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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Austin Tindle
Why? "Brings out the best in his roles whether be comedic or serious"
Why? "AJ is one talented newcomer and is just brilliant as Lotor in Legendary Defender"
Why? "Alessandro is just brilliant as L in Death Note"
Why? "One of Funimation talented VA'S he the Dallas Crispin Freeman"
Why? "She rocks in Keijo"
Why? "Andy Serkis is one talented actor and a genius of Motion Capture Performance"
Why? "She cute and I like the characters she voice"
Why? "Good at what he does and is the Houston JYB"
Why? "Brilliant as Ryuk"
Why? "Another new VA with a bright future ahead of her"
Why? "The mastermind of the DCUA"
Why? "Great young actress who my age and has a bright future ahead of her"
Why? "Carl is one talented actor is just brilliant as Martian Manhunter"
Why? "Much respect for Mr. Barnes and his connection to Spider-Man over the years"
Why? "Talented actor with a cool smooth and deep voice with alot of great characters"
Why? "Dan such a talent and is brilliant as Yugi"
Why? "Hands down one of my favorite Comedians he just so talented and very funny"
Why? "David is one talented and versatile voice actor in LA and Vancouver"
Why? "A well respected and versatile voice actor"
Why? "Great new voice actress who got a killer range and rock it as the new Major Kusanagi"
Why? "Eric is one talented and versatile voice actor from Foop to Tiger Claw he got an impressive range"
Why? "One of my favorite voice actress from New York she really talented"
Why? "Talented voice actress who rules as Chie and Nazz"
Why? "Respected VA and ADR director Felecia one talented lady"
Why? "A Very respected and talented voice actor with extraordinary range"
Why? "Such a talented and versatile voice actor"
Why? "The Genius behind Samurai Jack"
Why? "Giles is one talented actor from Vancouver and was brilliant as Keith in Voltron Force"
Why? "Love his range in characters like Yato, Izaya, Saiki, Kyoshi, and Levi talented Seiyuu"
Why? "Hugh such a talented and versatile actor and is just brilliant as Wolverine"
Why? "Talented actor who just brilliant as Emperor Palatine"
Why? "Jad is one talented voice actress with a interesting variety of characters"
Why? "James is one versatile talent from Ratchet to Obi-Wan he brilliant"
Why? "James is such a talent and is just brilliant as Black Panther"
Why? "He the voice of Mufasa and Darth Vader Mr. Jones is such a talent"
Why? "My favorite New York VA and to me will always be the voice of Sonic"
Why? "Talented actor who great in his roles"
Why? "John is such a talent great range from Joker, Scotsman, and Bender"
Why? "An awesome voice actor and talented musician JYB a boss"
Why? "Talented and Respected voice actress who brings out the best in her roles"
Why? "Talented actor with a cool voice"
Why? "Keith is one versatile voice actor from Bloo to Mr. Sinister yeah he that good"
Why? "Talented VA with a cool and smooth voice"
Why? "Kevin is a Legend and will always be the voice of Batman"
Why? "Talented VA who i respect and who has an incredible range"
Why? "Khary is one talented actor brilliant as Cyborg, Aqualad, and King Ezekiel"
Why? "Respected voice actress with a great range in characters"
Why? "Luci is one talented voice actress in the Houston and Dallas area and brings out the best in her roles"
Why? "Talented voice actress with a calm and soothing voice"
Why? "Really talented newcomer with a lovely voice"
Why? "Marc is one talented voice actor who always brings the best in his roles"
Why? "Marc is one versatile talent from New Talent Pool"
Why? "Great at voicing tough and confident characters Martha one talented VA"
Why? "Respect to Matt he awesome as Ed and Kira"
Why? "One of my favorite new voice actors and man has he have a good year much respect"
Why? "Cool voice actress from the Houston talent pool who nails her performance as Akame"
Why? "Respect goes out to Morgan she was truly a breakout in 2015 and she just getting started"
Why? "Great actress with a strong and lovely voice"
Why? "A very talented seiyuu with cool roles and its the Japanese Austin tindle"
Why? "The true and Definitive Voice of Optimus Prime"
Why? "Phil Lamarr is one top notch voice actor with a hell of a vocal range"
Why? "Sam such a talent from his roles like Edd to Athrun Zala"
Why? "He definitely one of the coolest and talented actors"
Why? "He great in Bakugan"
Why? "One of Vancouver most talented and versatile voice actor"
Why? "Well respected voice actress and ADR director"
Why? "Susan such a talented actress and his just perfect as the voice of Wonder Woman"
