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Project Title: [PAID] Evie's Not So Scary First Day of High School [2D Animated Short Film]
Auditions Deadline: Friday, May, 31 2019 [ 11:59pm PST ]
Format: Visual
Category: Cartoon
Classification: Original (non-licensed)
Offering: Paid Work
Audio Format: mp3
Contact Details:
Status: Closed
Public Auditions: Yes [ Yes means the public is welcome to listen to auditions submitted to this project ]
Characters: 5 [ number of characters available for audition ]
Auditions Submitted: 113
Views: 3620
Owner: wendyarias
Date Created: March 19 2019
Hey there!

This is the casting call for my upcoming 2D animated short film titled Evie's Not So Scary First Day of High School. There aren't many characters as it's a short film. These roles are paid. Character designing for most characters are completed and you will see their artwork placed up when they are finished. Character auditions will be opened until the week prior to animation beginning. Due to this, the deadline will change because well - making an animated film is no piece of cake. However, be assured that no one will be cast before the deadline.


All character design done so far can be found here: Please note that we are finishing up character designing and concept art so changes may be done to a character.

What Evie's Not So Scary First Day of High School Is About:

14-year-old Evie Ramirez has a history of being terrified of first school days. The big milestone of entering High School is no exception. Her father used to read her his favorite fantasy novel on the night of her first school day to help ease her nerves. Ever since he passed away, Evie keeps the tradition alive and continues to read it every night before the first day of school. She wishes to be just like the characters in her favorite book, especially the Elven Queen Alaina. Her wishes come true the night before her first day of High School while she dreams. Join Evie as she is visited by her favorite character and a very familiar special guest who help her understand that maybe the first day of high school isnít so scary.

Characters that are available for auditioning:

Apart from directing and writing this film, I'll be voicing the one of the main characters: Evie Ramirez.

1. The Elven Queen Alaina - Supporting lead

2. Richard Ramirez [Evie's Father] - Lead

3. Julia Ramirez [Evie's Mom] - Supporting

4. Young Evie - Minor Role

5. Elf Children - Extra role [Multiples will be needed]

6. High Schoolers - Extra role [Multiples needed]

7. Unnamed Elf Parent - Extra role

8. Parents of High School Kid - Extra role

There are a few requirements in order to audition:

1. Please have a good microphone!! [No phone microphones, no headphone microphones, and no gamer microphones]. Background noise nor white noise should be heard.

2. Emotions! This is an inspiring film and you'll need to put your heart into it

3. [Optional] Consider following us on Instagram to keep up with updates! @EviesNotSoScaryFirstDayofHS

4. Have a discord! Members of the film production team will need to have a discord.

5. Have fun! This is a professional project but that doesn't mean we can't have fun.

What you'll get out of this project:

1. Experience, yay

2. Making friends, double yay.

3. A credit to put on your acting portfolio

4. Payment, yay

5. Making your parents/friends proud [Results may vary]

This casting call is also posted on Casting Call Club.

I'm excited to hear your auditions!

Thank you!


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The Elven Queen Alaina

Name: The Elven Queen Alaina
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Alaina's character design can be found in this link:
The Elven Queen Alaina is one of the lead characters. She iss Evie's favorite character from her (and her father's) favorite fantasy story that they used to read the night before Evie's first school days. I picture Alaina sounding similar to Galadriel from the Lord of the Rings. Her voice is up to interpretation though. Any voice that is soothing, comforting, and somewhat on the deeper side. But do keep in mind that if you picture her sounding different than this, I am totally up for listening to your interpretation.

Alaina is a caring, comforting, but strong and intelligent character. She is the leader of her kind, but isn't your typical ruthless leader, no, she cares for her people and anyone that crosses her path. Her main role for the film to provide comfort to Evie and give her guiding hand as well as bringing some light to the situation.

Her role is paid. The method of payment will be through PayPal so please have one. Voice actors will be paid and cast once it is time for their part in production (around one week before animation begins but this is subject to change). It'd be great if voice actors have discord as well. You can provide that in your audition.

Amount of lines: 9 lines
Payment: 10 USD
You need to be to audition. If you do not have an account, please click here to register.
Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"(sincere) Life is an unexpected journey. One that will be filled with pain and loss, but it is also filled with great wonders, happiness, and hope. Some of these may come as a whirlwind. Even the wisest will never be able to tell what is forthcoming. The only thing we can do is buckle up and learn from what we experience. Itís okay to be scared, Evie. Itís okay to be scared of the unknown."
Line 2:
"To my home. I have a surprise for you. WellÖ two surprises."
Line 3:
"Time for your not so scary first day of high school."

Richard Ramirez [Evie's Father]

Name: Richard Ramirez [Evie's Father]
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Character design for Richard is still in progress.

Richard Ramirez is Evie's father and a lead role for the film. I picture him to have soothing voice, nothing too gruff or low. Something like Sebastian Stan. Interpretations for voice are welcome though!

Richard is a hardworking and caring man, he did everything and anything he could to provide anything his family needed. We see Richard in a big chunk of the film and he is very important to the plot. He loves and cares for both his wife and daughter, Evie. They start a tradition to help ease her nerves of the first day of class by reading his favorite fantasy story to her. Around the age of 35-42. He is hispanic, so a hispanic voice actor would be preferred but is not required! An accent is NOT needed!

