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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Rob Paulsen
Why? "Paulsen is one of those great nostalgic actors from my childhood and he does a great job at motivating people when watching his shows online"
Why? "while he is most well known as Batman, West has done a good job at playing other characters, though they are basically him playing himself"
Why? "For a man this old and still working, he is still amazing at doing his job and has one of the best VA legacies in my mind"
Why? "shes one of those voice actresses who's voice never changes and to be honest I wouldn't want it any other way with her amount of energy show"
Why? "he has a great energetic kind of voice or can slow down and be calm and collected and I respect that in voice actors"
Why? "he's hilariously over the top as Green Goblin and General Skarr and he does a fantastically hilarious job at these and other roles"
Why? "She is a fantastic replacement for Rosie O' Donnell for Terk and has done some other interesting voices"
Why? "I'll always know him as the voice of Number one and Number Two in KND but he also does a pretty good Venom and Eddie Brock"
Why? "She does a great job as rudolph and was very good in the care bears show and films"
Why? "West has one of those recognizable and great voices and I do agree with his views on celebrities voicing characters because its not as legit"
Why? "the absolute best person to play Porky in my opinion. Blanc set the role but its Bergen who perfected it, and he has also does a great Luke"
Why? "He always was one of my favorite voice actors in Digimon but he did a very funny Black Knight in Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed"
Why? "He has a simple voice but he does a great job at portraying his characters making them strong willed but also kind and emotional even"
Why? "While I do enjoy his performance as rock lee, I will always know and appreciate him for the role of Davis in Digimon Adventure 02"
Why? "His gravly kind of voice really works for comedic characters and jerks such as the Flying Dutchman or Captain K'nuckles and makes them great"
Why? "A fantastic character designer and helped give us some of the greatest animated shows ever made for comic and action fans"
Why? "I wish he would do more voice acting because he does have the right kind of sounding voice to do old characters or villainous gruff ones"
Why? "A fantastic vocal range and he does probably the best impression of Matthew Broderick I've ever heard"
Why? "The fact that he can do a jerky nasal voice (Crocker) or go incredibly high pitched and different sounding (Lazlo) is just amazing"
Why? "Adler has one of the most interesting and diverse voices in the community and that is really what makes him one of my favorites"
Why? "while not my favorite starscream or Cobra, he set the standard for each role and not to mention made them both hilarious"
Why? "Lee has one of the greatest and most powerful voices I've ever heard, I wish he would voice act more"
Why? "He's hands down one of my favorite actors ever and his voice is just great for voice acting. Mainly as the hacker in cyberchase"
Why? "she's a fantastic sweetie belle and I hope she gets more work in voice acting in the future"
Why? "Browns voice is so powerful and can be both a hysterical voice actor like Mr Krabs or he can be massively threatening like parallax"
Why? "She is fantastic as the Wasp and Jazz in DP and a great Sora in Digimon"
Why? "HE has a very interesting voice being able to go from a high pitched voice down to the lowest voice you can think of and that is awesome"
Why? "I never realized how big of a acting career she had and still has and she still does an amazing job when it comes to doing voicework now"
Why? "Probably 4Kids most memorable actor next To Maddie Blaustein and Jason Griffith. His voice makes characters like Yami so likable and great"
Why? "while I wish he had many more roles as of lately, I'm happy he is getting some good amounts of work plus he is fantastic as the Mad Thinker"
Why? "his low gravly kind of voice can help make his characters threatening and is hands down one of the best actors to play Bane"
Why? "While he he can get obnoxious sometimes, his humorous attitude and the way he can sound both threatening or hysterical is fantastic"
Why? "He does a great job as Kakashi sensei and Henry wong as well as a decent Reuben from Lilo and Stitch"
Why? "He does a fantastic Jiraiya and a great Puppetmon in Digimon as well as a fantastic Kabal in MK9"
Why? "ONe of Disneys best animated voice actors and does a fantastic job as Cogsworth, Jumba, and even a good Penguin"
Why? "His vocal range is just flat out amazing and makes him one of my absolute favorite voice actors ever because of that"
Why? "He has a interesting kind of voice for characters such as Demidevimon and impmon and he does play either good evil characters or nice ones"
Why? "A decent live action actor and a very funny voice actor. Hoss Delgado and Batman are some of his best roles in my mind along with Tank evans"
Why? "He has a very comedic, funny kind of voice that helps when playing goofy or over the top characters like in Dexters lab or in Duck Dodgers"
Why? "the best scooby and scrappy doo plus having some fantastic other voices in his arsenal of so many years in film and animation"
Why? "he can be totally unrecognizable with his voice or can sound demented and always know who he is. That is a talented actor for you"
Why? "He has a good assortment of voices from slow and menacing, to high pitched and hilarious and he does the best Stimpy and Marvin impressions"
Why? "Idle is great in both Monty Python and his animated appearances"
Why? "He's the main reason why James, Brock, and Seto Kaiba are some of my absolute favorite anime characters"
Why? "He was a great actor on screen, and a great actor behind the scenes on Spongebob R.I.P."