Why? "Tim is such a talented actor and to me is the voice of Superman"
Why? "Mr. Hardy is one talented and Versatile Actor"
Why? "Tom is one talented voice actor with a great range of roles from Starscream, Raimundo, and SpongeBob"
Why? "Wendee is one talented and respected voice actress with a great range of characters"
Why? "Talented actor with a lot of cool roles"
#1 All Time Favorite
Izaya Orihara
Why? "Cool, calm, and collected Izaya is awesome and makes the show"
Why? "Hands down my favorite Star Wars character I just love the character arc over the course of the 6 original films which makes him the chosen"
Why? "This dude rocks he strong, noble, wise, and a badass"
Why? "The best and most powerful DBZ Villain"
Why? "My favorite Digimon leader I just really like his growth"
Why? "My favorite turtle he just cool and really smart"
Why? "The most likeable and funniest of the Ed's he definitely was the heart of the show"
Why? "An Iconic Gundam Protagonist badass who had many layers to him"
Why? "What not to love about Hei the dude Chinese Batman"
Why? "Definitely the coolest, smartest and honorable Shonen Protagonist"
Why? "She fun, playful, and sexy and my favorite character from the show"
Why? "Cool, Sarcastic, Smart, and a badass Karma a boss"
Why? "Really likeable character who you just want to root for"
Why? "A well written character and a great rival who suffers from an unfortunate fate"
Why? "A brilliant and strategic anti-hero with a lot of depth to his character"
Why? "The most cunning and strategic anti-hero with a tragic fate"
Why? "Sweet and funny character who made me Cry after she died"
Why? "Hands down one of my favorite DC Comics Character"
Why? "Odd was always my favorite character he funny and energetic the heart of the show"
Why? "Great character who also waifu"
Why? "A well written protagonist who Cool, Badass, and has many layers to him"
Why? "One the coolest and badass character in Mortal Kombat"
Why? "My favorite Pokemon lead female she kind, caring, smart and got to love the Amourshipping"
Why? "Sexy and smart plus you got to love her relationship with Yayoi"
Why? "Smart and tactical character who you root for towards the second of the series Makashima definitely one of my favorite anime villains"
Why? "Nagoto was always an interesting character to me especially whe you come to realize her actual role and it Genius"
Why? "Coolest Yugioh protagonist ever"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Death Note
Why? "Great writing, intriguing characters, beautiful animation, and a tragic ending"
Why? "Great emotional series with a tearjerking ending"
Why? "An awesom show that funny, action packed, and with a lot of heart"
Why? "Truly outstanding series in the early 2000s with great writing, animation, and amazing voice cast"
Why? "Truly Outstanding and Revolutionizing DC Animated Series of Batman"
Why? "A show that got me thru high school and my favorite ongoing Shonen series"
Why? "Nostalgia show with a good mesh of animation styles"
Why? "Great show with a badass protagonist"
Why? "One of my favorite of 2015 animes great show with a lot depth to it"
Why? "The most action packed Digimon series with a great dub"
Why? "Classic Anime series and one of my gateway Animes"
Why? "My childhood nostalgia"
Why? "It a very well written show"
Why? "Great story and characters GL TAS was awesome"
Why? "Sweet show that was the first anime to madr me Cry"
Why? "Looney Tunes characters as Superheroes what not to love"
Why? "My favorite of the Gundam series with its characters and a great dub cast"
Why? "Classic series and was the first Ocean dub of Gundam with a great cast"
Why? "Hands Down my favorite season of Power Rangers and a great conclusion to the Zordon era"
Why? "My second favorite season of Power Rangers it's got a cool Mad Max and Terminator feel to it"
Why? "Really smart and cool show also With a dope premise"
Why? "Truly groundbreaking series of the early 2000s with splendid storytelling"
Why? "Now this was one throwback WB series man did I love Smallville"
Why? "Hands down the best Sonic series and great performances by the 4kids New York cast"
Why? "Such a groundbreaking show with great writing, acting, awesome animation, and a powerful message behind it all"
Why? "Really cool and nostalgia Spider-Man animated series"
Why? "Great writing, splendid voice acting, cool animation, and kickass action Clone Wars Rules"
Why? "Cool show with a likeable and relatable lead and that tackle very human and social issues"
Why? "The best iteration and Representation of Superman a true classic series"
Why? "Fun action adevnture show with cool characters"
Why? "Superheroes in Anime what not to love"
