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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Tom Kenny
Why? "SpongeBob, Ice King, Iron Man, Lumpus, and more. Kenny has been making me laugh for years and most likely for years to come."
Why? "Krystal and Samus"
Why? "Lucario, Brock, Soichiro, Dexter, Blazkien, and Drew."
Why? "Haruhi, Wintry, Misaki, Evergreen, and Pup. She should play more villains."
Why? "Astro Boy, Cheese, Snap, Nick, and so much more."
Why? "Lucy Heatfilia, Asuna, Patty, Lichtenstein, Tsunokino. Overall, my favorite Funimation voice actress."
Why? "Femme fatales (Erza, Scarlet, Riza, Marie) young boys (Goku and Luffy) Flat out bitches (Lady Éclair) and then there's Chibi Romano."
Why? "Count Dooku, Shockwave, Captain Hook, and Brainiac. He has autism (like myself) and if you want to be a voice actor, look to him."
Why? "Numbah Five, Medusa, Valerie, and Suzie."
Why? "Alcia, Sailor Mars, Noel, Mio, Homura, Anna, Cerebella, and more. She's voicing my favorite Sailor scout and she's freaking hot!"
Why? "Captain Rex, multiple SpongeBob and Fairly Oddparents voices, many Ben 10 aliens, Perry, and Numbah 4."
Why? "Buttercup, Tommy, and Mockingbird"
Why? "Brock, James, Seto Kaiba, Gourry. He's also a great singer :)"
Why? "She's my favorite voice actress of all-time. From Vicky to Catwoman to Azula to Mandy to Pepper Pots to Mrs. Marvel to Aya to Daphne."
Why? "How to describe Harry Shear in one word... EXCELLENT"
Why? "Starfire, Princess Bubblegum, Harley Quinn, and so much more."
Why? "The name's Dandy, Space Dandy!"
Why? "Kyoya, Sebastian, France, Tobias, Scar, Dr. Gel, and Zarbon"
Why? "Multiple DC Heroes, Leonardo, a great Spider-Man, Ratchet, and is great as Johnny Test. But he will always be Obi-Wan to me."
Why? "James, Meowth, Vector, Professor Oak, Butch, and Gary FREAKING Oak."
Why? "Liz Thompson, Panty, Rias, Cana Alberona, and the Hetalia narrator.Plus, I think she's the most beautiful voice actress that has ever lived."
Why? "Was a great Sonic, the best Shadow, an insane Jet, and he was flawless as Cilan. Plus he said Sonic's two famous lines."
Why? "Johnny Bravo, Raj, The Joker, Kowalski, and Samson."
Why? "Helped me learn the state capitals by heart, one of the few good things about Bayformers, best Crash Bandicoot."
Why? "Tell me that she was awful as Samus and I'll tell you otherwise. I've spoken to her Twitter a few times and she's the just the nicest soul."
Why? "Mel Blanc is the man of a thousand voices. She's the woman of a thousand and one voices!"
Why? "It'll be how many CENTURIES from now, he has, is, and always will be THE BATMAN!"
Why? "Too many voices to count, but I'll try. Shredder, Kilowog, The Joker, Gantu, Bulkhead, Dark laser, Jabba the Hutt, Mr. Gus, Maurice, fhew!"
Why? "Lust, Black Widow, Chun-Li, Rise, Blaze the Cat, and Maka."
Why? "Amy Rose and Lisa Inverse"
Why? "Oboro"
Why? "So many great voices... but of course what's my favorite. If you don't know you're an imbecile! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!"
Why? "Chrom, Anarky, Chrom Levi, Chrom, Iron Man, Chrom, Tygra, co-creator of There Will Be Brawl, Chrom, Kiritisugu Emiya, did I mention Chrom?"
Why? "The best damn Jessie we'll ever get."
Why? "He's not a Eggman. He IS Eggman"
Why? "Bulma, Mirajane, May Chang, Mey-Rin, Tsubaki Nakasukasa, and mostly RENGE! And talked to her on Twitter once, incredibly nice."
