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Project Title: Best Bro Squad
Auditions Deadline: Saturday, October, 13 2018 [ 11:59pm PST ]
Format: Visual
Category: Cartoon
Classification: Machinima
Franchise: Halo
Offering: None
Audio Format: mp3
Contact Details:
Status: Closed
Public Auditions: Yes [ Yes means the public is welcome to listen to auditions submitted to this project ]
Characters: 2 [ number of characters available for audition ]
Auditions Submitted: 12
Views: 617
Owner: edwardpossehl
Date Created: October 8 2018
Best Bro Squad is a fun, goofy, dumb humor, sci-fi Halo machinima show that will be premiering on the YouTube channel EarthCore Studios. The first look trailer is out here if you wanna see what you're auditioning for:

Looking for people who can get their lines into us in a timely manner and people who are fine with saying silly lines and just having fun, cause that's the reason we're doing this. To have some fun.




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Name: Luna
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Luna is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Imagine Kat from Victorious. She's had a rough go and distracts herself with the little things in life, like butterflies and shooting mercenaries who are hunting her friends. She co-leads "The Resistance" against the UNSC.
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Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"If you couldn't trust me, would I be able to do this? Lalalalalalalalalalala!"
Line 2:
"Well after the war, there were a lot of people who felt the UNSC screwed them like a missing screw on a rollercoaster that breaks the track and kills everyone."
Line 3:
"(More Serious Now) We ran into some crazy Elite activists who were against the UNSC. What was supposed to be a recon mission became a bloodbath. Our two other teammates were murdered and it was just Yang and I left. I got surprised by an Elite. Yang got the info we needed. The Elite offered me for the information..."

Member Auditions

on Oct 13 2018


Name: Spyke
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
One of the antagonists in the series. A merc hired by the UNSC to hunt our heroes. Give me your best deep voice. Your voice will be modified and made to sound hellish but I wanna hear your bad guy voice! You have a partner you're infatuated with named Rupture.
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Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"Your friend hurt someone very close to me... this isn't about money. Not anymore."
Line 2:
"Revenge isn't a stranger to ANYONE, Ryan. We both know that."
Line 3:
"We're an underground organization that captures the world's most wanted and keeps them captive until their ransom goes up even more. It's called making money."

Member Auditions

on Oct 9 2018


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