aug 22 2016
@TylerMirage Yeah, but I definitely prefer that over the "only credit five characters and leave everybody else in the additional voices section" approach. At least this way shows that they actually care about who played who.
said at 3:39 PM on Fri Jun 10 2016
I love the designs and animation here. I wouldn't mind them being used in a 3D Angry Birds game.
said at 9:22 AM on Mon May 30 2016
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I've gotta say, after watching this movie, it's 3 times better than it has any right to be.

It's not one of the animation greats or anything, but for a film based on an Iphone app, it's pretty funny, extremely well animated, and each performance is a lot of fun.

Yes it does follow the "Hero is right but no one believes him until it's too late" cliche which I despise, but that's only for about 35 minutes of the movie and the rest is pretty funny outside of that.
said at 2:08 PM on Mon May 30 2016
@skeletonking1234 I saw the movie at Cinemark on Saturday and I loved it.
said at 4:05 PM on Mon May 2 2016
I was pretty doubtful, but the latest trailers are honestly making this look really funny.
said at 4:07 AM on Tue Apr 19 2016
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 2:52 PM on Tue Dec 30 2014
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I think the best thing for this is if they let all the actors just say what they want to, let them improvise and not take it seriously.
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