Why? "Samurai Jack, John Stewart, Wilt, and Kit Fisto"
Why? "Billy, Zim, Daggett, and Alpha 5."
Why? "Yakko Warner, two Ninja Turtles, Gray Fox, Mark Chang, the Box Ghost, Pinky, and many more. Plus, he followed me on Twitter :)"
Why? "Never played Star Craft, but he's the narrator of some of my favorite documentaries. EMPIRE OF DREAMS SUCKAS!"
Why? "Heroes (Batman and Captain America) Villains (Venom) Anti-Heroes (Ezio and Chris Redfield) and he's the best damn Sonic The Hedgehog ever!"
Why? "I have to be honest. I think she IS Ash Ketchum."
Why? "Hinata, Eureka, Tharja, Zeena, and Sailor Moon. She can go from a cute innocent girl to an incredibly sexy woman in matter of seconds."
Why? "BOOBIES..."
Why? "Villains like The Green Goblin and Starcream. Heroes like Spike Spiegel and Wolverine. Sitting back watching Toonami always sounds so good."
Why? "Miriel, Mitsuru, Vert, Flavia, and so many more. She's why I married Miriel in Fire Emblem: Awakening."
Why? "Timmy Turner, Raven, Bubbles, Batgirl, so many! Plus, boobs..."
Why? "Natsu, Death the Kid, Italy, Cheren, Ling, and Jadiete."
Why? "Professor Utonium, Yoda, Magneto, Mr. Herriman, Ultron, and... HIM!"
Why? "Knuckles, Roy Mustang, Thor, Mori, Lon'Qu, and Brady."
Why? "You know what her best role is right? Duh, Brain Pod #94!"
Why? "The Joker, Kanji, Yuri, Joel, Loki, Hawkeye. Warner Bros couldn't have found a better Mark Hamill replacement if they tried :)"
Why? "Iriwin, Hera, Mary Jane Watson, and so much more."
Why? "April, May, Jody, and of course Ash."
Why? "Edward Elric, Tamaki, Broly, Keldeo, and E-123 Omega"
#1 All Time Favorite
Ash Ketchum
Why? "He has taken me on his journey for years. he still is."
Why? "Beautfiul, tough, and kick ass!"
Why? ""I'm Batman""
Why? "AWESOME..."
Why? "Blaziken!"
Why? "Brock is hilarious. Eric Stuart was perfect as him. Bill Rogers is amazing as well."
Why? "I love him. His great and heroic personality and voice make him epic. Such a same he won't be in Super Smash Bros. 4."
Why? "Officer Peepers!"
Why? "The best villain in history."
Why? "One mysterious Pokémon."
Why? ""Hand over the device you pathetic four limbed excuse for a spider!""
Why? "Gambit: A character to cool for cool."
Why? "Favorite Comic Book villain of all-time!"
Why? "She's awesome, even if she's not a field agent."
Why? ""Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.""
Why? ""Gotta blast!""
Why? "Batman's greatest adversary. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!"
Why? "The king of sophistication"
Why? "One of the first Pokémon I have ever seen. He is probably the most well developed villain sense Darth Vader."
Why? "I married her in the game. If I say so myself, I am her "Rebarbative fool!""
Why? "One cool villian"
Why? "The Lucario of fairy tail"
Why? "Sarcastic and cynical. Perfect qualities for an awesome character."
Why? "A highly inspirational icon."
Why? "Pikachu god damn it!"
Why? "She's only in 6 episodes, but damn what a great batch of episodes they are."
Why? "Nice boobs :)"
Why? "Hubba Hubba!"
Why? "Incredibly helpful and beautiful, I really hope she returns to the show very soon."
Why? ""Better out than in I always say!""
Why? "The Blue Blur is a legend for the ages."
Why? "Spider-Man has, is, and always will be my favorite superhero."
Why? "Bang!"
Why? "He's me in cartoon form."
Why? "Awesome, just awesome."
Why? "My favorite character in the Sonic series."
Why? "There are fictional women, then there's Samus Aran."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Kill la Kill
Why? "The greatest action anime sense Dragonball Z."
