Dunderklumpen! (1975)

Theatrical Film | Hybrid (Animation + Live Action) | Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Voice Director: Paulette Rubinstein

US Release: Dec 11, 1975
Japan Release: Sep 26, 1974
Voice Production: Language and Motion Ltd.

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This 90-minute Swedish live-action and animated feature film was originally dubbed into English for an Australian theatrical release in late 1975. While the film was shown in December of 1974 at one Los Angeles theater, the film had only debuted in Sweden the previous September, so this showing was presumably of the film in its original language and subtitled--possibly in an effort to be eligible for award nominations the following year.

Toots Thielemans voices the same role in both the Swedish and English versions.

Dunderklumpen! Dunderklumpen! Cast

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