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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Liam O'Brien
Why? "My most favorite voice actor. I love his work in everything that I've heard him in. :)"
Why? "Loved her as Hilda Valentine in Shadow Hearts: From the New World. :3 I wanna hear more of her work."
Why? "Love him as Chad (Bleach), Ovan (.Hack) and The Count of Monte Cristo. I recoginze him instantly in things. Great voice actor. :)"
Why? "I love Lady Gaga in everything she's done. I would cast her in a project if I were doing one and she auditioned. :)"
Why? "Loved her as Lucia in Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Yukari Takeba, Rukia and more. She's epic."
Why? "I loved him as Ricardo in Shadow Hearts. I think, listening to him as Ricardo and Goku, he's got range. ;)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Lucia is my favorite character in SH:C. She's a dancing fortune teller, who's kind of flighty! What's not to love?! :D"
Why? "Was my original fave until Zafina stepped onto the scene. :)"
Why? "One of the only "new" X-Men I adore, along with Dust."
Why? "Another of my top 3 favorite X-Men characters. Danielle Moonstar has been a badass since her early NM days. I adore her. She's now depowered"
Why? "My most favorite of the newer X-Men students from the 00's era. She's so awesome and mysterious."
Why? "Emma Frost is a badass. Had she not turned good, I doubt I'd like her as much as I do now."
Why? "As a kid, he and Rogue were my top two faves, now, that's changed but I still love them."
Why? "Hilda's a top contender for my favorite SH character. She's spunky and hilarious. I love her!"
Why? "Jubilee is perhaps my top favorite X-Men character. As I've grown, she has, too. I love Jubes."
Why? "I despised Julia until TTT2 because I always liked Michelle and it always seemed like Julia was my defeat. I began to like her in TTT2 a lot"
Why? "Kokoro became my fave in the DOA series until Marie Rose came along."
Why? "Always a badass. ;)"
Why? "She was who I played with in the earlier DOA games. I loved her until Kokoro debuted."
Why? "Lili is epic. I liked her when she joined in Dark Res."
Why? "Always loved Ling, since her introduction in Tekken 3. :)"
Why? "She's my new fave DOA character. She's fun and fast and I love her clothes!"
Why? "Love Northstar as a whole deal. his powers are cool, he's a nifty homo role model. "
Why? "Betsy Braddock is so epic. One of my top 3 favorite X-Men characters."
Why? "Liam does the voice..... LOL! Rig's my fave male on DOA5."
Why? "Southern belle with a deadly power. Loved her since I was 5."
Why? "One of the best X-Men characters ever. Love that she's on the Uncanny X-Force team."
Why? "She seems so fragile. I really like her."
Why? "She's my top favorite Tekken character. She's so awesome. Love her fighting style, voice, outfit, etc."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
American Dad!
Why? "My TOP favorite cartoon show. SO hilarious."
Why? "Such a hilarious show. One of the best modern day cartoons."
Why? "It's so hilarious? Need I say more?"
Why? "Farscape is the best SCIFI tv series ever. :) Loved all seasons."
Why? "Was my introduction to X-Men when I was 5."
Why? "THE BEST X cartoon ever. The rest PALE in comparison."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
Why? "Probably my favorite in the series due to the graphic update, sound, soundtrack and updated battle system. Wish it were longer and such but"
Why? "The Shadow Hearts series is my favorite series of games in existence. ;)"
Why? "My intro to the series. Love it so very much. Like a perfect 10 on all counts!"
Why? "My intro to Tekken. "
Why? "LING's intro! :D"
Why? "Updated badassery. :3"
Why? "ZAFINA's intro! She's my favorite Tekken character. :)"
Why? "My most favorite Tekken game. I love being able to play with some of my lesser faves in a team with the ever-amazing ZAFINA! :D"
Why? "My top 3 reasons why I love this game: 1. JUBILEE is playable 2. Psylocke is playable 3. Emma Frost is playable. Makes it better than XML2."
Why? "Been an X Fan since I was like 5. ;) Love both X-Men Legends games."