Why? "One of the best and one of the funniest Muppeteers of all time and also one of the best directors ever"
Why? "one of the oldest voice actors and one of the most versatile and thats why he still works now only a few more and he'll beat blanc in roles"
Why? "A fantastic actor when playing large and powerful characters, and does a fantastic Jeff Bridges impression"
Why? "He has a fantastic announcer type voice and does a great job at playing stereotypical or pardoyied superhero characters"
Why? "He plays menacing characters and emotional characters and he does a fantastic job at both"
Why? "He has such a great slow voice that makes for playing some very funny sounding characters"
Why? "A hilarious voice that helps immensely when playing any character he has played in the past"
Why? "Shadix is one of those sadly underrated of voice actors. He was a great actor on screen and he has a great voice for comedy in animated TV"
Why? "He does a great job at playing teenage hilarious characters such as Michelangelo and Beast Boy, but can be both serious and funny like chiro"
Why? "Delisle has a fun and interesting voice and can make a great mean character like mandyor a great nice and calm human with limits like Franki"
Why? "She does a fantastic job when she plays Starfire and Princess Bubblegum and has done several other great roles too in anime and other toons"
Why? "Shes extremely good at sounding unrecognizable and doing many different accents and tones and is just as talented as her husband in my mind"
Why? "Even in his old age, he is still fantastic at doing voices, especially villains with gravly sounding kind of voices to them"
Why? "While I love the other actors that have played sonic, White I think does the best, and while only mainly playing sonic he was decent in QfC"
Why? "Taylor may not have one of the best voices or even one of the most diverse but he does a great job at the characters hes given such as obi"
Why? "He is fantastic whenever he plays a villain such as Hades being my favorite Disney villain to Owlman in Justice League: Crisis on Two earths"
Why? "Griffith I will always know as Sonic, Shadow, and Jet and next to Jaleel White IMO he is the best sonic and hands down the best Shadow"
Why? "His voice is very suiting for teenage characters and some goofy characters and he does a good job at both. Personal favorite being max"
Why? "He's one of the earliest voice actors I ever heard growing up with Johnny Bravo and Powerpuff girls and he is still one of the funniest VA's"
Why? "Give him a villain role and he will be phenomenal. He is fantastically creepy as Scarecrow, good as the Leader, and fantastic as Ratchet"
Why? "sure his voice can be annoying at times but the main reason he's such a good voice actor is just because of how he portrays sheen"
Why? "A fantastic and definitve muppet performer that made some of the most memorable of muppet characters so memorable. R.I.P."
