Batman vs. Robin

Batman vs. Robin
Voice Director: Andrea Romano

US Home Media: Apr 14, 2015

Animation Studio: Warner Brothers Animation

Popularity: 735th All Time, 884th This Week

Franchise: Batman
Characters on BTVA: 15
Batman vs. Robin Batman vs. Robin Cast
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Batman vs. Robin Cast


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said at 5:19 AM on Sun Jul 12 2015
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I don't know how bad this movie probably is but I've got to give it some points for having Trevor Devall in this.

The fact that Andrea Romano's already cast Trevor in one of her productions is such a great sign. Maybe we'll be lucky and see him in more DC productions or even in the current TMNT series down the line, or a future Avatar series if it ever happens.
said at 10:10 AM on Fri Jul 10 2015
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*Sigh* Another joyless and confusing superhero flick that has plenty of room for potential.

But on the bright side, at least the animation was better than it's predecessor, and as always the voice acting was decent.
said at 11:25 PM on Sat May 2 2015
The Fight Choreography in this movie is phenomenal. In fact, I'd say the fight scenes alone are worth checking this movie out. That fight between Batman and Talon at the end is probably the best animated fight I've ever seen. Greatly paced, very smooth, no quick cutting. It's live action quality choreography.

The rest of the movie is pretty good too. Batman and Robin play off each other really well. It's cool seeing the two duke it out both philosophically and physically.

The Court of Owls are great villains, although once again the movie kind of downplays them. The comic book Court of Owls are a force not to be reckoned with. But this version can't even keep the Talons alive outside of their tubes for longer than 24 hours.
said at 12:44 PM on Fri May 1 2015
This movie is definitely worth a watch, in my opinion. Some of the best voice acting from DC animated movies I've heard in quite a while, along with a gripping story.

The title isn't as misleading as it seems; it's more a battle of "how to get things done" than actual violence. However, the way it is handled I think more than makes up for the slight misleading.
said at 12:05 PM on Thu Apr 30 2015
Court Of Owls my favorite addition to Batman since New 52 began. A secret organization in Gotham centuries old and it's Owl themed? It's one the most intriguing aspects for me. I've been wanting them to get adapted since I read them, and now that I got my wish covered in the animated department, and hopefully the first of many to come, I'd love for a reboot live action film series to cover them and for them to appear on Gotham.
said at 10:54 AM on Sat Apr 25 2015
Finally saw it, and, YES! So good! such a step up from Son of Batman! They finally made Damian the tough, independent, able-to-act-on-his-own character that they tried to do (and failed) in 'Son of'. This is Jason's best performance yet as the Bat. (I wouldn't say he's one of the best, but I'd say he's among the 'good' Bat-voices.) Jeremy Sisto as Talon is a bad-ass villain. My only real complaint is that the title is 'Batman vs. Robin' butcher's not really much of that. they only really have a major fight scene once. Speaking of which, These are some of THE best fight scenes in DC animated history yet. Seriously, see this movie. It's worth it!
said at 5:59 PM on Fri May 1 2015
i meant "bet there's" not "butchers"
said at 8:53 PM on Sun Feb 15 2015
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It always weirds me out when Kevin Conroy is in something Batman related but not actually playing Batman.

Then again, people probably felt the same way about that with Adam West back in the day.
said at 3:43 PM on Mon Feb 2 2015
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I will be completely and utterly honest; I will watch this only for Weord Al doing a serious role. I could not care less about everything else, but I want Al to creep my socks off.
said at 3:43 PM on Mon Feb 2 2015
@Bookman230 *Weird
said at 7:22 AM on Thu Jan 22 2015
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Weird Al definitely caught my attention.

Wish WB would stop shoving Bat Jason down our throats though. I still don't think he's a good Bats. Not horrid, but far from great
said at 7:47 AM on Mon Jan 19 2015
Weird Al?

Okay, I'm interested. It'll be interesting to hear how he tackles a serious role.
said at 6:22 AM on Thu Jan 15 2015
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wait.....does this mean the whole film is about beating a child?
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 6:25 AM on Thu Jan 15 2015
Well Batman vs Robin has a better ring to it than Batman: Child Abuser.
said at 6:44 AM on Thu Jan 15 2015
@skeletonking1234 If you've seen Son of Batman, you'd know that Damian kinda deserves it.
said at 12:21 PM on Thu Jan 15 2015
@skeletonking1234 A hardened, sociopathic child trained as an assassin, mind you.
said at 12:24 PM on Sat Jan 17 2015
@Music Meister "Batman: Child Abuser" HAHAHAHA!!!
The Doctor
said at 7:29 AM on Thu Jan 22 2015
@skeletonking1234 Next step: All-Star Batman & Robin adaptation!
said at 7:45 PM on Fri Mar 6 2015
@The Doctor You mean the adventures of Crazy Steve and Dick Grayson, age 12?
The Doctor
said at 5:52 AM on Sat Mar 7 2015
@GothamRed With cameo from Bonkers Betty ;)
said at 9:25 PM on Wed Jan 14 2015
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Court of Owls? Nice choice!
said at 11:57 AM on Thu Apr 30 2015
@Lpfan120 Seconded
said at 7:07 PM on Wed Jan 14 2015
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This is what I imagine it was like when this movie idea was pitched at Warner Bros. Animation Studios.

*Cuts to Warner Bros. Animation*

Warner Bros. Exec: GUYS, GUYS! We're out of ideas for our animated movies!! We need suggestions, fast!!

Employee 1: An animated movie that's based on an old comic story arc from the 80's or 90's?

Exec: No! Not enough people are familiar with them, we have to appeal to younger fans somehow!

Employee 2: Do another animated Justice League movie where the focus is put on one member of the league?

Exec: No! We already have an Aquaman movie like that coming out! We can give the fans another one of those!

Employee 3: Have Batman fight Robin?

Exec: *Turns to Employee 3* What did you just say?

Employee 3: Have an animated movie where Batman fights the Damian Wayne Robin, and Weird Al Yankovic is in it.

And then this video happened after the idea was spoken:
facundo guerra 4
said at 3:07 PM on Wed Jan 14 2015
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Lol,3 Batmans are in this film
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 3:19 PM on Wed Jan 14 2015
@facundo guerra 4
4 if you count Robin Diwnes as a different version of batman in Infinite Crisis
facundo guerra 4
said at 3:40 PM on Wed Jan 14 2015
@Music Meister yeah,that counts too,you know what would be cool,if the 4 pepole how played batman(4 with robin)encountered each other in this movie as their characters,i know that won t happen but still
said at 12:00 PM on Thu Apr 30 2015
@facundo guerra 4 I'll die by laughing gas if Robin is ever voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.
said at 1:43 PM on Wed Jan 14 2015
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WEIRD AL!?!? I have to see this
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