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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Mel Blanc
Why? "The original man of a thousand voices. The one that started it all."
Why? "Although his movies are something of a mixed bag, he's still an immensely talented actor with a surprising vocal range."
Why? "He's pretty good in my book"
Why? "Harley Quinn!"
Why? "I'll be back..."
Why? "The iconic voice of Yankee Stadium."
Why? "Fire... no good."
Why? "One of the most memorable VA's of the 80's. If only he were still alive."
Why? "um, he's Christopher Lee!"
Why? "One of my biggest inspirations in voice acting."
Why? "Mr. Krabs and Lex Luthor"
Why? "He was Heihachi Mishima!"
Why? "He's been in just about everything I've seen."
Why? "Dude was a legend."
Why? "That range... just, that range."
Why? "His versatility never ceases to amaze me. And the fact that he's been doing it since the 60's. He's awesome."
Why? "A natural when it comes to big brutish characters. Not to mention he's got an incredible range as well."
Why? "Oh my... What a cool voice."
Why? "Kilik!"
Why? "Goooooood"
Why? "A very underrated VA with a great deep voice."
Why? "Underused and underrated. He has a great voice for big tough guys like Astaroth, and Sweet Tooth as well."
Why? "Only one of the most iconic voices of all time. An absolute legend."
Why? "MY CABBAGES!!!!!"
Why? "I just love how he manages to have a distinct voice yet at the same time having an incredible range. Definitely one VA I look up to."
Why? "He'sthefastesttalkingmanintheworldandhe'salsoBlurr"
Why? "A very memorable VA from the earlier days."
Why? "Balls of Steel!"
Why? "The fact that she's in her late 90's and still going with her voice acting, and still managing to do well with it is quite impressive to me."
Why? "He may be known mostly for his Batman/Bruce Wayne voice, but oh man what a voice it is, a great one. Over 20 years as the Caped Crusader"
Why? "One of the deepest voices I've ever heard. Maybe even THE deepest. I mean seriously, just listen to him."
Why? "The go-to guy for deep, powerful voices, and man he does them well."
Why? "He's got an awesome voice for badass older men."
Why? "A great actress with such memorable roles, but a tragic end. RIP"
Why? "He was so delightfully evil and charismatic as Calypso."
Why? "SEE YA!"
Why? "He has an interesting voice, and can do some pretty awesome stuff with it."
Why? "Gotta love that unique, distinctive, and not to mention hilarious voice of his."
Why? "Optimus Prime, nuff said."
Why? "I wish he had more VA roles"
Why? "Underused talent imo"
Why? "He puts so much oomph into his roles, it's hard not to love it."
Why? "Ah do I even need a reason?"
Why? "Easily one of the best voice actresses in the business"
Why? "Its Tim Curry. Do I really need any other reason?"
Why? "Spongebob..."
Why? "He has one of the most powerful, spine-tingling and effective voices I've ever heard. It's just totally awesome to listen to."
Why? "To say that he's a versatile VA would be an understatement. Just look at all those roles in South park."
Why? "The one and only"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "He's Batmaaaaaaan!"
Why? "Stupid dog! Ya made me look bad."
Why? "He is Groot"
Why? "He was always my best class in TF2"
Why? "The Original King of the Iron Fist Tournament!"
Why? "The Yin to Batman's yang"
Why? "We're all animals"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Why? "Loved this show when I first saw it, and I love it just as much today."
Why? "This cartoon seemed to revolutionize the way cartoons based on comic books were made. How can you not love that?"
Why? "Just a very fun show that manages to strike a balance between the silver age silliness and the more serious/modern takes on DC."
Why? "I didn't think I'd like it at first, but there's just something about it that really appeals to me."
Why? "Back when there was more hand-to-hand combat rather than a ton of beams and blasts. I think its just as good as dbz, and in some ways better"
Why? "Basically a simplified version of Dragon Ball Z, and a better english dub this time around."
Why? "Uhh, its DBZ"
Why? "A very entertaining anime with lots of action and enjoyable characters."
Why? "Delightfully cheesy and a big part of my childhood."
Why? "The newer seasons may be kind of a mixed bag but the first 3 were just so great. Either way, one of my favorite childhood shows of all time."
Why? "My personal favorite TMNT show, which manages to have just the right balance between comedy and seriousness."
Why? "A great successor to ATLA and I actually really enjoyed the 1920's esque setting. The animation and music were just stellar too."
Why? "One of my first childhood animes, and I still enjoy it to this day."
#1 All Time Favorite
The Lion King
Why? "It may not be perfect but I did enjoy it."
Why? "5 year old me was a HUGE fan of dinosaurs, and this movie was no exception."
Why? "Art... In movie form."
Why? "Out of all the prequel movies this was the best imo."
Why? "The start of a new age in animated films."
Why? "Whether you like the "Bayformers" of not, you still gotta give Michael Bay credit for re-igniting the franchise."
Why? "Gotta love the cameos. And not to mention the movie as a whole was just really well done."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Team Fortress 2
#1 All Time Favorite