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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Why? "Has great range and has done an excellent job playing great characters."
Why? "The man who revolutionized motion capture."
Why? "The original and still the best Harley Quinn."
Why? "I enjoyed his work as various on Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho, and One Piece."
Why? "Chopper, Natsuki Shinohara, and Ennis."
Why? "Selim Bradley, Black Star, Migi etc."
Why? "Winry Rockbell, Vivi Nefertari, and Miria Harvent."
Why? "Love her vast body of work from Kids Next Door to Foster's Home to Mucha Lucha!!"
Why? "All his Nintendo characters aside, his range is incredible."
Why? "Doesn't matter if the show is good or bad, she's always a pleasure to listen to."
Why? "Just all the work he did for the Dragon Ball franchise, is enough of a reason to put him on my favorites list."
Why? "Lex Luthor, Ratzo, Captain Black, Mr. Krabs etc."
Why? "His Braniac is a highlight of the DCAU, and his voice-matching for Christopher Lee is great as well."
Why? "Can play a wide variety of characters and has a fair amount of vocal range."
Why? "Has an awesome sounding voice, and his mythology background helps him understand how to play his characters to the best of his abilities."
Why? "Chi-Chi, Mrs. Brief, Bellemere, and a bunch of other mothers/mother figures. But my favorite role of hers is Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho."
Why? "The King of Games himself."
Why? "While he is mostly known for doing animal/creature noises, my favorite role of his is Numbuh 4 from Codename: Kids Next Door."
Why? "Kaoru Kamiya and Meryl Stryfe."
Why? "He's great at playing creeps, pretty-boys, and creepy pretty-boys."
Why? "A voice acting legend. All my praise still wouldn't do him justice."
Why? "Hulk, Kakuzu, Magnus, and Poseidon. Also great at voice-matching celebrities."
Why? "Easily the voice actress I heard the most as a kid. Amazingly talented woman."
Why? "Nia, Ace, Starfire, Blackfire, and Viridi."
Why? "Dandy, Brook, Whis, and Dallas Geonard."
Why? "She's great at playing sexy, sassy characters."
Why? "Rider, Lordgenome, and a bunch of other awesomely deep voiced characters."
Why? "I have no words to describe how talented this man is."
Why? "Electra Ovilo, Killer Frost, Zatanna, Numbuh 86 etc."
Why? "From Kids WB to Disney VO, this man was one of the voices of my childhood."
Why? "The Scottsman. No other reason needed."
Why? "His portrayal of Lelouch from Code Geass(my fave character EVAR) is beyond perfect, and he's also Vash and Kaneda."
Why? "Cordelia, Selena, Milly Ashford etc."
Why? "June Foray is not the female Mel Blanc. Mel Blanc was the male June Foray."
Why? "Yusuke Urameshi. That is all."
Why? "She's underused, and her work on the DB franchise is great."
Why? "She's bilingual and has a sexy awesome voice."
Why? "Her range is incredible and her characters are super memorable."
Why? "CC and the original English Saber."
Why? "Every mom in every cartoon ever."
Why? "Father, George Saotome, Kuro, Chu, Dr. Gero etc."
Why? "He has great range, but let's be honest he's best known as every deep voice in every cartoon ever."
Why? "Saito Hajime, Jin, Kisame Hoshigaki, and a bunch of other sword characters."
Why? "Kamina, Gohan and the narrator of DRAGON BALL Z!!"
Why? "One of the best VA's in video games."
Why? "Has played quite a variety of characters, and excels in all different types of ways."
Why? "Numbuh 3, Gizmo, Jinx etc."
Why? "Minatsuki "Hummingbird" Takami, Blair, Coby etc."
Why? "Nami, Ochaco, Recovery Girl etc."
Why? "She can be motherly like with Trisha Elric, and her Boa Hancock is drop dead sexy."
Why? "Hawkgirl."
Why? "Luke Skywalker, The Joker, Solomon Grundy, The Trickster, Fire Lord Ozai, and more."
Why? "Great voice actor and director."
Why? "Has nabbed quite a few popular roles recently, and has excelled in all of them."
Why? "Father, The Brain, Big Bob Pataki, and many other great roles."
