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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Phil LaMarr
Why? "My favorite VA."
Why? "Who are you calling Pin Head?"
Why? "Need a voice actor? Why not Billy West?"
Why? "Leonardo, Simba, He-Man, and my favorite, FREDDY THE FERRET! Yeah, I said it."
Why? "One of those great VA's that really enjoy what they do and takes the job seriously."
Why? "So much more than the Taco Bell dog."
Why? "This guy always makes me laugh."
Why? "A great Hawkeye and not a bad Iron Man."
Why? "A great villain voice, Oh, and also Mr. Krabs!"
Why? "One of the main voices of Disney and DC. From Captain Hook to Brainiac, this guy is awesome."
Why? "Not just one of the best female VAs, but one of the best VAs period."
Why? "He has such a cool and recognizable voice."
Why? "D'oh!"
Why? "Deep voices like J. Jonah Jameson and high pitched ones like Cosmo."
Why? "2nd best Optimus Prime."
Why? "You can play kids like Numbah 4 and giant monsters like Humungosaur. Now that is range."
Why? "A voice acting staple of my childhood."
Why? "1120 roles and counting. HE COMMANDS RESPECT!"
Why? "Glad to see this awesome guy get so much work."
Why? "Love her as a VA and as an on-screen actress."
Why? "He has such an unique voice, raspy yet youthful."
Why? "So many great roles, and she continues to do so much."
Why? "Starfire and Princess Bubblegum, why else?"
Why? "I think people forget just how much range this guy has."
Why? "Max Goof, Tino, Kovu, Duke, Chester, and now my new favorite, IMPULSE!!"
Why? "An awesome VA and all around awesome guy."
Why? "Such an amazing range. His voice always leaves such a presence."
Why? "A quintessential cartoon VA."
Why? "Scarecrow, Question, Leader, Ratchet, and Rat King. THATS WHY!!"
Why? "One of those VAs you can pick out right away but still love listening to."
Why? "Who would of thought Wakko Warner would teach me my capitals."
Why? "Once I was at the point I thought I could always identify him in a cartoon, he pulls out a few more surprises."
Why? "Bender, Jake, Aquaman, and even Joker. This guy has quite the resume."
Why? "I love his voice. It has such a Jame Earl Jones quality to it."
Why? "Hope he becomes a top player in the VA business."
Why? "Great voice, plus she's cute."
Why? "A classic in cartoon voice acting."
Why? "What a cool voice."
Why? "This guy has unbelievable range. CAST HM MORE I TELL YA!!"
Why? "The perfect Cheshire."
Why? "This guy has range, even if its not always taken advantage of."
Why? "No one will ever beat his Cyborg, and his Aqualad is pretty mean too."
Why? "She did many great roles before, but now I only see her as Mabel."
Why? "Hilarious as Amy Wong and Numbah Three."
Why? "Cool to see her still get so many roles. Helps that her mother's a VA as well."
Why? "To many, he is the Joker. But look at his credits! He's done so much more!(Still love his Joker, though)"
Why? "So many great characters. Yosemite Sam, Brain, countless Futurama characters, Mr. Freeze, I can go on and on. One of the greats for sure."
Why? "She has quite the range and some great characters in her resume."
Why? "Called the VA king of video games, but it's cool to see him do animated series as well."
Why? "His voice is godlike."
Why? "He's rising up in the VA biz."
Why? "He`s an Animaniac, and he`s zany to the max....."
Why? "SUCH RANGE. I have to look at the credits to know its even him!!"
Why? "A great new Sonic and Captain America. Oh yah, and one other thing. ASSASSINS CREED!!"
Why? "Maybe Hellboy on screen, but will always be Slade to me. I even love his Killer Croc."
Why? "TITANS, GO!"
Why? "He`s the best he is at what he does, and what he does, is voice Wolverine."
Why? "Just look at her resume and you'll see why."
Why? "The king of narration, not to mention Yoda."
Why? "Always a joy to listen to."
Why? "The female Frank Welker. Actually, it isn't fair to compare her to another VA. She's great all her own."
Why? "I didn't even know about him three years ago, but everyone knows him now."
Why? "My entire perception of reality was questioned when I found out she was Irwin."
Why? "Ironic, he's voiced a ruler who's only qualification is being tall, and a superhero who has the power to shrink."
