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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Terri Hawkes
Why? "love her!! Best voice actress ever!"
Why? "lovely voice!"
Why? "just loved her as Sakura! :)"
Why? "I believe the first playstation game I ever played was 'barbie super sports' and she voiced her. So that is quite special to me."
Why? "yay! Brock! :)"
Why? "wonderful singer. So sad how she died, same way my nanna did :("
Why? "superb as the bossy Luna!"
Why? "amazing!"
Why? "voiced Sailor Mercury perfectly!"
Why? "great in the Barbie movies!"
Why? "brilliant as Raye/Sailor Mars!! :D"
Why? "she has such a sweet sounding voice. I absolutely adore her as Barbie's voice. She is perfect for her."
Why? "so sad she died :("
Why? "brilliant as Tinkerbell"
Why? "brilliant as Queen Beryl!"
Why? "no one else can be Jessie and Misty but her!"
Why? "great as Artemis!"
Why? "brilliant as Sailor Venus/Mina!"
Why? "best sailor pluto voice!"
Why? "brilliant as Lita!"
Why? "great voice actress"
Why? "great as Darien and Tuxedo Mask!"
Why? "I liked her as Sailor Moon's voice. She wasn't too bad at all :)"
Why? "Forever part of my childhood. First anime I ever watched was Pokemon and the most happiest times of my life involved her voice as Ash"
Why? "great as Darien and Tuxedo Mask!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Sailor Moon / Usagi Tsukino
Why? "how can you not love her? She is so funny, sweet, loving and goofy!"
Why? "really liked him lol"
Why? "so cute! Bit full of himself, but still so funny and adorable!"
Why? "I adore her!"
Why? "just love Barbie!"
Why? "love her!!"
Why? "always my favourite PPG!"
Why? "so handsome! think he was my second crush as a kid after ash ketchum lol"
Why? "I adore cheerbear!"
Why? "adored him as a little girl! Played the crash games so much! I think he is great haha. A bit handsome too ;).I have a plush of him somewhere"
Why? "my favourite fairy in sleeping beauty!"
Why? "my fave smurf!"
Why? "so cute"
Why? "sooooo cutteeee"
Why? "sooooooooooooooooooooo cute"
Why? "gotta love her!"
Why? "I just adore K.I.T.T love his wise cracks!"
Why? "luna! love her!"
Why? "sooo cute!"
Why? "how can you not love him? he is so cute!"
Why? "my favourite Digimon character as a kid"
Why? "so funny!"
Why? "so cute"
Why? "just love her! so elegant, kind and beautiful!"
Why? "love him! so cute! I used to have a little toy of him when I was little"
Why? "so much like me! just love her!"
Why? "just adore him!"
Why? "MINE! MINE! MINE!! hehe :). So cute"
Why? "love her! she reminds me of my mum!"
Why? "love her"
Why? "so cute"
Why? "so cute"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Sailor Moon
Why? "favourite show on the planet!"
Why? "even though it is so cringe worthy to watch now this show was so great when I was a kid and helps children gain intelligence"
Why? "amazing show!"
Why? "absolutely awesome show!"
Why? "just my childhood and I will forever love it"
Why? "just love the smurfs!"
Why? "gotta love these girls!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Sailor Moon S: Hearts in Ice
Why? "wonderful movie!"
Why? "great movie :)"
Why? "such an amazing movie"
Why? "this movie is amazing"
Why? "ahhh this movie "
Why? "wonderful movie :D"
Why? "great movie with a fantastic moral"
Why? "lovely movie with great music"
Why? "great movie"
Why? "one of my faves as a kid. So funny and cute!!!!"
Why? "forever part of everyone's childhood!"
Why? "one of my favourites!"
Why? "never gets old :)"
Why? "loved this so much as a kid!"
Why? "loved this so much when I was younger :D"
Why? "very cute movie"
Why? "great movie"
Why? "dramatic and touching. I loved this so much!"
Why? "stilll touches my heart"
Why? "this movie..no words. Just amazing"
Why? "I listened to this story a lot when I was little on a LP :D"
Why? "best movie ever!"
Why? "My least favourite SM film, but it IS sailor moon..so who cares!:P"
Why? "really good film"
Why? "my favourite Disney Princess movie!!"
Why? "extremely beautiful movie. Romantic, powerful and makes your spirit soar"
Why? "amazing movie :)"
Why? "amazing movie"
Why? "man this movie made me cry so much. It is so touching, so sad...so much emotions in one film"
Why? "wonderful movie"
Why? "so cute, but so sad :("
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Sailor Moon
Why? "Terri is my favourite voice for Serena!"
Why? "so cute!"
Why? "love him!"
Why? "great character"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing
Why? "so much fun!"
Why? "This game rocks!"
Why? "lots of fun!"
Why? "so much fun!"
Why? "really fun game"
Why? "played this so much when I was younger!"