Why? "Love her young boy voices from Alphonse to Dende, and whatever Crona was."
Why? "Has an extremely beautiful voice, and was on my 2 favorite childhood shows, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!"
Why? "Great at voicing young boys."
Why? "The voice of all the looney tunes and more. That's all folks!"
Why? "Maria Ross, Atsuko Urameshi, Android 18, and Launch."
Why? "Yoko Littner, Fujiko Mine, Euphemia li Brittania etc."
Why? "Has great range, and an overall wonderful persona."
Why? "All the work he did on Young Justice is enough to put him on my list."
Why? "Margaine Le Fey, Star Sapphire, Black Widow etc."
Why? "A very manly man."
Why? "Has amazing range, and voiced a bunch of characters from my childhood."
Why? "Axel, Kon, Iruka and more."
Why? "A voiceover and comedic genius."
Why? "One of if not the best Funimation voice actors at playing villains."
Why? "He's an underrated VA imo and does a great job of playing underrated characters. I also met him at a con and he was a super nice person."
Why? "Hinata and Tharja. Nuff said."
Why? "The sexiest voice in the south. Love her work as Nico Robin, Nico Olvia, Olivier Mira Armstrong, and Arachne."
Why? "He's voiced a bunch of great characters, and has a range that knows no bounds."
Why? "The best Wonder Woman, and her Viper is pretty great too."
Why? "Roberta. Nuff said."
Why? "Her range alone is enough to put her as one of my favorites."
Why? "SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Awesome at playing villains among other things. Shame he retired so early."
Why? "Roy Mustang, Portgas D. Ace, and Laura Bailey's husband."
Why? "Grandma 'Pookie' Gertrude and Dot Warner."
Why? "Lan Fan, Kyoka Jiro, and several One Piece characters."
Why? "Oldseph, Zabuza, and a bunch of Pokemon."
Why? "Irwin, Black Canary and many more roles."
Why? "Edward Elric the Full Metal Alchemist. Need I say more?"
Why? "From sexy femme fatales to young boys, she's got it all. A voice-over legend."
Why? "Suzaku Kururugi, Spider-Man, and every orphan ever."
#1 All Time Favorite
Lelouch Lamperouge / Lelouch vi Britannia / Zero
Why? "He's a super complex genius, yet he's really relatable. I could go on but that would take forever."
Why? "He is the perfect balance between hilarious and terrifying. RIP Mako Iwamatsu."
Why? "I'm mostly going with DCAU batman, because it is the best balance of all the best things about the character. Dark complex, yet caring."
Why? "An extremely menacing and badass, yet still complex villain."
Why? "This kid has been through hell but the way he overcomes his obstacles is extremely admirable."
Why? "A not-so-smooth outlaw with the right to dream."
Why? "Better than the first one and has solid development."
Why? "The best example of tough secondary main character in shonen anime. Dragon of the Darkness Flame!!!!"
Why? "One half of the genius comedic duo of the show."
Why? "Just who the hell do you think he is???????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "The other half of the show's comedic genius."
Why? "Gangsta samurai voiced by Steve Blum."
Why? "One of the most badass priests ever."
Why? "Had the best evil to good transition in the franchise, and is over all a very well rounded character."
Why? "A badass with a rough past and an interesting outlook on life."
Why? "A badass samurai voiced by Phil LaMarr. Has journey throughout the show really makes you get attached to him."
Why? "Complex and intriguing doesn't even begin to describe him."
Why? "Best anime villain hands down."
Why? "A cool guy on the surface, who's lost in his heart, and just going with the flow."
Why? "A great villain, but an even more complex character, and foil to Yusuke. His fate is truly tragic."
Why? "While not the best father his whole life is mostly a Shakespearean tragedy with a bittersweet ending."
Why? "One of the most influential shonen protagonists ever. His development and growth is truly spectacular."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Why? "The storyline is extremely intriguing, the character development is fantastic, and the music is excellent."
Why? "This show does an amazing job with its execution of its themes and premise, among many other things."
Why? "Tarantino-esque mob science-fantasy. Just as good as it sounds."
