Birth (1988)

Anime | 2D Animation | Action, Comedy, Post-Apocalyptic

Voice Directors: Gregory Snegoff, Lowell Bartholomee

US Release: Oct 1988
Japan Release: Jul 21, 1984

Animation Studio: Kaname Productions
Voice Productions: Intersound, Inc., Monster Island

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Humans and Inorganics clash on the now desolate planet of Aqualoid before young Nam pulls a mysterious sword called SHADE out of its stone, gaining the power to eliminate the cancer that is the Inorganics. But this same power if misused could have devastating results.

Though produced as an OVA, Birth received a limited theatrical release in Japan. Has two English dubs; use the dropdown menu below to toggle between them.
  • Intersound: Retitled The World of the Talisman, this version was licensed by Harmony Gold and first released on VHS in the UK in 1987. First released in the US when it aired on some Texas stations in October of 1988 before airing in more markets in 1989. Was later released by Streamline Pictures on VHS in March of 1992 under the title Planet Busters. Directed by Gregory Snegoff. Changes all of the original music and some character names.
  • Monster Island: An uncut dub of the OVA under its original title, this was first released by ADV Films on DVD in July of 2004. Directed by Lowell Bartholomee.

Birth Birth Cast

Voice Actors on BTVA: 44
Characters on BTVA: 23
Sound Clips: 29

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