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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
James Arnold Taylor
Why? "anime fan, sweet Christian man, AWESOME talent, & inspiring DEEP-pulling tenor voice"
Why? "One of the greatest Badass (Bass-) Baritone (TM) actors in all of Japan - Batou/SolidS./Kyoraku/Golgo/Ansem/Jinei/Blackbeard/Garon/Thaddeus"
Why? "RIP Sauron"
Why? "Willow Rosenberg, HIMYM, & really a nice person IRL & on social media. Totally adorable as well 0_0""
Why? "Rick freakin' Grimes!"
Why? "From 4Kids to the f***ing I enjoyed his work on Pokemon, YGO, Shaman King, Cubix, Kirby, & Sonic."
Why? "Dende, Misa-Misa, & I guess Haruhi & Konata as well. & Lucy from FT"
Why? "Such a low, booming awesome voice. Verrocchio, Zeus, Omega R, Bats/ Croc, Souther, Astaroth, Nightmare, Gihren, Netero, Yosaku, LIQUID, Arby"
Why? "Rock Lee, Davis/Daisuke Motomiya, & voice of Jetix! Enough said! So underrated imo."
Why? "Such a great young dad-esque voice. Tremendous range; love his Ryuk, Benny, various Megaman & Gundam, & more characters,Wolverine,"
Why? "Her voice is so soft & motherly. Great job as Jeri, Lain, Ryoko, & Namie. Like the dubbing Kath Soucie."
Why? "Future Tara Strong"
Why? "Eggman, Arthur Hellsing, Mercernary Tao, Gol D Roger, Jinpachi & Master Xenohart. A legendary VA that left a legacy of great characters."RIP"
Why? "Basically Conker IRL"
Why? "Among the greatest to ever dub anime. Lovely lyric baritone"
Why? "Japanese all that needs to be said. RIP."
Why? "Rock, Jellal, Yu, Ulqiorra, Hisoka, & Lucario. He's got a really great voice!"
Why? "Basically the Japanese Troy Baker (& his smaller counterparts XD). Jotaro, Shizuo, Erwin, Sanada, SInbad, Snow, AAA, Koizumi, Kuroh, Silver!"
Why? "Such an awesome rough, gravelly voice."
Why? "Scarecrow & Mary Bergman"
Why? "Blossom, Tsukasa, Kyubey, & Tracer. Adorable voice."
Why? "Great deep female voice"
Why? "Tuffy, & Pochama/Piplup"
Why? "steve blum sound alike"
Why? "Raye, Ukitake, Itachi, & Squall. Probably some US cartoons in there too"
Why? "RIP, Tenshinhan, Giovanni, & Starscream"
Why? "Sango, Kenny, & Soi Fon, as well as a really sexy voice, & very aesthetically pleasing face"
Why? "Gandalf & Magneto."
Why? "Beautiful voice of childhood. Pikachu would be enough, but she's also Togepi & other Poke's, Zatch Bell, Chopper, & Konohamaru. & Morgana!"
Why? "OMG his voice. Basically the Fred Tatasciore of New York. Zodd, Odion, Crocodile(#1US VA), Morgan, Oda, Proctor, Seyruun, Suberoa, & Magnum"
Why? "ROAR!"
Why? "Really underrated & overlooked."
Why? "Both anime & cartoons"
Why? "Ace."
Why? "Fantastically deep, loud, intimidating voice. Seriously could do with more anime if they budgeted the dubs"
Why? "Pretty cool, sexy Canadian voice."
Why? "Such a dark, spooky voice"
Why? "Fastest hedgehog ever!"
Why? "Such a sweet voice. FUNimation's own Kara Edwards."
Why? "Freakin' Saber (& Haruko, RVW, Celty, kagami, Saya, & Emma Frost). Also the fact in general that she does anime despite being A-list"
Why? "Dave Wittenberg is great, but this guy's sound as Kakashi is also very pleasant. Also Kars XD"
Why? "Several Kingdom Hearts & DISNEY dubs. RIP"
Why? "Such a cool, guttural voice. Great work as Mugen, Zolo, Masamune, Miles, Dian Wei, & Aragaki. Very Steven Blum-like"
Why? "A Japanese John DiMaggio XD"
Why? "Dr. Wily, Dedede, Aku Aku, Poseidon, Genma, & Myoga. Fantastic older man voice."
Why? "The Japanese Keith David IMO. Reacoom, Raoh, Alex Armstrong, Shenlong, SO many great voices. RIP"
Why? "Japanese Pain & Raiden"
Why? "Master Roshi. That is all."
Why? "Perhaps a Japanese Troy Baker?"
Why? "ryuji, Garterbelt, & Ishihara"
Why? "Duck, & Buu."
Why? "ancouver, Toronto, & LA"
Why? "Fantastic voice-match VA, nice lower range, definitely among the better actorss in anime for sure. Love his US stuff too WARGREYMON! XD"
Why? "Original voice of Astro Boy/the Mighty Atom."
Why? "RIP, Jake's Grandpa, & Genryusai Yamamoto"
Why? "Ichigo, Claire, Whis, Tidus, Barnaby, Marco, Maeda. Cool low tenor voice"
Why? "Braun from Steins Gate, & Hidan from Naruto...& George Lucas, lol"
Why? "Goku(Gohan, Goten, & Bardock), Guilmon, Merryweather, Kureha, & Tetsuro. Great she's still around & kicking"
Why? "Gustave Le Grand, James, Latios, Guy-sensei, Avdol, Clayface, Captain Bravo, Alastor, Wolverine, Hook. Great Travis-ish equivalent voice."