Why? "He has one of the most diverse ranges of voices I've heard before and the fact he can come up with so many voices for one show is just crazy"
Why? "He's one of the earliest actors I heard because of Disney and I still do enjoy his voice work even now"
Why? "He's somebody everyone grew up listening too as a kid and even after his death he still has a huge impact in pop culture and TV"
Why? "He has a fantastic variety of voices from low and powerful voices like Sentinel to energetic and high pitched voice such as XLR8"
Why? "Simmons has an interesting voice and he can do a incredible job at throwing his voice in any pitch"
Why? "While she does a great job as Ariel, she has done some other great performances, mainly Patsy and Ms. Doe in Camp Lazlo, and Barbie in TS2&3"
Why? "A fantastic looney tunes impersonator and a not bad replacement for David Doyle in Rugrats as Grandpa"
Why? "His sarcastic and snoody voice can make for funny characters, smart and conniving characters, or both"
Why? "His low and grouchy sounding voice just sounds hysterical but he can also make this silly sounding voice sound extremely threatening (joker)"
Why? "Kassir is a great voice actor whenever he has done stand in for Charlie Adler and even then he is incredible on his own cryptkeeper for one"
Why? "I remember him best as Mr. slate but his other voices such as on Scooby Doo are just hilarious"
Why? "Its still incredible that she is still going on with voice acting at 95 years old and she still is very funny and still incredible"
Why? "Wahlgren can have a sweet sympathetic voice or have a comedic or even a menacing voice and that makes her one of my favorite Voice actresses"
Why? "One of the most nostalgic voice actresses from my childhood and she still is fun to listen to and is a very funny person"
Why? "the suave voice he has can both be demanding and powerful, or can be calm and collected which helps with the characters he potrays"
Why? "While Bloo is hands down his most memorable performance, he has done some other great voices especially the red skull in the CA video game"
Why? "He has a fantastic singing voice and he is extremely evil and fantastic at portraying Oogie Boogie in Nightmare Before Christmas"
Why? "Conroy has both a threatening voice and a caring voice in his way he potrays batman and to me he is the best batman overall by personality"
Why? "A hiliarious actor on screen and an even funnier actor when voice acting"
Why? "His deep booming voice is one of the most iconic in the voice acting industry and he has made a name for himself with his awesome characters"
Why? "I will remember him best for his portrayal of Cyborg but he has done other good things like Hex, Aqualad, and especially Black Manta"
Why? "Nimoy has done great in both animation and live action and when he does voice acting he brings all his power and brilliance to the character"
Why? "This is just simple proof that a robot can play a fantastic villain like auto, just as good as any other human being"
Why? "Her voice for Meowth is one of my absolute favorite impressions and she makes any character she plays memorable. RIP"
Why? "Mako is both an entertaining actor on screen as well as in his voice work and is one hell of a powerful voice actor mainly shown in aku"
Why? "Mark HAmills energy and his massive assortment of voices is just incredible. and hands down his best performance is as the Joker and is best"
Why? "A fantastic actor on screen and when voicing 2 in 9"
Why? "He does a great job at portraying Shaggy in the live action movies and in the animated movies and shows"
Why? "He's best at doing orson Welles impressions but one of his best roles is hands down his Mr. Freeze and Father from KND"
Why? "One of THE most iconic voice actors, if not the most iconic. He has played some of the best Cartoon characters ever. R.I.P. Man of 1000"
Why? "He's had a fantastic career and hopefully will keep going in his career and making such fantastic voices in video game and TV"
Why? "a great actor on both ends of the acting spectrum, both behind the scenes and on screen"
Why? "A great on screen actor and a great actor behind the scenes"
Why? "She does a fantastic job as the new Cream the Rabbit and does a great job at making Lopmon so likable in Digimon Tamers"
Why? "A fantastic 4kids actor who does by far the best Dr. Robotnik/Eggman ever"
Why? "Shes great in any type of Digimon show and does a fantastic terriermon and Izzy"
Why? "Though not doing a huge amount of voice acting, he does a good job at the roles he has done and he is a good live action actor as well"
Why? "She has a good mother or even sarcastic kind of voice which helps when playing Drew Saturday or when playing the villain Shego"
Why? "North has an interesting and diverse voice career for someone who hasn't been acting that long and he does a very good job at it"
Why? "A great person to get voice acting info from and a very energetic and great voice actor and great at doing any impression you throw him"