Why? "Terry McGinnis, Lion-O, Ron Stoppable and Blue Beetle."
Why? "Has done a lot of stuff recently that shows off his range."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "WHERE ARE YOU!! here AAHH!!"
Why? "He's the only guy who can be sarcastic to Batman without getting a punch in the face."
Why? "Up there with the greatest of cartoon villains. Megatron, Mumm-Raa, Skeletor, Shredder, and now Amon."
Why? "Kal'Duran is the breakout character of the series."
Why? "You think he sucks? Tell it to his face!"
Why? "At least she's not pink anymore."
Why? "My favorite GL villain."
Why? "Patrick Stewart is BEAST!!!"
Why? "I usually hate it when superhero shows create new characters. But she won me over."
Why? "Brains are overrated ;-)."
Why? "The shadows betray you, because they belong to me."
Why? "Oh my stars and garters!"
Why? "Cipes is Beast Boy but Logans good too."
Why? "If anyone comes near Finn, I will kill them :-D"
Why? "A Cartoon Network staple."
Why? "We all have a Bender in our lives."
Why? "They need to use this guy more."
Why? "My favorite Marvel superhero."
Why? "Glad to see her getting more recognition."
Why? "LaLaLaLaLa. Bolbi happy :-D. Bolbi get lint brush for birthday! LaLaLaLaLa....."
Why? "Ain't he a stinker?"
Why? "It's cute and non threatening."
Why? "Aang and Katara must have saw into the future when they named him"
Why? "The quintessential underdog success story."
Why? "I'm a lady. NOW WERE BROTHER LADIES!!!"
Why? "I can't imagine Batman without him."
Why? "I should probably think of an original comment, but screw it. Booyah!"
Why? "He's the arch enemy of THE ENTIRE DC UNIVERSE. What's not to love?"
Why? "Wait, my head? Oh crap."
Why? "He was awesome even when they had to tone him down in TT."
Why? "Are you Frank the human boy....?"
Why? "He does machines.....OK."
Why? "I really like his design."
Why? "One of the new great Disney Villains."
Why? "BEHOLD MY ad prefix here INATOR!"
Why? "I always love the characters the main cast hates."
Why? "Mathematical !"
Why? "Excuse my potty mouth."
Why? "Sheldon Cooper's fav."
Why? "The best character in the show."
Why? "What a creative name, Foghorn Leghorn."
Why? "Because he's Gambit. Isn't that enough?"
Why? "Better than Hawkeye!"
Why? "He was so awesome. A Martian with a Scarab is the best idea ever!"
Why? "All the other Lanterns hate him. Thats why we love him."
Why? "My favorite Green Lantern"
Why? "The Justice League series made him a household name."
Why? "Its funny because marriage is terrible."
Why? "Actions speak louder than words ;-)."
Why? "He's one of those rare villains who you can laugh at but still be taken seriously as a genuine threat."
Why? "Honey, get mommy's bazooka."
Why? "I wish Renners wasn't such a vegetable. He should be cocky like in AEMH."
Why? "The best series 1 alien."
Why? "Puny god."
Why? "FLAME ON!"
Why? "Baker is awesome as this guy!"
Why? "Ice-epede, attack. crunch Ice-epede, no!"
Why? "Feelin' the mode."
Why? "He is impossible not to like. Every major theme of this series can be summed up in this character."
Why? "Pretty underrated."
Why? "He's everything people want in a modern superhero. He's flawed, entertaining, and grounded in realism."
Why? "I love you, everything burrito."
Why? "The coolest Autobot."
Why? "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha......"
Why? "Gotta love Greg Cipes."
Why? "R.I.P."
Why? "He scary, man!"
Why? "Pooser"
Why? "A veteran VA in a MacFarlane show?"
Why? "Gotta love a strong and interesting female lead."
Why? "I think I'm falling in love with her."
Why? "A great leader."
Why? "And they're gonna burn for it. BURN!"
Why? "Another great example of a well written female character."
Why? "Thundercats, HOOOOOOO"
Why? "Keezy Fem!"
Why? "Nice S."
Why? "This usually works..."
Why? "I'm ready for you now Brad. Isn't it odvi, I'm so ready."
Why? "Yay, graaaasssss."
Why? "A great 3-dimensional villain you start to root for at times."
Why? "One of Superman's most awesome bad guys."
Why? "She's the vampire queen."