Why? "The best written Transformers series with a great ensemble cast"
Why? "Classic 90s Marvel animated series with a n awesome theme song"
Why? "Throwback show from the Kids WB days with a cool premise and enjoyable characters"
Why? "Hands down one of my favorite DC aniamtion series it just that good"
Why? "My favorite iteration of Yugioh it dark and it has well written characters"
Why? "Really cool show with a cool protagonist maybe it had a wtf ending but I like the premise of the show"
#1 All Time Favorite
Princess Mononoke
Why? "My favorite Miyazaki film great animation, cool characters, and a powerful message"
Why? "Cult classic Disney film with it great animation, amazing cast, good story, and awesome songs"
Why? "Great and really good adaption of Grant Morrison book and greatly adapted by the late Dwayne McDuffie"
Why? "Good film and telling of Red Hood origin with a powerful by Jensen ackles as the fallen hero"
Why? "Great Disney animated flick with good characters and superheroes tha rock"
Why? "Total nostalgia of my Digimon memories"
Why? "My favorite DBZ Movie with a badass Villain"
Why? "Great animated Marvel film with the Hulk vs Thor and Wolverine in epic way"
Why? "Love tye concept of the story and how they brought back Bruce Timm art style"
Why? "Great film with awesome storytelling and splendid animation"
Why? "One of my favorite Disney animated films it has a good story, lovely music, and a strong and beautiful female lead"
Why? "One of my favorite films from 2013 directed by Guilmero Del Toro"
Why? "Shrek 2 is hands down my favorite film in the franchise with it writing, humor, and heart"
Why? "Cult classic film I mean Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes characters playing basketball what not to love"
Why? "Hands down the best Star Wars film I mean it important to the over all story of the lore plus it gave birth to Darth Vader"
Why? "Probably the best iteration of Tarzan Classic Disney film with an enjoyable soundtrack by Phil Collins"
Why? "Awesome Teen Titans animated film down to the writing and Voice acting and their telling of the Judas Contract storyline"
Why? "Great film with a keep you guessing mystery and great conclusion of the original Haruhi series"
Why? "Hands down the best live action Hulk with a great cast especially Edward Norton as Bruce Banner"
Why? "One of my favorite Pixar films down to the animation, action, premise, and acting"
Why? "Great film and retelling of the Arrietty story with fun characters, enjoyable music and great animation"
Why? "Classic Transformers film with it great story, animation, and cast"
Why? "3 awesome Yugioh protagonists in one awesome movie what not to love"
Why? "Great Conclusion film to the Original series and great seeing these characters again"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Robin / Dick Grayson
Why? "Alot of great actors as my favorite Robin"
Why? "Great voice compare of Keith and the takes each actor did"
Why? "A lot of good voice talent for Spidey"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Why? "Cool game with a good story and fight mechanics and awesome roster"
Why? "My favorite Marvel video game got a impressive cast, great roster, and pretty telling of the Civil War storyline"
Why? "One of the coolest crossover games with an impressive roster"
Why? "The Darkest and Coolest Sonic game Ever"
Why? "Dope game with 4 different iterations of Spidey and 4 actors who voiced in their series"
Why? "Hands down my favorite Star Fox game down to it story, mission, and voice acting plus an enjoyable multi player"
#1 All Time Favorite
DC Showcase: Superman / Shazam! The Return Of Black Adam
Why? "Fun and cool DC short with a really good origin story of Captain Marvel"
Why? "Enjoyable short with interesting animation and a good dub"
#1 All Time Favorite
Star Tours: The Adventures Continue
Why? "Fun and adventurous 3D Star wars ride"
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Why? "Ah good old Kids WB they know how to make an awesome Saturday morning promos"
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Mobile Suit Gundam
    Why? "The gundam franchise showed how to have awesome Mech shows"
      #1 All Time Favorite
      Voice Director
      Why? "This woman a legend and bring out the best performances from her actors"
      Why? "Knows how to bring out the best performances of his actors in his shows"
      Why? "Creator of Samurai Jack Gennedy is one brilliant man"
      Why? "Jerry quickly became one of my favorite Funimation voice actors with his work in Index / Railgun, Seraph of the end, and D-Frag"
      Why? "Great director of the Sci-fi animes"