Why? "He's great at any character that is in a fighting game and has a great voice for those kind of characters"
Why? "While he isn't my favorite voice actor, he is my favorite actor, and he has a fantastic voice and does every role so fantastically well"
Why? "His low voice is so comedic and funny and helps a lot when playing Joe Swanson that makes him so hilarious"
Why? "Reubens is hysterical and extremely energetic even now when he's 60 years old and he still can convey this energy and hilariy even now"
Why? "A nostalgic voice actor from childhood with a fantastic range, and is fantastic at making any role he plays memorable"
Why? "He is amazing when it comes to make deep booming and powerful voices and he is the definitive one that makes Optimus such a great character"
Why? "Macnicol has a high pitched and great voice for villains and goofy characters and does a fantastic job at it"
Why? "A great assortment of voices such as a great Samurai Jack, Alpha Trion, and of course a fantastic Green Lantern"
Why? "One of my personal favorites of the muppeteers. Its a shame he was one of the earliest to die and right after Jim"
Why? "Its always the robotic sounding voices that he does best. When they give him that effect, he has such a demanding and powerful voice to him"
Why? "his hilarious voice and his crazy amount of energy he provides for his characters makes about every one of his performances memorable"
Why? "He does hands down the best Thor in my opinion but where his voice acting shines is in his portrayal as Clayface. Just an incredible awesome"
Why? "This man has a brilliant range. Fantastic as the iconic villain freddy krueger and great as Dormammu and The Vulture even he riddlers okay"
Why? "He has a great range from Travis Touchdown to Mumm-ra and he does a great job at each of the different kind of roles"
Why? "A great actor in both a live action sense and a voice acting sense with a fantastic portrayal of the Mad Hatter and Chameleon in the SSSshow"
Why? "He does a great job at playing intellectual characters like Profesor membrane but where he shines is in his fantastic portrayal as Squidward"
Why? "An incredible deep voice for transformers and can do some other fantastic voices"
Why? "Can always be one of the most intimidating voices you can ever give a voice such as Slade, Bane, Hulk, Killer Croc, even Hellboy"
Why? "I love her voice and her sassy sounding quality to it. Plus she does a great bubbie and a great Lezah"
Why? "He has one of the best vocal ranges ever. From going to a high pitched and nasally voice or a low pitched and dramatic voice"
Why? "A fantastic actor when it comes to playing crazy characters and comedic high pitched villains even some threatening ones"
Why? "Of course Robin is his best role, but he has done great jobs like Bucky in the Avengers and Red Herring in Pup Named Scooby Doo"
Why? "He has a great assortment of voices and is very good when coming up with different tones and attitudes for different characters"
Why? "Blums voice acting range is massive and deserves his world record because his voice can't be matched and shows such ferocity or even care"
Why? "I don't usually like it when she plays regular ordinary characters, where her roles shine is when she does her villain voices which are cool"
Why? "She does a fantastic job at doing disney villain impressions like Maleficent and Cruella and she does a brilliant job"
Why? "shes probably one of the longest working voice actresses i've seen and a lot of her performances even as a child are great Rarity is a fave"
Why? "Strong does one hell of a wide assortment of voices from both genders. She's great as Timmy Turner and Ben 10 I also like Twilight Sparkle"
Why? "His voice works well for stupid and big brutish characters and thats what he's best at on screen and behind the screen"
Why? "Definitely one of the deepest voices i've ever heard in my life and fantastic at voice acting using this voice to his advantage"
Why? "He has either a very comical voice, or a very menacing and demonic voice, and he is also a very good singer and stage performer"
Why? "Tom kane is both a hysterical actor and does a fantastic job at narrating shows and even trailers and commercials and does a great job at it"
Why? "His voice acting skills are phenomenal and probably some of the best and most well known cartoons wouldn't be the same without his voice"
Why? "Tony Jay has probably one of the coolest and most powerful voices ever in any animated show or film. His best role overall is frollo"
Why? "though Todd has done little in terms of voice acting, everytime he has, the voice is just incredible, mainly the fallen in Transformers ROTF"
Why? "While I haven't seen him in very many anime, he does a fantastic Espio and Whirlwind and a great Ryu Hyabusa"
Why? "She has a fantastic range in terms of voice acting from sounding like a boy like Irwin to being a fantastic black canary in Young Justice"
Why? "The best mickey mouse in my opinion and one of Disney's best voice actors. R.I.P."
