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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Todd Haberkorn
Why? "He's in a bunch of anime and he plays really great characters."
Why? "Musubi,moka,and himeji"
Why? "Sebastian~"
Why? "She's Amazing any role she plays she nails it and one of the most beautiful women I have Ever seen.Love you Laura.< 3"
Why? "I don't care what people say maile did a really good job with naruto."
Why? "What cwill said!"
Why? "She's my favorite Japanese seiyuu."
Why? "England~:D"
Why? "^^hinata~"
Why? "Mizore,happy,and kusano"
Why? "I hate sasuke,but I love him! xD"
#1 All Time Favorite
Moka Akashiya (Vamp)
Why? "She is one crazy ass bitch,but that is the greatest thing about her XD."
Why? "I love him he's hilarious I just love it when he gets flawed over symmetry!"
Why? "She's my favorite character from this show"
Why? "Quiet...but epic!"
Why? "She is so adorable and way than Sakura in my opinion."
Why? "Dark Sexy!"
Why? "^^PASTAA~"
Why? "Crazy bitch but I love her! XD"
Why? "I luv both of the twins"
Why? "Love kazehana she's so funny and one of the most sexiest anime chicks ever!"
Why? "If Todd loves him than I love him.^-^"
Why? "Best anime otaku ever and she is exactly like myself =w="
Why? "...big boobs..."
Why? "He's so adorable and sweet!"
Why? "My little snow bunny.^^"
Why? "^^capu-chuu~"
Why? "She is so determined and cute to.^^"
Why? "I love pikachu he was my favorite pokemon since I was little and he's so adorable.~ "
Why? "One of the best video game princesses ever.of coarse she can't beat zelda!"
Why? "I AM AWSOME!!!"
Why? "Bustybadass with BIG jugs!"
Why? "This bitch is badass.CHAA~!"
Why? "Kickass chick."
Why? "He's simply one hell of a butler."
Why? "He kinda reminds me of myself.lol"
Why? "Honestly who doesn't love him he is HOT!"
Why? "< 3"
Why? "She's the hilarious out of all of them"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Fairy Tail
Why? "In my opinion I think it's better than DBZ and naruto"
Why? "Possibly the only show I like from cartoon network!"
Why? "One of my favorite harem.^^"
Why? "Smartest idiots I have EVER seen!XD"
Why? "FANSERVICE FTW!!!!!!!!"
Why? "This is one of the greatest animes of all time I just wish it never ended!"
Why? "Such a sweet show I love it < 3"
Why? "One of my favorite harems^^"
Why? "I < 3 hetalia~!"
Why? "Harem + Action = epicness"
Why? "Cutest anime I have ever seen besides the bad dub I still loved watching the show."
Why? "Randomness but one hilarious anime!....=w="
Why? "This show was hilarious."
Why? "I've actually never watched the show but seeing the dub cast I can tell it's going to be AMAZING!"
Why? "Gotta admit the show was amazing,it had such a great storyline I just really loved it, I hope for a second season."
Why? "To much fanservice but still a good show to watch.^^"
Why? "This show is fun^^"
Why? "Definitely one of my top favorite harems.^^"
Why? "My favorite show when I was 4!"
Why? "One of the most genius harems I have ever seen~"
Why? "Show could be stupid sometimes,but that's what makes it funny.I love shin and Laura.Rock on,FUNimation!"
Why? "GOD! Sonic is AWSOME~!"
Why? "haruhi is AWSOME!!!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Why? "Best one so far...I wonder if their gonna make another one?"
Why? "FINALLY a naruto movie with hinata.Lol!XD"
Why? "It made me cry.T-T"
Why? "Oh good memories~."
Why? "Best one so far...I wonder if their gonna make another one?"
Why? "I brought me good memories when I was little."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Sonic the Hedgehog
Why? "I miss jason T-T"
Why? "Liza was THE BEST!!!"
Why? "i love finn."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Why? "It was my favorite game to play with my family and friends...until they started to bitch around..still love the game."
Why? "I wonder if their gonna make Olympic games 2014."
Why? "This game was awesome I can't wait for ninja storm generations"
Why? "Best Sonic game so far I just wish the 4kids cast could have been a part of it,but o well the new cast is pretty good"