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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Mike Patton
Why? "I enjoy his singing for Faith No More."
Why? "Tomorrow never comes until it's oo late"
Why? "Legend!"
Why? "Jessie desde el inicio"
Why? "gol"
Why? "Epic win"
Why? "She must have had a fun time at school with a name like that."
Why? "Born in Russia, but now lives in America."
Why? "And Spanish too!"
Why? "Family"
Why? "Not to be confused with"
Why? "The Second."
Why? "Step 1."
Why? "Mr. President, what are you doing here?"
Why? "+1"
Why? "Beau Billingslea… is a she?!"
Why? "how dare i"
Why? "Deep and booming."
Why? "Mix it up."
Why? "Going stronger every year"
Why? "dreamy"
Why? "One role wonder?"
Why? "Will work for ___ BRIAN BLESSED!"
Why? "The Beatles."
Why? "evolver"
Why? "They all look alike"
Why? "OMG, ROCKO!"
Why? "Hagger!"
Why? "It's like hearing, um, Trixie Tang as a talking dog named Martha."
Why? "here goes"
Why? "Yep, you guessed it, Blossom"
Why? "The baseball player?"
Why? "Multiregion"
Why? "cool name"
Why? "Wait a sec, you're not the guy from Soundgarden!"
Why? "Finally got that Oscar."
Why? "Not confused anymore."
Why? "When she slayed vampires..."
Why? "Robin?!"
Why? "Maybe related."
Why? "Oh, no!"
Why? "crazy beard"
Why? "AHNOLD!"
Why? "Encore."
Why? "From composer to Wisp."
Why? "HARRY?"
Why? "This is madness"
Why? "Okay, It was him all along."
Why? "He's my father."
Why? "Oh?"
Why? "cool"
Why? "confused."
Why? "When along came Gunther, Scaredy, and Jimmy"
Why? "Vinny the Gooch is lovin' that."
Why? "Return to the land of ponies."
Why? "Did he just?"
Why? "Forever Catwoman."
Why? "Notre MacGuyver français."
Why? "Hooray! It's Fifi!"
Why? "Perfect."
Why? "It's so good he came back for the movie based on his hit song."
Why? "She's Pablo from the Backyardigans!"
Why? "HERMY?"
Why? "Daggett? Is that you?"
Why? "He's got the funniest voice this side of Paris."
Why? "Beauty and the... Superman?"
Why? "Anti"
Why? "Is a girl."
Why? "Impressive. Too good to be true."
Why? "I've got to check out this voice sometime."
Why? "It's about time."
Why? "Bond. James Bond."
Why? "leyenda"
Why? "You be my American boy, American boy."
Why? "OWEN! Everyone's favorite big eater on Total Drama!"
Why? "Ooh Padme..."
Why? "Hooray for him being Jimmy Neutron, BOY GENIUS!"
Why? "RIP, madame."
Why? "Wait, where's Norbert?"
Why? "It's over 1000!"
Why? "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood."
Why? "What a name"
Why? "I'll see you on the other side."
Why? "All right."
Why? "What's happening, hot stuff?"
Why? "Yes, you can do it!"
Why? "Nt so bad"
Why? "R.I.P. March 2, 2012"
Why? "Spice Girls"
Why? "Get to what's real"
Why? "Very talented"
Why? "One of Brazil's most impressive ranges. Anyone who can voice Rufus and Mewtwo is an EPIC actor."
Why? "Forever Maxwell Smart."
Why? "Welcome, Mung Daal."
Why? "Watch "Beetle Juice". He's Prince Vince."
Why? "Back in the day"
Why? "How does one go from Batman to... Peppermint Larry?!"
Why? "Je me souviens..."
Why? "Yay"
Why? "Dude looks like a lady! Sorry, I just had to sing that."
Why? "tra la la"
Why? "The one and only Starfire"
Why? "Just let it go"
Why? "pika pika"
Why? "It's strange to hear Mermaid Man and Patrick as an old lady."
Why? "Right on."
Why? "THE Wolverine."
Why? "But I'm talkin' about Shaft."
Why? "Hello, Genie."
Why? "yeehaw"
Why? "Fresh off the grill"
Why? "He maybe was Beast from Disney's Beauty in China."
Why? "Trop d'Alfred !"
Why? "wonder what Anakin is up to now?"
Why? "GO TIME!"
Why? "I miss "Family Matters"."
Why? "hey its captain picard"
Why? "Apple-court?"
Why? "stand up"
Why? "element"
Why? "Lol, 3 first names."
Why? "Discord!"
Why? "?"
Why? "One of Madrid's best young voice actors. Such a high-pitched voice type-casts him as children."
Why? "The Wii Fit Trainer is Spanish Buzz. That rocks my world!"