Why? "His neurotic and cowardly voice and nature in film really helps when voicing cartoon characters and making them hilarious like dojo or Jack"
Why? "Friedle may not have been too funny on boy meets world but the more his voice acting went the better he got from being serious to just funny"
Why? "He can amazingly go from high pitched and neurotic kind of voices to low and dumb voices and is still amazing at it"
Why? "His voice is not as diverse as say Dee Baker but he still can do good impressions and great original characters. Plus a great Ben Tennyson"
#1 All Time Favorite
Daffy Duck
Why? "Hands down my absolute favorite cartoon character. Daffy is just flat out hysterical and the amount of energy shown in his actions are crazy"
Why? "One of Bennetts most memorable performances. not to mention one of his funniest"
Why? "One of the characters that just defines Macdonalds comedic career in voice acting"
Why? "while not incredibly memorable in the first season and film, they developed her much better the further the series progressed"
Why? "Mako is an amazing voice actor, but his portrayal of Aku is both intimidating and hilarious. A great design and powers and great abilities"
Why? "Considering Alf is one of my favorite TV Shows it only figures the alien puppet would attribute to the hilarity of this show so well"
Why? "One of Kennys most memorable performances. His rude and sarcastic tone just make all the pain given to him hilarious"
Why? "Macdonald just made this character so hilarious and working off of Wally Wingert definitely helped make him hilarious"
Why? "While being a stereotypical robot in 3 of 5 tv shows and one film. in JL he is very complex and actually very interesting and threatening"
Why? "One of the biggest 4th wall breakers of all comic book characters and Winkler gives a fantastic performance for this character"
Why? "Steven blum gives arguably one of his best performances with this character and the character himself is very well written and is very cool"
Why? "Fantastically designed, and just absolutely insane and crazy with a very threatening voice"
Why? "The design in the Earth's Mightiest Heroes is cool and Wally Wingert makes this character both awesome and funny"
Why? "its strange when a opposite character is funnier than the original but such is the case when it comes to Anti-cosmo IMO"
Why? "One of the biggest and coolest designed super villains ever and is always given one of the most threatening voices ever given to a villain"
Why? "Ball does a great southern accent and the character is funny and likable"
Why? "Jessies arbok brought me so much joy as a kid and going back this snake still brings a smile to my face when seeing how comedic he is"
Why? "Who ever said that a computer can't play one of the best Pixar villains"
Why? "Bennett gives a great performance and I love this characters design and how he is the creator of the Omnitrix"
Why? "A tragic villain with a great personality and a very sad backstory and a great voice actress and a good replacement"
Why? "Bane may be one dimensional, but he still is threatening, powerful, has an interesting designs, and the voices hes been given are amazing"
Why? "I'd never heard of him til the new Avengers show but this is officially one of my fave Marvel villains due to Downes fantastic performance"
Why? "MY favorite superhero of all time and mainly due to how he's one of the few superheroes that kicks all ass and has no superpowers to boot"
Why? "The battle droids while changing personalities drastically when getting through films, are still all memorable and interesting and funny"
Why? "Cipes just made him hilarious and his powers were also really freaking cool and his design was cool too"
Why? "Both Lowenthal and Strong made him funny and likable and he is a very funny and memorable character done by CN"
Why? "Bender is one of the characters that makes futurama so funny just due to Dimaggios wise ass remarks and personality as bender"
Why? "Agumon is one of those things of nostalgia for me as with all of the early season 1, 2, and 3 digimon seasons and is a fun character to view"
Why? "He's one of the sweetest characters in Muppet history and TV history in general"
Why? "Ice is one of the coolest elements (no pun intended) IMO and bugs are also awesome, put the two together with Dee Baker= awesome alien"
Why? "one of Horvitz funniest performances ever and he is one of the funniest things about the whole show. And the show already is hilarious"
Why? "one of my favorite of the main digimon in the first and second series of digimon. I like her design, and her digivolutions are awesome"
Why? "One of the coolest of the DC villains. Not to mention the only really cool Aquaman villain"
Why? "A great batman villain with a threatening voice and a fantastic design"
Why? "He was threatening but was fantastically well developed and it was very emotional when he first died"
Why? "Blaze may have started out with a strange kind of attitude but the more they put her in games the more likable and interesting she became"
Why? "A simple design and name, but that all is made up for by Keith Fergusons amazing, energetic, and hyperactive performance"
Why? "His design is interesting and Willard does a hilarious job at portraying this character"
Why? "Its kind of hard not to like Bowser as a character. He can be funny, or threatening."
Why? "Burton gives a fantastic performance as Braniac and Braniac himself is one of the best Superman villains ever for the design and his intelct"
Why? "The funniest and my favorite of the main character Smurfs, especially with the voice Danny Goldman"
Why? "One of Dimaggios best villain performances ever. plus a great design and personality"
Why? "While not my absolute favorite of the looney tune characters, he's still very funny and very entertaining"
Why? "What can be said about Bulbasaur. He's cute but is both funny and intelligent and can even be an intimidating pokemon at times"
Why? "Out of all of the new characters and aliens created in the Clone Wars, Cad Bane is by far the most interesting of them and the coolest"
Why? "He's cute and he was pretty important to the plot not just for cute comedic relief"
Why? "One of Marvels greatest superheros and had one heck of an awesome live action film as well."