Why? "Who knew a random Italian plummer can be so iconic?"
Why? "Cool and collected."
Why? "I truly believe this is how Adam West acts like."
Why? "One of the great Saturday morning villains."
Why? "Cowabunga, or Booyahkasha if you prefer."
Why? "OOOOOHHHH!!!!"
Why? "Lets kick some ice."
Why? "Some say she's Marvels Wonder Woman, but she's much more than that."
Why? "Remember, who you are....."
Why? "One creepy villain."
Why? "He's very real. He's the realest person your eva gonna meet."
Why? "My favorite X-man."
Why? "Robin all grown up."
Why? "Autobots, roll out!"
Why? "But You Told Me To You Told Me To You Told Me To...."
Why? "I'll say whatever I wanna do."
Why? "I can't explain it. He's just awesome."
Why? "Sweet Christmas."
Why? "My favorite Disney princess."
Why? "I don't want to live on this planet anymore."
Why? "A hilarious paranoid."
Why? "My favorite character in my favorite Disney movie."
Why? "He's cool, but rude."
Why? "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"
Why? "A very cool original character."
Why? "Never want to run into him. I suck at riddles."
Why? "Hm Hm Hm Hm"
Why? "HOLY insert noun here BATMAN!"
Why? "Oh my God these Choco-Diles!"
Why? "I will still be here tomorrow, to high five you, yesterday my friends. Peace."
Why? "Careful, or he'll blow his stack."
Why? "One of Phil LaMarrs finest performances."
Why? "If your'e gonna pee pee in your big boy pants, keep it to yourself."
Why? "The big cheese."
Why? "Like Hulk but easier on the eyes."
Why? "A hilariously quotable character XD."
Why? "Whether he's good or evil, he's always a joy to watch."
Why? "You can't hate Sonic, except if you're Robotnik."
Why? "I love quotable characters."
Why? "My favorite Looney Tune, and not just because I'm Mexican."
Why? "Does whatever a spider can."
Why? "I want him as a master."
Why? "So full of himself."
Why? "She's so sweet in Teen Titans."
Why? "Victory shall be his!"
Why? "Very powerful and beautiful."
Why? "Ba da Bump ba Dump Bump. Superman! :D"
Why? "Gotta love Maurice LaMarche ;-)"
Why? "Good Ol' Blue Eyes."
Why? "Hammer time."
Why? "The best Disney female lead since Belle in the best Disney movie since Lion King."
Why? "Something special about Tony Stark is that he has a distinctive identity outside of being Iron Man. Not many superhero alter egos have that."
Why? "A hilarious yet tragic character."
Why? "I love Gina Torres' performance. Plus, she's gorgeous."
Why? "Jess Harnell's voice is awesome."
Why? "Like Iron Man but ampted up to the max!"
Why? "Don't mess with him. He'll cut you open!"
Why? "Don't deny it, she is awesome."
Why? "What NCZ said."
Why? "Good night everybody!"
Why? "Do or do not. There is no try."
Why? "Please, you give me too little credit."
Why? "Emosewa S'ehs Esuaceb."
Why? "A great character, and i love Dante Basco's voice acting."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Young Justice
Why? "Looks like a cartoon version of junk food, but is surprisingly thought provoking."
Why? "A new episode of Family Guy will make me laugh maybe once or twice. This show has me laughing all the way through."
Why? "The closest a modern cartoon has gotten to feeling like the original Looney Tunes."
Why? "Who knew such an epic series could come from Nick?"
Why? "One 11 minute episode of this series is 100 times more entertaining than the movie it is based on!"
Why? "Cool look, great cast, and some really good new, fresh ideas. Just what Batman needed right now."
Why? "Unlike Family Guy or The Simpsons, Every single episode has me laughing all the way through."
Why? "I only watch Disney Channel for the cartoons."
Why? "DC`s first CG show, and its amazing."
Why? "A marvel in superhero animation. Other series aspire to being as good as the DCAU."
Why? "This show has the best cast."
Why? "I can't believe I like this, but I do. Call it a guilty pleasure."
Why? "This show is like the Teen Titans of TMNT. It may be lighter in tone than the '03 series, but is still awesome."
Why? "This show had an amazing and memorable cast, comparable to Bruce Timms Justice League."
Why? "I watched this show and BTAS at the same time, and I loved them both."
