Roujin Z (1994)

Anime Theatrical Film | 2D Animation | Comedy, Science Fiction

Roujin Z
Voice Director: Michael Bakewell

US Release: Apr 1994
Japan Release: Sep 14, 1991

Animation Studio: A.P.P.P.
Voice Production: World Wide Group

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Elderly and bedridden widower Kijuro Takazawa is emblematic of Japan's times. With him and his fellow senior citizens beginning to outnumber the young, the Ministry of Public Welfare addresses this with the Z-001 prototype: an astonishing hospital bed designed to provide total care to the old--and select Mr. Takazawa as its occupant. But when Haruko, a student nurse who served as Mr. Takazawa's caregiver, starts receiving cryptic messages from him using the Z-001's computer, she vows to save him; however, there's more to the Z-001 prototype than meets the eye.

This 80 minute feature film was originally licensed and released in the USA by Central Park Media's U.S. Manga Corps label and first put out in a limited theatrical run in early 1996 before coming out on VHS on April 16, 1996. The dub was jointly commissioned by CPM and Manga Video and first released via some theatrical outings in Melbourne and Sydney in April of 1994 before receiving a larger theatrical release from Manga in the UK that summer and a UK VHS release on September 12th the same year.

Roujin Z Roujin Z Cast

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