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Quinton Flynn
Why? "Raiden was one of the greatest things about metal gear. He’s a newer version of a classic hero, gettin passed the torched from the last he"
Why? "Fry, Bug Bunnys , to Ren & Stimpy, to the friggin red M&m. Some forget Billys idea for Stimpys voice is from Larry Fines from The 3 Stooges"
Why? "Wrote the first axmen Movie, and the voice of Sokid Snake, that’s all I need."
Why? "Solidus Snake, perfect example of a James Cameron villain"
Why? "Do I really need one?"
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Why? "Like many real life actors, Hugh Jackman, as wolverine. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool for fans forever."
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    Attack on Titan
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    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain