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Voice Actor
Mel Blanc
Why? "Why would I not include the MAN OF 1000 VOICES? This guy ROCKS!!! R.I.P. Mel Blanc. You will be forever missed."
Why? "He's another celebrity who knows how to play characters well! Kudos, Jack Donaghy!"
Why? "Winry and Vivi, two of my favorite anime girls. Both done beautifully by an equally beautiful actress. Gotta love her for that!"
Why? "In a world where movie trailers needed narration, he was there to answer the call as the voice of God. R.I.P., Don. You will be missed."
Why? "He's got the talent; he just needs to pick the right projects to work on."
Why? "An amazingly versatile voice that'll keep you wanting more."
Why? "A bit overused, in my opinion, but still a great voice talent to listen to."
Why? "There's a charm to her voice that I can never get over. Amazing talent."
Why? "A popular actor who I can greatly respect as a voice actor. Well done!!"
Why? "Although lately he appears in just about everything, you can never grow tired of hearing his voice. It's that good!"
Why? "A beautifully versatile voice that I can never grow tired of."
Why? "Great voice for Master Xehanort. Live long and prosper in our hearts and memories."
Why? "A Hollywood actor that successfully pulls off voice-acting with roles like Joker and Firelord Ozai? How often does that happen! YEAH MARK!!!"
Why? "A truly timeless talent."
Why? "One of the best parts of the "Tokyo Ravens" dub is his voice for Doman Ashiya. Here's hoping this guy gets more great roles in the future."
Why? "He's got a good voice on him, and the roles he's picked help show it off. Keep it up!"
Why? "Perfect voice for comic relief characters and creepy villains."
Why? "Luxord, Baron Zemo, Mumm-Ra. Need I say more?"
Why? "He was a great comedian with impeccable timing, and one of my biggest childhood heroes. R.I.P., Robin Williams. I will miss you greatly."
Why? "He's a good actor with a good voice. He should get more voice roles."
Why? "From little boys to wily thieves to a Joker fan-girl, gotta love Tara Strong!"
Why? "I just love this guy's voice. So slimy and yet so charming."
#1 All Time Favorite
Goofy Goof
    #1 All Time Favorite
    TV Show
    One Piece
    Why? "Hands down, one of the most addicting stories I have ever encountered. Keep on rocking it, Eiichiro Oda and Funimation!!!"
    Why? "Great voice acting, interesting scenarios, fantastic characters...what's not to like?"
    Why? "They're Pinky and the Brain! What other reason do you need?"
    Why? "I'm not going to act like it was perfect, but it is still a pretty beautiful, well-written story with good voice actors to back it up."
    #1 All Time Favorite