Why? "The lead singer of a naughty band name."
Why? "What an interesting range of characters."
Why? "taco flavored kisses."
Why? "The more I hear, the more I believe"
Why? "The best Mr. Krabs"
Why? "Ta-da"
Why? "Secretly in Thriller."
Why? "Longtime no see"
Why? "Oscar winner coming through!"
Why? "He should TOTALLY work on Pokemon!"
Why? "I hurt myself today"
Why? "Or so I heard."
Why? "Meet TDI's Harold."
Why? "To add more roles later."
Why? "leyenda"
Why? "HAGGER!"
Why? "None other than Olaf"
Why? "He did magic at my birthday."
Why? "Almost voted for someone else"
Why? "Ain't nobod like Lelouch."
Why? "Still going strong"
Why? "The German Chuck Norris."
Why? "Meet Iris."
Why? "I guess he retired from the VA industry to become a full-fledged musician."
Why? "If Flapjack were ever dubbe in Japanese, he'd be perfect."
Why? "Perfection"
Why? "Closer than close!"
Why? "hold up"
Why? "For Michael!"
Why? "Two words: Ash. Ketchum."
Why? "Who the HECK do you think he is? Cat, Lloyd Irving, or Kamina?"
Why? "Guy can voice any kind of character."
Why? "Helga has now arrived at France's Hunger Games."
Why? "Barbie"
Why? "I'm alive!"
Why? "Forever young"
Why? "Word up"
Why? "Such a cheerful voice"
Why? "A bit out of date, eh?"
Why? "Or so I think"
Why? "Rest in peace"
Why? "XJ-9?"
Why? "Babar."
Why? "Just in time"
Why? "Such a young voice."
Why? "Welcome aboard, since there's beyond."
Why? "As himself."
Why? "Isn't her dad that guy from Aerosmith?"
Why? "In walked Norbert"
Why? "Here it o."
Why? "n"
Why? "Clone High's Abraham Lincoln was a good old man... He was also Beavis, but before this gets out of hand..."
Why? "Epic"
Why? "People have the darndest names"
Why? "Hey, it's Thierry's daughter!"
Why? "Madonna is my favorite singer!"
Why? "She even LOOKS like Whoopi!"
Why? "so familiar"
Why? "Forever young"
Why? "From popstar to voiceover artist."
Why? "Spider-Man, Spider-Man..."
Why? "R.I.P."
Why? "technicolor"
Why? "He's pretty much a man of 1000 voices."
Why? "Talk about crazy range!"
Why? "BATMAN!"
Why? "M"
Why? "awesome."
Why? "And she was there."
Why? "Help, it's Vicky! Take cover!"
Why? "Guess who's back. The great Iron Man."
Why? "Same direction"
Why? "Forever Shaggy."
Why? "Yeah, she's ready."
Why? "From Star Wars to Batman"
Why? "Pinocchio?"
Why? "Wait... he's now working for my Dodgers?!"
Why? "Such a cheerful voice."
Why? "Ooh! Whenever I hear his voice, I get the chills."
Why? "QEPD"
Why? "Not the NFL player"
Why? "He's like, I just loved his stuff as my favorite HAnna Barbera characters in Harvey Birdman."
Why? "Step one is done."
Why? "No relation. Haha"
Why? "fake"
Why? "Impressive range."
Why? "It makes one wonder why she doesn't do much dubbing?"
Why? "Zak Saturday! Bridgette from TDI!"
Why? "Problem solved!"
Why? "Rising sun"
Why? "Come back as Gopher."
Why? "The one and only king of pop."
Why? "no money no talk"
Why? "Slide in"
Why? "more"
Why? "woo"
Why? "Like father, like son"
Why? "Crash"
Why? "From Toph to Bea from "Fish Hooks"."
Why? "stand up"
Why? "?"
Why? "It's that drummer from Rush!"
Why? "From Belgium to France, I followed him."
Why? "Great minds think alike."
Why? "Did he just lapse into..."
Why? "And then I was like, ED? When did you become a fast blue hedgehog?"
Why? "Two words: Johan. Liebert."
Why? "huh"
Why? "I confide that it was she who was the second Derek."
Why? "victory dance"
Why? "Brutal death metal"
Why? "On the roll!"
Why? "He's awesome!"
Why? "That's my Dipper!"
Why? "One role is never enough."
Why? "I remember when she was Linka in Captain Planet."
Why? "Optimus Eeyore"
Why? "He's the best RoboCop."
Why? "mmm... Homer"
Why? "Here we go again"
Why? "well, well, well"
Why? "Like mother, like daughter?"
Why? "Technicolor"
Why? "Right here right now"
Why? "And I walk the Showbiz Beat."
Why? "Madame Fostet"
Why? "He's top-notch as Vegeta"
Why? "Forever the Joker"
Why? "Like a Virgin."