Why? "K'nuckles is the most entertaining character on Flapjack and mainly due to being a likable jerk and his portrayal by Brian Doyle Murray help"
Why? "Basically a more powerful and deadly version of Venom, thats what makes him so awesome"
Why? "The design for Centarumon is interesting and the voice is intimidating and his attack is flat out awesome"
Why? "One of the most intriguing of Spidermans enemies but also one of the most fascinating of villains having Stev Blum and Han Conried was great"
Why? "A fantastic design, chilling dialogue, and a one of the best voice actors ever. We got ourselves an amazing FF villain"
Why? "Though having no dialogue, Chaos still conveys a lot of emotions through mime very well"
Why? "While he is very annoying in Sonic Heroes, his voice got funnier and his antics and personality got funnier as well"
Why? "Keaton does one of his best villain performances here and Chick is one of the best parts of the whole film"
Why? "One of the coolest of Batman's antagonists with some fascinating backstories and given some great designs and fantastic voice actors"
Why? "Clockwork is one of the most interesting anti-heroes in danny phantom being father time and his powerful voice by Carradine helps immensely"
Why? "While not a huge fan of the Latta version, when Adler took over, Cobra became one hell of a threatening and badass villain."
Why? "One of Christopher Lee's best villain performances and one of Corey Burtons best stand in performances ever"
Why? "One of Disney's most memorable villains ever. Her voice is fantastic, her look is fun and also creepy, and her personality is just hilarious"
Why? "Good in Justice League Doom, and Fantastic in Teen Titans. Fantastically provided by Khary Parton, and in JLD provided by Bumper Robinson"
Why? "One of the only good things about the film Barnyard. Koechner did a surprisingly good job at making this character funny and creepy"
Why? "I never thought that Butch Hartman and co. could write such a creepy villain representation of Danny but they did it fantastically well"
Why? "Next to Braniac he is one of the best Superman villains and the voice of Michael Ironside is just awesome"
Why? "A threatening villain, but can also be hilariously over the top"
Why? "though I don't think he's the absolute best villain ever, even in star wars, he's still a great villain and his voice is also very well done"
Why? "One of the funniest and most badass characters I think Marvel has ever created"
Why? "One of the funniest characters from the nick villain roster and one of the funniest characters on Fairly Odd Parents"
Why? "One of the most frightening looking digimon ever plus with the chilling voice by Paul St. Peter, it makes him also one of the coolest"
Why? "I feel so much pity for him whenever he gets hurt, but I also laugh at it at the same time and Berman does a great job at portraying him"
Why? "Discord is one of the most interesting and sinister villains i've seen in a while and John De lancie helps make him so damn memorable"
Why? "One of my favorite characters in film. He's funny, smart but a little dumb, and fantastically portrayed by Christopher Lloyd. But Dans good"
Why? "Ahterton is phenomenally scary as Destiny and the design, vocal effect, and motives just make him all the scarier"
Why? "Dojo was hands down the most entertaining character on Xiaolin showdown and that is largely due to the comedic timing of Wayne knight"
Why? "I don't know what it is with ducks in animated shows, but thier always the most entertaining and fun characters and Donald is no different"
Why? "One of Dwight Schultz best performances and one of the best villains in the Ben 10 Rogues Gallery"
Why? "One of the first times I heard John Dimaggios voice and a very funny first impression too"
Why? "Billy west is one of the best things about Futurama and the way he potrays Zoidberg makes Zoidberg one of the funniest characters n futurama"
Why? "Hands down my favorite video game character. He was well developed, likable, emotional, and his death really hits me on an emotional scale"
Why? "He may not be incredibly developed in the Sonic universe but he is still interesting and a cool character"
Why? "One of the most badass characters introduced in the clone wars period"
Why? "one of the coolest and most mellow of all of the Sonic characters"
Why? "A female robot that can sure convey a lot with little dialogue"
Why? "Zurg doesn't do much for me in the movies but in the 2-D animated series and film is when I really started to like him due to how funny he's"
Why? "A very cool design, interesting powers and a voice provided by a voice acting legend, and now video gaming voice acting legend"
Why? "He has a douchey kind of personality but you know what? thats why we all love him"
Why? "One of Devalls best MLP performances. He gives him such elegance and makes him a very likable character"
Why? "Father is probably one of the most threatening villains in CN history and that is done well by Maurice Lamarche's fantastic performance"
Why? "It's a shame that these characters weren't that used in the films or TV shows"
Why? "One of the funniest ghosts ever put to animation, mainly due to the great writing and delivery given by Brian Doyle Murray"