Why? "Gotta Blast!"
Why? "The best Batman cartoon by far."
Why? "Kids Next Door... BATTLE STATIONS!"
Why? "Possibly one od the greatest sci-fi anime in recent memory."
Why? "I should of gotten into this show sooner."
Why? "One of my favorite anime."
Why? "Pirates, Action, and cleavage, this show is awesome!"
Why? "The Most Fun I've had with an Anime in quite sometime. Saturday Nights just got more awesome."
Why? "My favorite anime."
Why? "Any season, any voice cast, any battle, I've been on this journey for many years and too me, you're never to old to to catch em' all!"
Why? "This show is nothing short of perfect."
Why? "The perfect sonic cartoon. It doesn't get any better than this."
Why? "The anime equivalent of Guardians of the Galaxy"
Why? "One of the best nicktoons of all-time."
Why? "Good Ol' Star Wars Fun"
Why? "Begun, the mirco series has..."
Why? "What a great show, too bad they cancelled it :( But the its force still lives on, always."
Why? "Amazing...."
Why? "Tittans Go!"
Why? "A TMNT for a new generation Perfecly blends the 80's and 2000's together."
Why? ""So Once Again the day is saved""
Why? "I've always known about this show, but only recently I learned how fantastic the episodes are."
Why? "Hero Up!"
Why? "Favorite cartoon of all-time!!"
Why? "Definitely my third favorite Spider-Man animated series. Great performances with awesome action and snappy dialogue."
#1 All Time Favorite
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Why? "Met my expectation beyond anything I could ever imagine."
Why? "Probably has one of the biggest twist in movie history."
Why? "Studio Ghibli's best film"
Why? "A great film. This is a incredible improvement from Iron Man 2."
Why? "This was one great movie. The best one yet!"
Why? "Supereme Awesomeness"
Why? "This is one great movie. The Pokémon films are really enjoyable, but this one is almost close to being perfect. Long live Lucario!"
Why? "So dark, it's amazing!"
Why? "Best Comedy I have ever seen."
Why? "A childhood favortie"
Why? "The worst Star Wars movie, but still pretty good."
Why? "A classic"
Why? "Episode III is my favorite movie, but if you asked, I think this might be the best movie ever made."
Why? "One of the worst of the series, but a great conclusion to a great series."
Why? "My favorite animated movie."
Why? "Worth years of waiting."
Why? "A great closing to a great trilogy."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Everyone has played Spider-Man with greatness."
Why? "Taylor and Natochenny are excellent!"
Why? "Conroy, Friedle, Smith, Bader, can we actually decide?"
Why? "Paulsen owns Donnie, even more so than Ralph!"
Why? "Every has played the Joker incredibly well."
Why? "Lucario is my favorite Pokémon. Schemmel and Rogers are fantastic."
Why? "1. Frank Welker, he basically made the character. 2. Hugo Weaving: A great performance. 3. Corey Burton: Nuff said"
Why? "Everyone who has played Mewtwo has been perfect."
Why? "The others are good, but Peter Cullen is prime!"
Why? "Jaleel White and Ryan Drummond are classic, I grew up with Jason Griffith, and Roger Craig Smith is perfect."
Why? "The greatest ninja master."
Why? "I heard of all these guys."
Why? "Alder, Kenny, and Blum"
Why? "My favorite character in the Sonic series, Vector is just plain awesome!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Why? "The characters, the gameplay, the music, and the visuals. All fall into place with pure perfection."
Why? "One awesome game!"
Why? "Best Mario Kart yet"
Why? "My first ever Metroid. The visuals, voice acting, music, and gameplay are amazing."
Why? "Simply perfect."
Why? "Super Fun and Super Awesome!"
Why? "This got me into Zelda."
Why? "While not my favorite, this is probably the best game ever made. From the great graphics, soundtrack, and well developed characters."
#1 All Time Favorite
The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
Why? "Simply awesome"
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Why? "Simply awesome"
    Why? "So Awesome!"