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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Hal Rayle
Why? "Doyle C!Of Galaxy High he told me:"I am so amazed that you even know this show.It was one of my big starring roles that never went anywhere."
Why? "Mr. Most's comedic delivery as Eric the Cavalier makes Eric- in my opinion- the most interesting character of the DnD:tAS voice acting cast!"
Why? "Mr. Welker was one of my earliest influences. His versatility in mimicking & creating virtually Any sound/character led me to do the same!"
Why? "She seems to live inside of the character. Which may be why she emotes him so effortlessly."
Why? "Her Oon (of Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors) is soooo hilarious! She's done countless VO roles for Canadian TV, and this one is my favorite."
Why? "I enjoyed his portrayal of Terry Bogard in the Fatal Fury anime trilogy."
Why? "Wheels always trusts experience and wisdom over brawn and speed to help save the day. That makes him a favorite."
Why? "He's a big reason for the success of Lion Voltron... and so versatile, voicing Pidge& many GIJOE&Transformers roles. He'll always have work."
Why? "He infuses a touch of hipness to the intelligent, authoritative characters he often voices, including Col. 'Slim' Griffin (StarCom)."
Why? "He will always be the voice of Tarzan Lord of the Apes (1977) and Flash Gordon (1979-81) for me. For me the man embodied class in his roles."
Why? "She was sooo good as Diana and her 1983 Saturn award for best newcomer speaks for her dramatic performance. It would be her only role. Fie!"
Why? "The voice of Voltron Force's Princess Allura, Princess Romelle, and many more make her among my favorites."
#1 All Time Favorite
Rob Simmons
Why? "His Commander Simmons reminds me of a mini-Superman who masquerades as nerdy Rob. Dia loves Commander. Hello?? Can she not put 2+2 together?"
Why? "Beneath a cowardly and snobbery facade, lies a heroic core that saves the day more than a few times. Plus, he's got the best comedic timing!"
Why? "He was the space rebel that I wanted to be minus the real consequences. Got the girls, and saved the day. Of course, he needed help."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Mighty Orbots
Why? "My co#1. 30 years later the animation is excellent even by today's standards. Great voice acting cast that includes Barry Gordon,Don Messick"
Why? "This is here Only because I love the intro- I like the music so much that I burned this song onto a CD that I play in my car."
Why? "It's rife with characters whose storylines and plot twists will keep you guessing. Finished both seasons in two days. It's a must watch."
Why? "My co#1.Solid VA cast w/80s anime elements. My favorite character here's Eric. I'm animating the last episode on YouTube, as dndrequiem."
Why? "Among my top 3. Pros: Overall a well-written show. Cons:It's episodic. Characters grow little but Herc's got the most depth in the show."
Why? "The animators captured the realism very well and Robert Ridgely added a pathos to the gentle lord of the jungle. I enjoyed the story too."
Why? "The sheer acting of the VA and 80s anime style make this a timeless classic. It also gave me a greater push to be a VA."
#1 All Time Favorite
Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro
Why? "non-stop action, thrills, and comedy aplenty in this film, along with some of the best animation of its time. Impressive car chases!"
Why? "Crazy premise where 1 child grows up embracing her inner beast but outgrows it-&one who fears it initially-embraces it later-like real life."