Why? "A jerk in a great type of way provided fantastically by John Turturro and is one of the only good things about the whole film"
Why? "A interesting and cool design, and chilling performance by Michael Dorn"
Why? "Hunchback is a fantastic movie and one of the biggest reasons is how fantastic of a villain Frollo was and how amazingly he was portrayed"
Why? "One of my favorite of the main protagonists digimon. A interesting voice, cool design, and some great digivolutions"
Why? "She's likable, has a sad and emotional backstory, and also she is strong willed and a very nice character"
Why? "probably the most badass villain in history in my mind. Ever since I first saw him it was just ****ing awesome"
Why? "Shimmermans funniest and most memorable role"
Why? "One of my Top 5 favorite superheroes. A fantastic design, a creepy and threatening voice, and fantastic powers and a weapon"
Why? "Ghostfreak is my favorite of the ghosts on ben 10 being both a cool hero that Ben becomes and one threatening villain"
Why? "Chastain does a great job at making her likable and funny ans she is one of the best female main characters I've seen in a long time"
Why? "I think it's impossible to not find anything Gir says not hilarious or quotable"
Why? "My favorite of the main Muppets. His design is weird and Dave Goelz performance as the whatever is hilarious"
Why? "Neil Ross makes this character so good. He's both an extremely cool villain and well designed and is very menacing and hilarious"
Why? "One of Spidermans most iconic of enemies and its easy to see why he is, especially with all of the fantastic voice actors given to him"
Why? "A cool design, and one of the most interesting of superpowers for a villain"
Why? "Grim is what really made GaoBaM so damn awesome and so damn entertaining to watch just due to his personality and powers"
Why? "He's a simple and kind character that has gone through more animation changes and styles than I can count through the years"
Why? "My absolute favorite Disney villain and one of my top 10 favorite villains. James Woods does an amazing job and the design of him is awesome"
Why? "Hal is one of the most threatening villains I've ever seen and being only a computer is defintely saying something about it"
Why? "Its kind of hard not to like Harley Quinn as a character. Funny, has a fantastic design, and a fantastic voice provided by Arleen Sorkin"
Why? "one of the funniest if not the funniest TDI character."
Why? "while I have no care for Renner's portrayal in live action. It was the Earths mightiest heroes version that redeemed the character for me"
Why? "One of the funniest of the main digimon from series 2 of Digimon and one of Neil Kaplans best and most memorable performances"
Why? "Being the first alien shown in B10 its no wonder they would make him one of the most awesome And having the great voice of Steven blum helps"
Why? "One of Pixars greatest villains, even if Spacey can be kind of boring at times"
Why? "Imperfect cell was my favorite version of cell just due to the very creepy and incredible voice and the very cool and intimadating design"
Why? "He reminds me of Meowth in Pokemon mainly due to the voice and personality, and thats not a bad thing and impmon does get good development"
Why? "One of the FUNNIEST of Nickelodeons characters if not their funniest. Horvitz put his all in this performance and went all out and had fun"
Why? "While not my absolute favorite Superhero Iron man is still one fantastic superhero with a fantastic design and a great live action portrayal"
Why? "He has multiple different incarnations and each one is either threatening or goofy, but it works both ways"
Why? "Jack o Lantern is an interesting character being a comedian with a head missing but his personality and voice is what makes him so great"
Why? "Next to Dojo, Jack was the funniest character, just due to how smart, but also how stupid and cowardly he was"
Why? "The second funniest member of Team Rocket in my opinion (Number one being Meowth)"
Why? "a fantastic character for Brian to play. Very funny, but intimidating, and is a great sort of parody of commercial spokespeople."
Why? "She's one of the few animated girl characters that I really do enjoy just due to her funny personality, her ways at fighting, and her voice"
Why? "He has a very cool design, a somewhat annoying but cool voice, and a fantastic rival attitude toward sonic"
Why? "He's sympathetic but can also be evil and he is one of the best characters in Disney history"
Why? "The joker is hands down one of the best villains of all time. and While he isn;t my fave batman villain, he is just such a damn good villain"
Why? "My favorite performance by Lauren Tom. Not the young version but the older version. Her voice is practically unrecognizable and sounds great"
Why? "One of the best disney villains with one of Sterling Holloway's best performances and one of Jim Cummings best sound-alikes"
Why? "One of the best video game villains in history. a great design, a fantastic voice actor, and fantastic dialogue and motives"
Why? "I feel so sorry for him everytime he dies....but I still laugh anyway"
Why? "So pathetic but its so sad to see all the crap he goes through and almost never get anything for it."