Why? "Let me think it over"
Why? "Oh Chii!"
Why? "Beatles?!?"
Why? "Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand"
Why? "The singer?!"
Why? "Hagger?"
Why? "Man lady"
Why? "The only thing."
Why? "No sign of Father."
Why? "It's Finn the human!"
Why? "Rising star"
Why? "This is unacceptable!"
Why? "wow wow"
Why? "kool"
Why? "Hannah Montana is... Jimmy Neutron?"
Why? "Tempted by the fruit of another"
Why? "KENNY!"
Why? "Panini? Is that you?"
Why? "Oh my god, Togepi has possessed Arnold!"
Why? "Hey, it's that kid from the Goldbergs!"
Why? "OMG, it's Turk from Scrubs!"
Why? "Manny Rivera, c'est toi?"
Why? "the real thing"
Why? "The #1 Batman"
Why? "This is the remix."
Why? "He was REALLY good in "American Idol"."
Why? "What an impressive range. I grew up watching Arthur, but never did I realize that in Italian that Arthur was James from Pokemon."
Why? "He's the king of pop, yo!"
Why? "He's pretty much Team Edward."
Why? "Siri, is that you?!"
Why? "Emmanuel Curtil, your sister has arrived"
Why? "Isn't it ironic?"
Why? "She's on the rise, y'all!"
Why? "I just don't know what went wrong."
Why? "Standin' on the rooftops, everybody scream your HEART OUT!"
Why? "KRATOS!"
Why? "Goliath"
Why? "Farewell..."
Why? "As Monsieur Muscle arrived..."
Why? "He's alive!"
Why? "The new Rocket."
Why? "K den"
Why? "Whoa, momma!"
Why? "No hard feelings."
Why? "Are YOU Groot?"
Why? "sure"
Why? "He's come a long way."
Why? "Perhaps..."
Why? "Brilliant"
Why? "Misty"
Why? "Common"
Why? "4eva young"
Why? "n"
Why? "Hard times"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "I got a custom plushie of this character."
Why? "hey hey hey,"
Why? "Aung"
Why? "Really?"
Why? "Yo!"
Why? "Princess!"
Why? "He had green hair, but man, he looks good!"
Why? "Not even Chuck Norris or Jason Kreis could slay Discord."
Why? "Hey hey hey!"
Why? "It's George Washington!"
Why? "It's a he."
Why? "Microsoft Sam"
Why? "confusion look"
Why? "This guy already looks like my favorite."
Why? "'Cuz he's a punk rocker, yes he is!"
Why? "Gumball's twin?!!?"
Why? "The boy who loved."
Why? "h"
Why? "Interesting."
Why? "HERMY?"
Why? "The next great legend???"
Why? "What a long name."
Why? "Before I sputter out."
Why? "This isn't right!"
Why? "Don't kill me, bro!"
Why? "M?"
Why? "I'm so ronery"
Why? "he's a rat"
Why? "A total killing machine!"
Why? "Contract?"
Why? "Ride in the river."
Why? "Dang, ain't he cute?"
Why? "Heart!"
Why? "this ain't Jimmy!"
Why? "Always my first love"
Why? "Hagger?"
Why? "Hermy?"
Why? "Cartman's hand."
Why? "Hey, where did everyone go?"
Why? "Oh no you didn't!"
Why? "ROBIN?"
Why? "whoa."
Why? "Quick, turn around!"
Why? "Germany got it right. He is still Spike!"
Why? "You send me, offended."
Why? "Confused"
Why? "kawaii"
Why? "So happy and funny!"
Why? "heo"
Why? "Yeah!"
Why? "MELVIN?!!!?"
Why? "My man Padraic!"
Why? "Lazlow?"
Why? "tc"
Why? "Why is he making a phone call?"
Why? "Hagrid?"
Why? "Voodoo, voodoo..."
Why? "Dang, I miss the little guy."
Why? "awesome sauce"
Why? "This monkey's gone to heaven"
Why? "Sometimes I wonder"
Why? "Doggy?"
Why? "WAH!"
Why? "Hagger?"
Why? "Twily?"
Why? "Holy hell!"
Why? "Kitty?"
Why? "He raised Phil and loves the ladies."
Why? "For all the wrong reasons"
Why? "arrogance"
Why? "I miss this little guy."
Why? "doo yoo"
Why? "Aw... poor guy."
Why? "I grew up with this guy in the early 90s."
Why? "My favorite member of the Beatles."
Why? "Oh, Henry!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
The Loud House
Why? "I don't have any sisters, but I can at least relate to Lincoln."
Why? "More evil than evil!"
Why? "Among my favorite book series; thank goodness it's a long-runner."
Why? "Brutal death metal."
Why? "Getting away!"
