My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (2020)

Anime Theatrical Film | 2D Animation | Action, Superhero

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising
Voice Directors: Colleen Clinkenbeard, Monica Rial (Assistant)

US Release: Feb 26, 2020
Japan Release: Dec 20, 2019

Animation Studio: Bones
Voice Production: Crunchyroll

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Franchise: My Hero Academia

With their provisional hero licenses, the Class 1A students have been assigned the task of helping out the citizens of a small island off the coast of Japan with day-to-day problems. However, when a group of villains attacks, whilst cutting off transport and communications, the young heroes must come together to stop them.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Cast

Characters On BTVA: 43
Additional Voices: 17

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The My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Cast



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