Why? "One of the coolest of the Batman villains with one of the most interesting backstories, and some of the coolest designs and voice actors"
Why? "Klaus is one of those characters that realy wouldn't work without the fantastic voice of Dee Baker. His accent and personality are just fun"
Why? "A definite change of pace for Hamill after doing so many goofy or villain roles, but this is definitely not a bad thing with this fun robot"
Why? "Lugia is probably my second favorite legendary in the animated films. The power that is conveyed with this pokemon is just awesome"
Why? "He's one of Disney's best side characters and Orbach does a brilliant job at making him a great character"
Why? "M-O is one of the things that really made Wall-E a great film. Being pantomime like all the other characters and still be funny is great"
Why? "He's one of the reasons that made Fosters so fun to watch just how calm and collected, but also how manic Mac could get in the series"
Why? "Her design is interesting and comedically giving her the voice of Jim Broadbent was a brilliant choice on the creators part"
Why? "while she can get grating at times she is one of the funniest characters on the show and Hale made her funny"
Why? "One of the most interesting and most interestingly designed of the batman villains"
Why? "While he can be irritating how he lives through so many casualties, I still love this guy, mainly due to James Hongs fantastic performance"
Why? "He's hands down one of WB funniest animated characters and that is just due to how well his voice mismatches his small body and his dialogue"
Why? "He's a jerk and he's hands down the funniest character in the show next to meatwad"
Why? "small, interestingly designed, and a great performance by Kyla Rae makes Me-Mow a very interesting character, even if being in one episode"
Why? "Frank Welker never really did it for me at first but in Prime he was fantastic and made Megatron both threatening and likable"
Why? "Meowth is my favorite pokemon in the anime mainly due to just how damn entertaining he was. I didn't watch the show for Pikachu, for Meowth"
Why? "One of the funniest characters on Spongebob and he is one of the funniest characters in cartoon period. R.I.P. Ernest Borgenine"
Why? "One of the most threatening of the Sonic villains and my favorite sonic villain in my opinion"
Why? "A threatening villain, with a cool design, and one of the coolest voices in the first series of digimon"
Why? "Mewtwo is hands down my favorite legendary in Kanto and in the first pokemon movie he is the coolest legendary due to how powerful he is"
Why? "A memorable cartoon character from probably everyones childhood and still one of Disney's greatest achievments, if only they'd use him good"
Why? "A goofy character in surfs up that can be somewhat of a jerk but is very funny in design and voice"
Why? "While he has flip flopped through what seems like multiple different genders in terms of voices, he is a fun character"
Why? "One of the best villains in Canadian Animated history IMO. Oliver delivers one of his best performances ever, and he has a fantastic design"
Why? "Hands down, the funniest villain in the Powerpuff girls and definitely Roger Jacksons best cartoon performance"
Why? "The ONLY thing that was good about Thumbelina was this character, which is a shock since its Gilbert Gottfried"
Why? "One of the best of Batmans enemies with one of the most emotional backstories and one of the best designs and weaponry"
Why? "One of the funniest sidekicks in animation history and that is largely due to his personality and actions performed by Murphy and Moseley"
Why? "one of Robert Englunds best animated performances that is both creepy, and extremely well performed"
Why? "I love Mysterios design as well as having a very interesting backstory and assortment of effects"
Why? "Nergal is one of those characters that can be both hilarious or he can be a very threatening character."
Why? "The coolest of the villains in Yin Yang Yo! and while having a stereotypical evil design. The voice and his motives make up for this"
Why? "The original Robin, evolved into one of the most badass partners Batman has ever had"
Why? "Nocturne is hands down the coolest villain in the whole show its just a shame that he was only in one single episode"
Why? "She can be extremely funny, or can be extremely threatening. Plus the way she shares lines with Sparx is hilarious"
Why? "I knew no good would come from city folk and there flyin machines."
Why? "My favorite character next to Skeletor and Hordak in He-man. His voice is funny and his personality and design is very funny"
Why? "This is one of the coolest dragons in the game and that is mainly due to how well Martinet pulls off the voice"
Why? "Plant creatures always fascinated me and Palmon is no exception. She has a fun personality, a fun design, and a great voice"