Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure (1989)

Anime Theatrical Film | 2D Animation | Action, Adventure, Fighting

Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure
Voice Directors: Ahmed Agrama, Christopher Sabat, John Burgmeier (Assistant)

US Release: Dec 26, 1989
Japan Release: Jul 9, 1988

Animation Studio: Toei Animation
Original Platform: First-Run Syndication
Voice Productions: AB Groupe, Crunchyroll, Intersound, Inc.

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Franchise: Dragon Ball

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This 46-minute feature film has five English dubs; use the dropdown menu below to toggle between them:

  • Intersound: Distributed by Harmony Gold, this dub was a re-edit of this movie and Dragon Ball: Movie 1 and was first released through airing in first-run syndication in the USA in late December of 1989. Directed by Ahmed Agrama. Narrated by Michael McConnohie. Changes names of Goku (to Zero), Crane Hermit (to Wuzu), Tao Pai Pai (to Tao Pei), Bulma (to Lena), Tien Shinhan (to Shinto), Yamcha (to Zedaki), Bora (to Haymaker), Upa (to Littlefoot), Oolong (to Maomao), Puar (to Squeaker), Launch (to Marilyn), Krillin (to Bongo), Korin (to Whiskers), Metallic (to Fist), Pilaf (to Oculi), and Mai (to Femina). 
  • Crunchyroll: Crunchyroll, then FUNimation, produced an uncut dub of this in-house and first released it on edited and uncut VHS tapes on November 21, 2000. Directed by Christopher Sabat. Assistant Director: John Burgmeier. Narrated by Christopher Sabat. Changes names of Crane Hermit (to Shen), Tao Pai Pai (to Tao), and Metallic (to Metallitron). 
  • AB: Produced by an unknown company, this dub was one of a series of dubs of Dragon Ball movies and specials recorded in France and first released through the auspices of the AB Groupe in Europe. The AB Groupe dub of this movie was only released through a broadcast on the Toonami channel in the UK in 2005. No credited director. Narrated by Ed Marcus.

A fourth dub commissioned by Philippines company the Creative Products Corp. combined this movie and Dragon Ball: Movie 2 and was released in the Philippines on VHS and VCD by Regal sometime between 1996 and 2000. A fifth dub commissioned by Malaysian company Speedy Video Distributors SDN BHD was released on VCD in Malaysia at some point in the 90's.

Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure Cast

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