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Hey guys. So I made this new game to help voice actors of any level grow as performers. It focuses on voice acting and improv. You record some dialogue, then pass it onto someone else and they respond, then to the next etc. If you're interested, you can try it out at There's now over 160 players and 2100 recordings made, and also chances to win monthly prize drawings. Come listen to the 300+ original scenes created so far. Thanks! Foxwolf


Project Title: The Twin chapter 2
Auditions Deadline: Thursday, November, 15 2018 [ 11:59pm PST ]
Format: Audio
Category: Podcast
Classification: Original (non-licensed)
Offering: Copy Of Completed Work
Audio Format: mp3
Contact Details:
Status: Closed
Public Auditions: Yes [ Yes means the public is welcome to listen to auditions submitted to this project ]
Characters: 3 [ number of characters available for audition ]
Auditions Submitted: 7
Views: 574
Owner: vetas100
Date Created: October 22 2018
Hello everyone. The Twin chapter one has been recorded and we are now working on chapter 2. We are in need of a few more voice actors. If you have any questions, email me at Thank you!



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Name: Priest
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Will need to be able to come up with a few things.
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Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"we have gathered here today to say goodbye to James and Emily Felkner"
Line 2:
"but our journey does not end here on earth"
Line 3:
"(keep talking and come up with some Priest sounding things"


Name: grandpa
Gender: Male
Age: Old/Senior
Bigger role. alot of lines. I Dont want him sounding super old and raspy. Please stay away from that.
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Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"dont mind him. Thats stanley. just ignore him."
Line 2:
"he doesnt come to this part of town usually"
Line 3:
"how are you holding up AJ"


Name: Doctor
Gender: N/A
Age: Adult
A small character that needs to deliver bad news.
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Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"we did the best we could"
Line 2:
"im so sorry, but your father didnt make it"
Line 3:
"if you would like, you can go in"

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