His role is paid and the method of payment will be through Paypal, so whoever is cast as Richard should have a PayPal account. Voice actors will be paid and cast once it is time for their part in production (around one week before animation begins but this is subject to change). Discord is also required as a method of communication. You can give your discord when you submit your audition.

Amount of lines: 11 lines
Payment: 10 USD
You need to be to audition. If you do not have an account, please click here to register.
Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"(He is reading a fantasy story to a young version of Evie, so, this must be read in a dramatic voice) And then, the Elven Queen Alaina rushed to the horse stable to find her magical horse, Rauros, who awaited his master. She swiftly mounted the horse and began her journey to Othilianís neighboring village, Megladoth. A portion of her elven army followed their queen. The Elven Queen and her forces rode for two long days before reaching the small village."
Line 2:
"(sincere/genuine) Iím always with you, Evie. Tomorrow is a big day. You didnít think Iíd miss your big day, did you?"
Line 3:
"(encouraging) You can do this as you have for the past 14 years of your life. Even the smallest steps go a long way. I believe in you, Evie, even when you donít believe in yourself."

Member Auditions

L.C. Scott
on Apr 29 2019

Janet Ramirez [Evie's Mother]

Name: Janet Ramirez [Evie's Mother]
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Character design is still in progress for Janet.
Janet Ramirez is Evie's mother. She's caring, and wants the best for her daughter. I picture her to sound something like Tracee Ellis Ross or like Jennifer Garner. However, as the previous characters, her voice is up to interpretation.

Janet has gone through a lot. She lost the love of her life and is a single parent. As you can imagine, this isn't an easy task. She loves her daughter more than anything, but she lets Evie keep their tradition alive without interfering. She's holding up well after the loss of her husband, but the routine of having to work even harder to maintain the household always takes a toll even if it's not said aloud. Her relationship with Evie is great though, Janet always takes time out of her day to comfort her daughter whenever it's needed, she drops her off at school and helps her with her homework. Her role isn't as big as the other characters, but she is still important to the film. Her main scene is at the end.

As stated, Janet doesn't have as many lines as all the other characters. Her role is paid and the method of payment will be PayPal so whoever is cast as Janet will need to have a PayPal account. Voice actors will be paid and cast once it is time for their part in production (around one week before animation begins but this is subject to change). All voice actors need to have discord for communication. You can give your discord user when you submit your audition.

Amount of lines: 7 lines
Payment: 5 USD
You need to be to audition. If you do not have an account, please click here to register.
Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"Evie! Itís time to go to bed!"
Line 2:
"(confused - in this scene she is taken aback by what Evie tells her) WhaÖ What are you talking about, Evie?"
Line 3:
"(in a loving/endearing tone) Iím so proud of you. I love you so much, darling."

Member Auditions

Valley B
on Apr 30 2019

Young Evie

Name: Young Evie
Gender: Female
Age: Child
Character design for young Evie is pending art style changes.
In the film, we only see Young Evie in one sceneó the opening scene. It's a small scene and she only has two lines but it is a very important scene as it builds a background for present day Evie. Young Evie is 6 years old so whoever is to voice her, she has to sound youthful and basically childlike. There are no requirements for this role. Young Evie is bubbly, energetic, loves a good fantasy tale, but her first day of school scares her. Keep this in mind when auditioning. I picture her to sound something like Mckenna Grace.

Role is paid. Payment will be made once lines are needed (probably around a week before animation starts). Payment will be made through PayPal so please have a PayPal account. All voice actors are required to have discord for communication, your user can be given when you submit your audition.
Payment: 5 USD
You need to be to audition. If you do not have an account, please click here to register.
Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"(she says this after her father reads her a fantasy story - she is amazed, in awe, and happy) I wanna be an elf! I wanna be an elf! Just like Queen Alaina!"
Line 2:
"(she is scared about her first day of first grade) Youíll come with me right, dad?"
Line 3:
"(Sigh happily, amazed gasp, and a laugh)"


Name: Extras
Gender: N/A
Age: Adult
Character design for extras can be found here:

Now, this is for extra roles. This includes elf children, high schoolers, elf parents, and high school parents. There are many roles open for this and is open to both male and female voice actors.

There won't be many elf children and these are just extras. We only see the children for a brief moment in the film. Have fun with these roles! These are open to both male and female voice actors.

The high school students are extras. We only see them in one part of the film (at the end) when Evie is entering school. These roles are open to both female and male voice actors so don't be afraid, we welcome anyone! Character designing for these characters has been almost completed (we only really need to do simple reference and expression sheets). Please keep in mind that these characters range from the age of 14-17.

While these roles may not pay right now, this may (or may not) change, depending on how the budget shifts. The artwork seen is for the elf children.

These roles NOT paid.
You need to be to audition. If you do not have an account, please click here to register.
Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"Submit your demo reel"
Line 2:
"(Unnamed elf parent - Male) Don't go too close to the forest, Estlon!"
Line 3:
"(Unnamed high school parent - Female) I'll see you home, sweetie!"

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