Why? "Beautiful animation, stellar writing, and an excellent voice cast. Pretty much perfect, like the last series."
Why? "Sorry G1, but this is the best adaptation of Transformers EVER!!!"
Why? "If this show continued, it would have been the greatest X-Men adaptation ever. Dead serious."
#1 All Time Favorite
The Lion King
Why? "The animation, scope, and the music especially just draw you in."
Why? "Sorely underrated. Came out at a time when people weren't interested in traditional animation. Shame."
Why? "Actually kinda scary and thought provoking."
Why? "One of the best in DC animation. Also gave us Bruce Greenwood as Batman."
Why? "This is the film were I realized just how much CGI was capable of."
Why? "Great comedy and drama."
Why? "One of Pixars best."
Why? "A perfect animated comedy."
Why? "Still amazes me by how good it is. No comic relief, no power hungry bad guy, just devoid of cliches."
Why? "A lot of heart, and even pokes fun at the original story without going full on satire."
Why? "The first Disney movie I saw in theaters."
Why? "As epic as it is heartfelt."
Why? "What can I say that millions of others haven't?"
Why? "Just wow."
Why? "A childhood favorite. It never ceases to amaze me."
Why? "Such an imaginative, innovative, and wonderful peace of art. Plus it's friggin' hilarious."
Why? "Epic. Beautiful. Inspiring. This is Dreamworks at its very best."
Why? "Disney's comeback. This is why we miss traditional animation, and they finally realized it."
Why? "Who doesn't love this movie?"
Why? "A modern classic, better than the first."
Why? "A true classic in both the animation and live action film realms."
Why? "A lot of heart and even some great nerd references."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "What an interesting character not only to voice, but also to cast."
Why? "All these guys, except maybe Bill Callaway, did quite nicely."
Why? "This character has been interpreted very differently over the years, cool to see him evolve from a big ham to a no nonsense king."
Why? "To play Bane, you need to evoke power, intelligence, and an awesome accent. Bane is always a great character to see performed."
Why? "I just love to hear so many different versions of such an iconic character. You really see how this character has evolved over the years."
Why? "My favorite Marvel hero, and he has had some truly great personifications over the years."
Why? "So many great voices, from Sandy Becker to Brian Bloom and Roger Craig Smith."
Why? "An absolutely epic villain with some epic voices."
Why? "You may not know the power of the dark side, but these guys sure do."
Why? "A unique character with a unique personality who needs a unique actor to match. Nolan and John did perfectly."
Why? "Good to see this character being used more."
Why? "One of my favorite DC superheroes, who needs a voice to match his cockiness and attitude."
Why? "A very diverse group of talent, most of which did fine work."
Why? "Just because these actresses had to work behind the genius of Arleen, doesn't mean they didn't do good work."
Why? "A great character with a ton of personality. Always a joy to watch and listen to."
Why? "A great hero with great personality. He's quite the character to perform."
Why? "A cool character with some cool voices."
Why? "Evil despicableness at it's finest. Cold and calculating, Luthor is quite the character to perform."
Why? "This character needs a sophisticated yet epic voice, and a lot of these guys conveyed that very nicely."
Why? "Despite being underrated, this character has had some awesome performances."
Why? "Each of these guys bring something to the table. Whether it works for you or not is personal opinion, but a lot of these guys did great."
Why? "A hard character to get right, he must be immature, but he has to remain likable."
Why? "My favorite member of the X-Men. I love listening to his German accent be performed by different people."
Why? "Peter Cullen. That is all."
Why? "Nice variety of voices, many very different from each other."
Why? "Robin is just as iconic as Batman, and deserves a great voice as well."
Why? "A massive nerd war between the bests, even if I think the only really bad one is Burke."
Why? "Spider-Man is one of those characters I love to hear voice acted, every actor brings a little something to his role."
Why? "Peter, Mako, Kevin, and Hoon have everything I could ever ask from this character."
Why? "What a slimy and despicable character to play. Always a joy to listen to the different performances."
Why? "The quintessential superhero. Many of these guys did some excellent work."
Why? "No clear winner hear. Each on of these actors captured the character perfectly."
Why? "Robert Stack and Micheal Ironside are both EPIC!!!"
Why? "A hard character to get right, yet Cal Todd, Scott McNeil, and Steven Blum not only pull it off, they own the role."
Why? "She needs both power and kindness to her voice. A great character with some great actresses performing her."