Why? "Waitlist"
Why? "I wish I could have a piece of chalk like Rudy's."
Why? "You crazy!"
Why? "This was my childhood in 24 hours."
Why? "Believe"
Why? "I wish they never cancelled this."
Why? "Back in the day"
Why? "It looks like Regular Show."
Why? "Give it a go"
Why? "Our little secret"
Why? "DHX!"
Why? "Japan is only a tribe."
Why? "Reminds me of Muppet Babies in a way"
Why? "When in Germany, Prince Zuko took up motorcycle riding."
Why? "My godfather worked on this one."
Why? "Back in the day"
Why? "WHO are these people?"
Why? "Too tempting!"
Why? "Welcome to the tribe."
Why? "Whoa."
Why? "Too good to last."
Why? "Rest in peace in reruns."
Why? "The animation looks really good for its time."
Why? "Which pony would YOU rather be?"
Why? "Thought it was"
Why? "ain't it funny"
Why? "Fresh"
Why? "Oh, how Klasky Csupo has fallen."
Why? "recycle"
Why? "Nick Jr in its finest hours."
Why? "Latin America"
Why? "Nam!"
Why? "Poor Kenny."
Why? "Crazy long name"
Why? "On second thought..."
Why? "I enjoyed hearing John Turturro as Dudley or whoever the actor's name was."
Why? "Frozen in time"
Why? "Surprisingly good"
Why? "I must find Emmanuel Curtil as Daggett before it's too late!"
Why? "How come they look weird?"
Why? "I wish"
Why? "The beginning of Steven Jay Blum"
Why? "Isn't it ironic?"
Why? "And then I'm happy for the rest of the day."
Why? "VHS"
Why? "Hey, where's Ben?!"
Why? "I thought it was funny when Cher guest starred."
Why? "I used to have plastic figures of the puppet children."
Why? "Never got a chance to see this, but the character design is... interesting"
Why? "Everyone's a little loony."
Why? "The gathering is ready."
Why? "OH YEAH"
Why? "secretly"
Why? "Got any Season 1 footage?"
Why? "Not BAD!!"
Why? "legal"
Why? "Omi stood there"
Why? "I know a secret."
#1 All Time Favorite
The Emperor's New Groove
Why? "POTION!"
Why? "and so it will be"
Why? "Thank you, Javier."
Why? "Reverse"
Why? "I have to praise you like I should."
Why? "HERMY??????"
Why? "More evil than Cher."
Why? "I'll wait for the DVD!"
Why? "We've all been lined-up"
Why? "I miss Angelica."
Why? "good luck!"
Why? "Dee-Dee?!"
Why? "Not bad... for an in-flight movie on American!"
Why? "Two headed dragon = pure awesomeness"
Why? "I'll igve him respect."
Why? "That theme song!"
Why? "Deleted."
Why? "F Yeah"
Why? "Heh, I remember renting this years ago."
Why? "I got this!"
Why? "The dream of a lifetime"
Why? "Suspicious..."
Why? "Moo moo!"
Why? "praise"
Why? "I wish Korn could score the remake."
Why? "Hey, I think I remember this!"
Why? "You go back to her"
Why? "Cowboy"
Why? "I lost it when Mim called Merlin a big blimp."
Why? "Take a second choice."
Why? "Welcome home"
Why? "Flying high"
Why? "Too confused to know the real fab four."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Unknown cracks me up."
Why? "Go back to your habitat."
Why? "yeah?"
Why? "ME?!"
Why? "Am I blind?"
Why? "Tom Keny was nowhere 2 be found"
Why? "Hey! Where's Jason Kreis when you need him?"
Why? "Son, Indon't wanna hear the nasty talk about the film."
Why? "Naughty."
Why? "Bob's brother."
Why? "There was a British dub?"
Why? "Whoa, total hair change!"
Why? "bad kitty"
Why? "A long long way"
Why? "Hold it, cowboy!"
Why? "Crazy talk!"
Why? "Not Tyler."
Why? "Cade mc Freaking Nown."
Why? "gone"
Why? "Then came Andrea Roatis (Hungary) and Karina Altamirano (Mexico) for Sissy."
Why? "He made the best instant rice."
Why? "Yeah, he's cute and stuff."
Why? "One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall
Why? "The gathering is ready."
Why? "To sir with love"
Why? "For my brother."
Why? "I thought this was "Faces of Death"!"
Why? "I remember when the fish announcer said "Retirement Home...""
Why? "Wow"
Why? "Really?"
Why? "It took mee seven years to beat this game."
Why? "I still have this after 17 years."
#1 All Time Favorite
Fractured Fairy Tales: The Phox, the Box, & the Lox
Why? "Ain't it funny how"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "evil boy genius"
#1 All Time Favorite