Why? "Upcoming VA. Great in Hellsing, Space Show, FF4 & Street Fighter."
Why? "Wow, Sabrina (& Her sister voices!) is absolutely gorgeous, too!"
Why? "Torpedo Girl, YT, Birdramon/Garudamon, Kamatari, Diaochan, Julia, & all around awesome contralto voice."
Why? "Great older guy voice."
Why? "Great actor from the 90's, getting much older :(... He will always hold a place in my heart as Frigimon."
Why? "Damn, she sounds like a real man. Props!"
Why? "Many an old Japanese lady, mrs. RockBell & Fairy Godmother. RIP (just in case)"
Why? "Sora, yagura, Zig, Kuon, Akito, & Sena Kobayakawa."
Why? "His jaws are awesome, & his voice just as much."
Why? "Awesome Japanese lb"
Why? "Pokemon. & Slayers."
Why? "Beautiful misses, & also a great pink PR. & Pat Martin & of course, a great Jill Valentine"
Why? "The John DiMaggio of dubbing circles! Love Franky, Ragna, Dio, Scorpion, Gamagori, & Sky High! many others"
Why? "Fantastic inventor (also Tigger & Dick Dastardly)"
Why? "Awesome American adult animator."
Why? "Underrated legend, as Deven Mack also said. He has a sizable amount of roles for someone that no one seems to know, unfortunately."
Why? "underrated - Gomamon!"
Why? "RIP, Dr. Mixer, Gravity Man, & Guru from DBZ"
Why? "RIP, Squidward"
Why? "Vegeta! & Captain Falcon!"
Why? "Pretty cool she's an American-Japanese seiyuu!"
Why? "Megatron."
Why? "Pretty cool light baritone voice, great work as Mustang, James/Kojiro, Assassin, Mikisugi, Pokedex, Charizard/Lizardon & many other Pokemon."
Why? "Nene, Rocky Brown, Jake the Dog/Fu Dog, Bao, Vilgax, Rocky Brown, Tim Lockwood, Frozone, & Sorbet, Inspector Chelmey"
Why? "Yosuke, Megaman X, Shikamaru, Tsukinami, Bartolomeo, Kyohei Takano, Okuninushi, Rex, Sharrkan, Kadaj, Kuzco, JAK, Otoishi, Ivar, Osmund."
Why? "Nappa! & Neo Cortex"
Why? "FUNi's own Mary Elizabeth...sounds a lot like Jennifer Hale."
Why? "Mugen, Spike, Kyohei, *TOM*, and especially Digimon, Amon, Orochimaru, Zeb, & Wolverine. Awesome gravelly voice - with plenty of range, too"
Why? "This guy is an absolute legend. RIP, Croc Hunter."
Why? "Such a bone-chilling depth, especially from a Japanese VA"
Why? "Eeyore, Shikishima, Count Cagliostro, Exdeath, RIP."
Why? "All that 4Kids! stuff, especially Pokemon & Bakura on YGO"
Why? "badass VA a la Clancy Brown"
Why? "Gamagoori, Lu Bu, Arthur, kurogane, Sajin, mr.1, Bwana, Brainiac, Tarkus. Patrick/Travis/Jamieson. Decent Nappa voice."
Why? "One of the greatest tenor VA's in Japan. Kanji, Tracey, Koro sensei, Archer, Haru, Sly Cooper, Domon Kasshu, Sonic the Werehog!"
Why? "RIP, Hikaru, Girl, Miu, Buneary, Meru, Misuzu, Violet, Soi Fon, Sumi, Amber, Kumiko Morita, Monia of Lupin III, Princess Pride, Aki, & Utena"
Why? "Fred, Darth, Pete, & Homer"
Why? "Very cool whispery voice...great Japanese VA of Leon, Sephiroth, Dante, Ryu"
Why? "Dutch, Deacon Frost, Han Solo, Lunge, Vincent from Bebop, George Joestar, King Regis from FFXV, Lockdown, Kevin of KH, Great old, deep voice"
Why? "Great older deep voice, nice Peter Cullen, great Pokemon narrator, Jet Black, Onix & others, & decent Gori replacement."
Why? "Raichu & early Luffy"
Why? "Frickin Ash Ketchum."
Why? "Dragon Ball, & Demegawa"
Why? "very Stand-up guy"
Why? "JP Hulk"
Why? "Israelian dubbing king."
Why? "Haman Khan, older Akane, & Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing."
Why? "He's got a great young, but pretty deep voice. I love Mumen Rider, Kyohei, Greed, Cap, Steeljaw, Ryoma, Fei Long, Trey, look forward to more"
Why? "The Japanese dramatic mezzo"
Why? "Awesome heroic dramatic tenor, fan of anime, speaks Japanese, & fantastic actor. One of the first VA's I learned of ("NAAAARUTOOOO!!" XD)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "...It's Charizard."
Why? "Laura sounds amazing here!"
Why? "Hey, it's me, Autovolt!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "This show is f***ing adorable, & also hilarious! The first show of its sort that I saw, as well"
Why? "Vaguely recall this show."
Why? "Interesting LA/Canadian show directed by Tom Wyner"
Why? "Jason Isaacs?"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "wittenberg!"
Why? "Interesting English cast!"
Why? "Randomly managed to find this looking through Tamio Oki's page, weirdly enough. After racking my brain trying recall vague memories, too."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "Beast union dub"
Why? "Union dub for this? Wow."
Why? "Interesting cast"