Why? "Despite the horrible concept, the story is amazing, as is the character development, action and humor."
Why? "The definitive version of the Dark Knight."
Why? "Disturbingly awesome crime thriller, with great characters, and amazing action scenes."
Why? "One of the best things about this OVA is Rock's brilliantly executed character development."
Why? "The second season of black lagoon feels more personal than the first, and overall it's just as good if not better."
Why? "While not as good as the first season, it still has some of the best moments in the series, and the ending is the best ever."
Why? "An extremely fun, and creative show."
Why? "One of the most unique anime, it should be a genre on its own."
Why? "Dark, complex, and the best possible show that it dares to be."
Why? "While not perfect this show is emotional, funny, disturbing, and overall great."
Why? "Classic shonen series."
Why? "The definitive version of Z."
Why? "Damn near perfect visuals, amazing action sequences, and great character development."
Why? "Better than og fma anime."
Why? "An overlooked gem that is a nice throwback to older Japanese pop culture."
Why? "A good start to both billy and mandy and evil con carne although ultimately the former was much better."
Why? "An awesome cheesy and inspirational mecha show."
Why? "Very disturbing yet fun take on the occult action genre."
Why? "The greatest Nicktoon of all time."
Why? "A fantastic show in the style of the TV drama, that shows the payoff of the DCAU."
Why? "Even better than it's predecessor, has great consequnces, and absolute brilliant storytelling."
Why? "This show was ahead of its time, unfortunately short-lived, action packed and hilarious."
Why? "A superhero shonen show that greatly celebrates the tropes of both genres."
Why? "One of the best shonen series out there."
Why? "Joss Whedon's Firefly but better."
Why? "Great shonen series despite all the filler."
Why? "Samurai and hip hop: what more could you want?"
Why? "My favorite western cartoon. It's funny, action packed, emotional, and sometimes creepy/strange."
Why? "An underrated sci-fi thriller, with great action, characters, and voice acting."
Why? "Best non canon star wars media imo."
Why? "One of my favorite childhood cartoons."
Why? "Best version of the man of steel."
Why? "A very well done show, with an old anime and John Hughes vibe."
Why? "An awesome thriller anime. Shinichiro Watanabe is a genius!!"
Why? "A hilarious show, with amazing social satire that's still relevant to today."
Why? "Extremely hilarious, creative, and SAVAGE."
Why? "One of the best incarnations of spiderman."
Why? "While it does have a lot of cliches, its execution of them makes up for it and gives us one of the best recent takes on superheroes."
Why? "Fun weird western show with amazing action, comedy, and drama."
Why? "Makes great use of it's philosophical, religious, and mythological elements. Not to mention Yoko Kanno does the soundtrack."
Why? "A great X-Men adaptation."
Why? "An amazing superhero show cancelled before it's time."
Why? "An emotional series with great characters, and an awesome soundtrack."
Why? "This is hands down the best shonen anime ever created. The fights, characters, and emotional moments are all amazing."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "My favorite animated film ever. It has great characters and philosophical themes, awesome action, and disturbingly amazing imagery."
Why? "While it's essentially an extended episode of the show it's still fantastic."
Why? "Quite possibly Pixar's most complex movie yet."
Why? "Better than the first one in every single way."
Why? "A very influential animated movie that has a great balance of comedy and drama."
Why? "Just as good as the first one."
Why? "Alice in Wonderland on drugs. Captures the sense of childlike wonder so well."
Why? "A very well animated, fun movie, with a great story, character development, and themes of family."
Why? "Disney Animation at its best."
Why? "Pixar's take on the superher genre, is just as awesome as it sounds."
Why? "Funny, dramatic, and beautifully animated, the lion king is one of the best disney movies of all time."
Why? "An animated classic. Just as good as now as it was 20 years ago."
Why? "A sequel that surpasses the original."
Why? "A perfect ending to an amazing series."
Why? "Tearjerking, funny, and capturing a feeling of what it truly means to be human, Up is by far Pixar's best movie."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
Why? "It's the best Smash game, has the best controls roster, and gameplay. Settle it in Smash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "The most influential action cartoon block, that was one of the major factors in bringing anime to the west. Only Toonami."