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Project Title: The Death and Life of Great American Cities
Auditions Deadline: Thursday, July, 12 2018 [ 11:59pm PST ]
Format: Audio
Category: Narration
Classification: Original (non-licensed)
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Audio Format: mp3
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Owner: abigailgcook
Date Created: July 9 2018
I would like a narration of "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" by Jane Jacobs (1961) to be recorded in under (or as close to) one minute.

Here is the script:

"Cities are an immense laboratory of trial and error, failure and
success. If it appears that the rebuilt portions of cities and the endless
new developments spreading beyond the cities are reducing city
and countryside alike to a monotonous, unnourishing gruel, this is
not strange. There is nothing economically or socially inevitable about either
the decay of old cities or the fresh-minted decadence of the
new un-urban urbanization. No other aspect of
our economy and society has been more purposefully manipulated
for a full quarter of a century to achieve precisely what we are
getting. Extraordinary governmental financial incentives have
been required to achieve this degree of monotony, sterility and
vulgarity. Decades of preaching, writing and exhorting by experts
have gone into convincing us and our legislators that mush like
this must be good for us, as long as it comes bedded with grass."


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